The 5 Best Motocross Gear Bags Reviewed in 2019. [And 2 Bags to Avoid].

motocross gear bags review 2019


#1 Best Budget Option – O’Neal Racing TX8000 Gear Bag – $76
#2 Fly Racing Roller Grande Motocross Gear Bag – $130
#3 Shift Roller Motocross Gear Bag – $160
#4 Klim Kodiak Motocross Gear Bag – $250
#5 Ogio Wheeled Rig 9800 Gear Bag – $280
Some Motocross Gear Bags to Avoid.
Tips for Using Your Motocross Gear Bag.


A bag is not just a bag. Quality motocross gear bags offer some really cool features to make it easier to move your dirt bike gear around.

So before you go out and buy any old thing, check out my motocross gear bag review for 2019 rated from the cheapest to most expensive premium options.

If you are looking for a cheap and tough, soft shelled motocross gear bag under $100 that will everything you need, the O’Neal TX8000 is your best bet.

motocross gear bags review. O'Neal Racing TX8000 Gear Bag

Dimensions: 34″ x 15″ x 17″

The O’Neal TX8000 motocross gear bag is made of tough 600D fabric, tough stitching and heavy duty zippers.

It is a basic design with one large compartment in the middle and 2 pockets on each end for dirty gear or helmets.

 I am able to fit 2 adult helmets on each side of the bag!! Its huge! You can easily fit 2 pairs of adult motocross boots on either side of these pockets as well.

The straps are also super tough and there is also a cushioned shoulder strap as well. Nice!

This is the bag that you can fill up with as much gear as you need and throw it in the back of the truck and never have to worry about it tearing. Highly recommended!

#2 Fly Racing Roller Grande Motocross Gear Bag – $130

The Fly Racing Roller Grande is a soft shelled wheeled motocross gear bag that is super high quality at a great price.motocross gear bags review. Fly Racing Roller Grande motocross Gear BagDimensions:  33″ x 17″ x 16″

 If you are looking to travel with your gear by airplane,  the Fly Racing rolling grande features a telescopic handle and tough roller-blade style, smooth wheels for easy hauling through the airport. It also features an exterior business card sleeve for bag ID tags.

This is a great mid range range bag that’s built from tough PVC backed nylon which makes it water resistant.

This bag features 2 separate pockets on each side to store your dirty gear and each pocket contains mesh panels and vents to let the dirty gear breathe so they don’t get stale.

The middle compartment is massive and will store everything else you need to carry with you.

The Fly Racing Rolling Grande also features a fleece lined pocket to store your goggles as well as a tool storage pocket for a handful of tools.

It also includes an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry your gear over your shoulder.

 This bag also features a mud mat! This is a mat that you can lay out in the dirt so you can have something to stand on if you need to get changed out at the track. Nice!

#3 Shift Roller Motocross Gear Bag – $160

If you don’t like the complicated multi compartment gear bags and prefer the single pocket duffel military style bag, the Shift Roller is for you.

motocross gear bag review. Shift Roller Motocross Gear BagDimensions: 35″ x 15″ x 21″

The Shift Roller is made out of the toughest canvas and the bottom end has been reinforced so it can still stand up straight when resting.

The Shift Roller gear bag also has rugged wheels and reinforced handles so they won’t rip under pressure. The bag also features military style webbing on the side for attaching accessories to.

 It even has an external zippered cooler area that will store 6 cans of drink!

I use this bag for my motocross days and it’s great. I can throw all my gear into it and it will take it all without any problems.

It also looks really cool and I’ve had riders ask me where they can buy one.

 #4 Klim Kodiak Motocross Gear Bag – $250

The Klim Kodiak motocross gear bag is my favorite premium bag for a few reasons.

motcoross gear bags review. Klim Kodiak motocross Gear Bag Dimensions: 36″ x 18″ x 18″

Firstly, the Klim Kodiak is a stiff shelled bag which means that it is built on a rigid skeleton.

This feature makes it ideal for airplane travel as other luggage can get thrown on top of it without your gear getting crushed!

This bag also features high impact plastic armor on the exterior bash and drop zones so it can get smashed around without breaking anything.

Also, for the airplane travelers, the bag will stand up on its own! (rare) without it falling over and the bag also has over-sized, tough wheels and a telescopic handle for wheeling it long distances.

The fabric is super tough 600D polyester and the zippers are heavy duty. Th bag also features heavy duty straps if you have overstuffed the bag,

The Klim Kodiak is more of a compartmentalized design if you prefer to keep all your gear in separate pockets.

There is a large cargo bay in the lid as well as meshed pocket areas and many other pockets to store various items like goggles and gloves and there is also a storage pocket to store your dirty motocross boots.

 The Kodiak also has a mud mat included! I really like the mud mat and it has saved me a few times when I had to get changed out at the track in the dirt.

#5 Ogio Wheeled Rig 9800 Gear Bag – $280

My final premium pick is the Ogio Wheeled 9800 Motocross Gear Bag.

motocross gear bags review. Ogio Wheeled Rig 9800 Gear BagDimensions: 33.9″ x 16.5″ x 15.3″

Ogio have been building bags since the very beginning and have the most experience out of any gear bag maker in the world.

You are paying the most but you are also getting the very best that will never let you down.

The Ogio 9800 is built on their proprietary sled  (Structural Load Equalizing Deck (SLED)) technology. It is basically a hard plastic sled like rig that the entire bag is built on to provide super strength, durability and rigidity.

It also features the toughest over-sized wheels out of all the bags out there to get over rough terrain.

motocross gear bag review. Ogio 9800 wheeled rig.

The Ogio 9800 is a lot like the Klim Kodiak where it is a compartmentalized bag if you like carrying all your gear in separate compartments.

It contains a cargo bay pocket on the lid and a large main pocket area with a separate padded area to fit a helmet, plus many other pockets for smaller items.

This bag is also ideal for airport travel for its wheels, telescopic handle and it will sit up perfectly while you are not hauling it.

The Ogio is a little heavier than other bags I have reviewed because of the SLED design but it makes up for it in super toughness and plenty of room to carry all your motocross gear.

Motocross Gear Bags to Avoid

There are a couple of motocross gear bags on amazon that kept popping up for me recently and they looked pretty good and were really cheap so I just had to give them a try.

1. TRACKSIDE Max Capacity Gear Bag

I was attracted to this motocross gear bag because it was only $40 and I couldn’t resist trying it out!

motocross gear bag review.

Well, after I bought and loaded it up with gear I went to zip it closed and the zipper snapped off!

Then I threw it on my shoulder and the shoulder strap tore off the main bag. lol.

After that, I just threw it in the bin. This bag is cheap rubbish and I do not recommend it.

For only an extra $30 you could buy the O’Neal TX8000 and you would have a quality bag that wouldn’t break.

2. Factory FMX Motocross Gear Bag.

This bag comes in at $75 and looks really cool so I had to get it to try it out.

motocross gear bag review.

Dimensions: 36″ x 20″ x 20″

This bag looks deceptively small in the photo but its the biggest bag out of all the above reviews!!  It is huge! Bonus.

I loaded this bag up with everything I could stuff in there and I was impressed by its quality.

The zips were tough and it was made out of a tough canvas that did the job.

The bag was also full of handy pockets, including the external pockets that gave me quick access to my phone, tools and other items I needed quick access to.

 Now here’s the rub.. The bag is made with 2 internal pockets to fit your motocross boots. BUT THEY COULDN’T FIT MY ADULT SIZE BOOTS.

In fact, I tried with some kids boots and they barely fit those in.

That one fact makes this bag useless for me which is a real shame because it is not a bad bag at a good price.

Tips for Using Your Motocross Gear Bag.

Waterproof your motocross gear bag! Some gear bags are water resistant while others are not. I don’t risk it and I always waterproof my motocross gear bag.

To do it, simply buy a waterproofing spray and spray down your bag. Then leave it out in the shade for it to dry and you will have a waterproof bag that you won’t have to worry about if your motocross gear bag gets wet.

I use Scotchgard waterproofing spray,

motocross gear bag review. waterproofing.


Do you use gear bags for your motocross gear? Let me know which bag you use and why you like it the most. Also if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.


Happy riding!

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