5 of the Best Dirt Bike Goggles for 2019 (Oakley, SPY, Scott, 100%, FOX)

Here are my picks for the best dirt bike goggles for 2019.

#1 100% Racecraft Plus

best dirt bike goggles 2019 - 100 racecraft plus

The Racecraft Plus dirt bike goggle is the latest offering from 100% for 2019.

I went out for a ride to try them out a few weeks back and I really like them.

 100% goggles suit riders with a narrow face. If you have a wider face, I don’t recommend 100% as you will need to stretch them to fit which will distort your view out of the lens. Take a look at Oakley, Scott, FOX or Spy instead.

Firstly, I really like 100% goggles because they all have the same shaped lens which is a genius idea for us riders.

The same shaped lens means that you can swap lenses out with the Accuri, Racecraft and Strata 100% goggles and they will all fit! Very cool.

 To learn more about 100% lens colors, Click here to see the 100% motocross goggle lens color guide. 

The Racecraft Plus also has injected molded lens which means that they have been optically corrected while they were shaped to eliminate all distortion from your view.

The Racecraft Plus also have 4 layers! of face foam. The quad layer helps with absorbing sweat away from your face quickly. They also help with the comfort factor (which is high).

What I also like about the Racecraft Plus is that they have outriggers.

 Personally I will only use goggles that contain outriggers because they are just a better fit and stick to the face properly.

Also, I’m a big fan of the colors and graphics of 100% goggles. This is a major reason why they now dominate the dirt bike market.

Finally, they are really good value for money when you compare all the features with other goggles under $100.

#2 Spy Foundation

best dirt bike goggles 2019 - spy foundation goggle

Spy Foundation goggles are worn by top motocross rider Jeremy McGrath so I thought I thought it would be a good idea to check them out.

I was really impressed with what I discovered.

Well the first thing I noticed was that I had a much wider peripheral vision, much wider than any other goggles I’ve ever worn before.

After my ride, I checked out the Spy Foundation website and had a chat to a few of the reps and discovered that that is exactly what they set out to achieve with these goggles.

The idea with Spy Foundation is to increase your peripheral vision as much as possible, and they have definitely achieved that. Very impressive.

What I also like about the Spy Foundation goggles is that they have outriggers attached for a perfect fit in my helmet.

What I didn’t like about them was the lenses weren’t injection molded… c’mon Spy!!!

Other than that, they are super sleek, very comfortable and work great. Highly recommended.

#3 Oakley Airbrake

best dirt bike goggles 2019 - oakley airbrake

Oakley Airbrakes will probably be on my best dirt bike goggles list forever because they are my favorite.

Oakley were the first goggle maker to invent the injected molded lens which are optically corrected.

They also invented the plutonite lens. Plutonite is a material that is injected into the poly carbonate (plastic) that blocks UVA, UVB and UVC light. It also makes the lens extra hard to resist impact and damage.

So anyways. I really like these goggles for a few reasons.

Firstly, they have the outrigger system. Also, everything on the goggle is interchangeable (even the strap).

Also, their switchlock technology make Oakley are the easiest goggle for swapping out lenses.

Switchlock is simply 2 clips on either side of the goggles that un-clip to pop the goggles out. Easy.

Additionally, Oakley now have their PRIZM lens technology. PRIZM is a method of injecting certain dyes into the lens to eliminate unwanted ‘noise’ light and only keeping what you need, creating super clarity and color in your view.

 To learn more about Oakley PRIZM, read my Oakley MX goggle lens guide here.  

The foam is super soft and they have excellent peripheral vision. I always have the most confidence when I ride with Oakley.

The only downside with Oakley is the price. As they are the leading sports optics specialists in the world, they will charge you for it. The Oakley MX goggles come it at the most expensive goggles on the market for dirt bike riders.

#4 Scott Prospect

best dirt bike goggles 2019 - scott prospect

Scott have been around since the dawn of time and still continue to be a super competitive brand of motocross goggle.

The Scott Prospect have a super wide field of vision, second only to Spy.

They have a triple layer of face foam and they also contain a fleece liner to help expel the sweat even faster than standard foam.

What I really like about the Scott Prospect is that they have a nice wide 50mm strap! I’m a huge fan of the 50 mil strap as they grip better and look better as well. I have no idea why they reduced the size of the strap on other brands?!?!

The Scott Prospect also contain the Outrigger system which I always look for and their lens lock technology is excellent.

My only grip with Scott prospect is that their lenses are not injection molded.. C’mon Scott!!!

Other than that, I love these goggles and Scott will always be part of my dirt bike kit.

#5 Fox Racing VUE

best dirt bike goggles 2019 - fox racing vue

Fox Racing VUE goggles were designed by Ken Roczen, the no.1 motocross rider in the USA.

Ken was going for a few features – comfort, ventilation, vision and lens changing system and Fox have nailed all 4.

These are highly comfortable goggles and they fit wider framed faces without having to stretch them open at all.

They offer ventilation all the way around the foam so they dispel heat really fast, which means less fogging.

They also have injected molded lenses which means that your vision will be perfect without distortion.

Fox also put a lot of emphasis on the lens changing technology and these are very strong.

The  idea with the FOX VUE lenses is that they are fixed on tight, really tight.

So tight in fact that you will need to use quite a bit of force to unsnap the locks and pop out the lens. It takes a little more time than other brands but you can be sure that the lenses aren’t going anywhere, even in a crash.


So those were my 5 best dirt bike goggles for 2019. Do you use any of these goggles? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.


Happy riding!