The 4 Best Dirt Bike Hydration Packs for Motocross Riding in 2019 [and 2 Packs to Avoid].

best dirt bike hydration packs motocross reviewed 2019

#1 USWE XC Hydration Pack
#2 Zac Speed Sprint R-3 Hydration Pack
#3 Geigerrig 300M Pressurized Hydration Pack
#4 Budget Pick: Fly Racing Hydro Pack
Hydration Packs I Don’t Recommend
Tips for Using Your Hydration Pack


Here are my 4 favorite dirt bike hydration packs for motocross reviewed in 2019.

These hydration packs are for short distance motocross and trails where you only need to carry water and some small items.

If you want a larger hydration pack for longer, all day rides, check out the best dirt bike hydration packs for all day trail riding.

 Also, here is my hydration pack buyers guide to help you find the right rig for your needs.

#1 USWE XC Hydration Pack – $72

The USWE hydration pack is my no.1 favorite for 2019!

USWE XC Hydration Pack

The XC is my favorite because of the way it fits on my back and straps to my body.

It’s like it knows my body shape and molds perfectly to my back. USWE call this the ‘no dancing monkey technology’ meaning that the pack sits snug and won;t bounce around during a ride.

The straps also are elastic and I can easily adjust them from the front. The chest clip is designed on a swivel system that moves as my body does.

best hydration packs. USWE xc

The bladder carries 1.5 liters which is perfect for a solid motocross session or for a quick burn through the forest.

The pack itself is slimline and compact and feels like you are wearing no pack at all.

The drinking valves itself is larger than other valves from other brands and is built at a 45 degrees angle so its really easy to drink from.

USWE took out all the stops when designing this hydration pack and really designed a rig that is perfect for dirt bike riding. Well done USWE!


#2 Zac Speed Sprint R-3 Hydration Pack – $142

The Australian made Zac Sprint R3 is my second favorite hydration pack. The most expensive but well worth it!

best hydration packs. Zac Speed Sprint R-3 Pack

 This rig carries 3 liters of water which is too much for short rides in my opinion. So to counter this you would just fill it to 1-2 liters to keep the pack light.

You also get some pockets to carry basic items as well, so it is larger than the USWE XC, but still designed to be super compact for short rides.

It is made of super tough fabric and zips which I really like and will stand up to the harshest of punishment.

The adjustment straps system takes a bit of work to suit your body, but once that’s done it will sit snugly on your back permanently, and it won’t bounce around when riding.

The shoulder straps and waist belt are super comfortable and there is plenty of padding on the back and waist. Overall it is very comfortable to wear.

The drinking hose is also insulated to help keep your water cool on a long, hot ride and the drinking valve is on a 45 degree angle for easy drinking.

The other bonus of the Zac Speed Sprint is that you can bolt on an optional tool bag and a roost deflector if you need them. nice!

best dirt bike hydration packs. zac speed s3 tool pack

zac speed s3 roost deflector

The Zac Speed is a fan favorite and I highly recommend it.

#3 Geigerrig 300M Pressurized Hydration Pack – $113

The Geigerrig 300M is pressurized! which means that you don;t need to suck on the hose to get a drink. All you have to do is open the valve and the water will squirt straight into your mouth. Nice!

Best hydration pack. Geigerrig Rig 300M Pressurized Hydration Pack

The pressurized pack is also great for spraying water on a wound or you can also easily fill a bowl of water as well.

How does it work? The left strap contains a pump (power bulb) that you can pump up whenever you like which places pressure into the 2 liter water bladder. Best hydration packs for motocross. Geigerrig Rig 300M Pressurized Hydration Pack back

Aside from that, this rig is made from 1680D Ballistic Nylon and super tough  zippers so you don’t have to worry about it tearing or breaking.

The rig has also been designed for comfort! and not just function. It is a very comfortable rig with nice padding on the shoulder straps and on the back pressure zones as well as the right level of ventilation to reduce heat/sweating.

This rig is really compact but there is also 2 pockets for about 300 cubic inches of space for basic items you want to carry with you on your ride.

Geigerrig also comes with a 2 year warranty on their pack and a lifetime warranty on their water bladders. Bonus!

#4 The Budget Option – Fly Racing Hydro Pack – $40

My budget choice is the Fly Racing Hydration Pack.

Best hydration packs for motocross. Fly Racing Hydro dirt bike hydration Pack

This rig will do everything you want it to do in a compact design.

It contains a 2 liter bladder and there is even some pockets for small items.

It is light, compact, slimline and you won’t even know you are wearing it.

It is made of rugged canvas and the pack is nice and comfortable to wear and you won’t even know you are wearing it after 10 mins of riding.

It has a high flow rate drinking valve on the right 45 degree angle that works great.

I have nothing but great things to say about this hydration pack and for only 40 bucks, you can’t go wrong.

Hydration Packs That I Don’t Recommend

Ogio Baja Hydration Pack

I was really excited to try this one because it looks really cool with its modern sleek lines and slimline design.

Personally, I liked the pack itself and it seemed really comfortable and fit me well.

HOWEVER! After using it a couple of times the locking system on the 2 liter bladder broke under pressure and all the water drained out of it while I was riding. Not fun.

I did a bit of research online and found the same complaint with a few riders out there.. not good.

OGIO have a few packs in their line and they all use the same locking system on their bladders so I wouldn’t recommend any packs from OGIO at this time.

OGIO!! Please fix!

Leatt 2.0 GPX Race Hydration System

Now Leatt are known for making the best knee braces and neck protection systems in the world, hands down!

Their products are always second to none in terms of quality and safety.

But unfortunately, I was disappointed with the Leatt 2.0 .

Firstly, the materials weren’t the best and the zippers would open up under pressure during a ride.

Secondly the straps weren’t that comfortable and are of substandard quality.

I would not trust this pack when I was riding with it so I gave it a pass.

Leatt!! Put some more time and thought into your product and they could become an industry leader.


Tips for Using Your Hydration Pack

Rinse Your Hydration Bladder Before Using it>>

When you first get your new hydration pack, make sure you give the bladder and drinking hose a good rinse before using it!

The brand new plastic bladder and hose is straight from the factory and contains plastic chemical residue.

If you don’t rinse it out first you will be treated to a mouth full of plastic flavored water which is just nasty!

Keep Your Hydration Pack Sanitized>>

 The problem with hydration packs is that bacteria can grow in them if they haven’t been properly cleaned. Especially if you are filling your pack with energy drinks and powders.

The last thing you want is to wreck your riding day by getting some nasty bacteria from your hydration pack so it’s really important to keep it clean.

 To do this, after each ride, pull the bladder out of the pack and wash it with mild soap, rinse and let it dry. Also wash out the hose and drinking valve thoroughly .

If you can’t do a proper clean, flush it out thoroughly with water so it is easier to clean later on.

Keeping the Water Sterilized>>

 If you are on a ride and you are filling your hydration pack with water from a dodgy source, carry some sterilizing tabs and throw one into the bladder which will remove any bacteria.

Sterilizing tablets are readily available and cheap to buy. Here is what I use –

steramine sanatizer tablets

Freeze the Hydrating Bladder the Day Before Your Ride>>

The day before you go out on a ride, fill the bladder with water and throw it in the freezer.

This will give you an ice cold drink when you ride and will also keep your back nice and cool in hot conditions. Nice!



A good hydration pack should be super comfortable to wear, not bounce around while you are riding and have the features that you need to stay properly hydrated on your ride.

What is your favorite hydration pack? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.

Happy riding!

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