The 6 Best Dirt Bike Hydration Packs for Trail Riding in 2019 [Geigerrig, Zac Speed, Klim, Moose].

best dirt bike hydration packs reviewed 2019

#1 Geigerrig 700 Tactical Hydration Pack
#2 Zac Speed Recon S3 Hydration Pack
#3 Klim Nac Pak Hydration Pack
#4 Budget Pick: Moose Racing XCR Hydration Pack
#5 Geigerrig Tactical 1600 Large Storage Pack
#6 Zac Speed Dakar Large Storage Pack


Here are my 6 favorite dirt bike hydration packs for trail riding reviewed in 2019.

These hydration packs are for long distance trail rides where you need to carry some tools, food and other supplies on your adventure.

 If you want a smaller hydration pack for motocross and shorter rides, check out my favorite dirt bike hydration packs for motocross.

 Also, here is my hydration pack guide to help you find the right rig for your needs. It will also show you how to keep your hydration pack bladder sterilized.

#1 Geigerrig 700 Tactical Hydration Pack – $150

The Geigerrig hydration pack is the bomb and is my no.1 fav for 2019!

It is the most expensive in my list ($150) but it contains a whole bunch of cool features that I really like and make the price well worth it.

Best dirt bike hydration pack. Geigerrig Tactical 700 Pressurized Hydration Pack

Firstly, the 2 liter hydration pack bladder is pressurized!! That means that you don’t need to suck on the hose to get a drink. All you need to do is release the valve and the water will squirt into your mouth. Awesome!

Secondly, the rig is made from the toughest USA made canvas (500D cordura) and zippers available on the market so you don’t have to worry about it tearing or breaking.

There is also 700 cubic inches of storage pocket space to carry whatever you like with you on your riding dirt bike hydration pack. Geigerrig Tactical 700 Pressurized Hydration PackThe rig has also been designed for comfort! and not just function. It is a very comfortable rig with nice padding on the shoulder straps and on the back pressure zones as well as the right level of ventilation to reduce heat/sweating.

The other great feature is the way the straps are configured for use and comfort. The right strap contains the insulated drink hose and the left contains the pump (power bulb) so you can pump more pressure into the bladder whenever you need to. Nice!

best hydration packs. Geigerrig Tactical 700 Pressurized Hydration Pack

Additionally, you get a chest strap and a waist strap to keep the rig firmly in place even over the toughest terrain. Very nice.

I bought the camouflage model as it’s my favorite and a head turner, but if you don’t like it it also comes in black.

#2 Zac Speed Recon S3 Hydration Pack – $155

The Australian made Zac Recon S3 is my second favorite hydration pack. I have used it on long trail rides now since 2017 and it hasn’t skipped a beat.

Zac Speed Recon S3 dirt bike hydration Pack

It is made of super tough fabric and zips which I really like and there is heaps of pockets (823 cubic inches) to carry whatever you like on long trails.

The bladder is 3 liters in size and it opens on a sliding lock system which makes it a lot easier to fill than a standard cap fitting.

The drinking hose is also insulated to help keep your water cool on a long, hot ride.

The shoulder straps are super comfortable and there is plenty of padding on the back and waist. Overall it is very comfortable to wear.

The Zac speed also has a chest clip and waist belt and keeps the pack securely in place over the toughest terrain.

The other bonus of the Zac Speed hydration packs is that you can bolt on an optional tool bag and a roost deflector if you need them. nice!

best dirt bike hydration packs. zac speed s3 tool pack

zac speed s3 roost deflector

The Zac Speed is a fan favorite and I highly recommend it.

#3 Klim Nac Pak – $136

Klim makes super quality dirt bike gear and the Klim Nac Pak is no different. The Klim Nac Pak is a quality piece of gear at a good price ($100 + bladder $36).best dirt bike hydration packs. klim nac pack

My only gripe with this hydration pack is that you need to buy the 3 Liter bladder separately! C’mon Klim!!klim 3 liter bladder

Aside from that, the Klim Nac Pak is a solid hydration pack made of tough materials that won’t tear under impact.

The straps are well padded and heavy duty and they contain pockets on each strap that will fit your phone or any other smaller items that you need to get immediate access to.

The pack is fastened to your body using 1 chest clip at the front that swivels which I think is a great idea and helps the hydration pack move with your body dirt bike hydration packs. klim nac pack

The are also some features for the snow trekking audience, like an emergency whistle and a buckle that will let you carry a fold-able shovel.

There is plenty of room to carry supplies in several pockets and also there is a goggle pocket with a chamois to carry and clean a spare pair of goggles if you need it.

 A bonus is that there is a compact tool pouch that comes included and sits snugly in a front pocket of the hydration pack. Nice!

Overall, a great rig that you can use for trail riding, snow trekking and mountain climbing use.

#4 The Budget Option – Moose Racing XCR Hydration Pack – $80

My budget choice is the Moose Racing XCR Hydration hydration packs. moose racing hydration pack

This rig will do everything you want it to do in a compact design.

It contains a 3 liter bladder and also plenty of room for tools and other supplies.

It is a little bit smaller in volume (600 cubic inches) than the other reviewed hydration packs above but it is awesome if you need 3 liters but want a more compact pack.

It is made of rugged fabric and the pack is nice and comfortable to wear and ride with for hours at a time.

I couldn’t find any issues with this pack and I think it is a really cool option if you are looking for something a bit smaller.

Large Storage Hydration Packs.

The above hydration packs that I have reviewed are between 600-800 cubic inches in size.

If you need more space than that, I would recommend 2 hydration packs.

#5 Zac Speed Dakar Hydration Pack – $165

This pack is very much the same as the Zac Speed S3 pack and has a 3 liter bladder except that it is double the storage capacity of about 1370 cubic inches.Zac Speed Dakar dirt bike hydration Pack

#6 Geigerrig Tactical 1600 Pressurized Hydration Pack – $190

Also, this hydration pack is the same as its younger brother except that it can carry a whopping 1600 cubic inches of storage, making it the largest hydration pack on the market.

best dirt bike hydration packs. geigerrig 1600 tactical


So they were my 5 favorite hydration packs for all day trail riding. Do you have a favorite hydration pack? let me know in the comments below and why you like it. Also if you liked this article please give it a share on social media.

Happy riding!

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