Best Motocross Helmets under $100 for 2019 [MSR, O’Neal, Vega, HJC]

best motocross helmets under 100

Here are my picks for the best helmets that come in at $100 or under for 2019.

 Take note of that sizing chart for each helmet! But if you get the wrong size don’t worry. RockyMountain have a return guarantee which means if you get the size wrong they will exchange it for the right size as long as it hasn’t been ridden in.

MSR MAV4 Motocross Helmet – $99

best motocross helmets under 300 MSR MAV4

The MSR (Malcolm Smith Racing) MAV4 has been selling like hotcakes in 2019 for good reason.

It is a quite light helmet, coming in at 3.4 pounds and its silver lining and plush padding make it very comfortable to wear.

It checks all the boxes with DOT safety standards and has plenty of ventilation ports to keep your head cool while riding.

Where Malcolm Smith Racing really pulled out the stops with this helmet tho is that it is fitted with the MIPS safety system.

 The MIPS safety system is usually only reserved for premium grade helmets but MSR racing has been awesome enough to put it in a sub $100 helmet. Very cool!

MIPS is an internal impact system that rotates slightly within the shell of the helmet to disperse more impact in a crash, which means less impact on your head. Nice!

If this helmet is still available by the time you read this article, I strongly suggest dropping 99 bucks and getting yourself a deal!

MSR MAV4 Sizing Chart

msr MAV4 sizing chart

MSR SC1 Grit Motocross Helmet – $85

best motocross helmet under 100

The MSR SC1 Grit is another quality helmet by MSR racing.

Not only does the helmet have a really cool stealth looking design but also it weighs in at only 3.2 pounds! Which is pretty damn light for any helmet.

What I also like about this helmet is that the stealthy design isn’t only for looks. The ribs along the back are designed to guide your google strap around the helmet so you can get it in the right place every time you go riding. Nice!

best motocross helmets under 100

Venting is excellent and there is plenty of air rushing around your head to dispel the hot air quickly.

Also, I noticed that comfort is high with the CS1. This is because the moisture absorbing padding is nice and thick and soft on the face and head.

This helmet is DOT and ECE approved and all internal pads and linings pull out for washing as usual.

MSR MAV4 Sizing Chart

msr MAV4 sizing chart

O’Neal Racing 3 Series Motocross Helmet – $99

best motocross helmets under 100 O'Neal Racing 3 Series Helmet

O’Neal helmets have a large fan base for their graphics, wild shape and comfort.

The O’Neal Racing 3 Series doesn’t disappoint. I talked to a few of the riders on the track that told me that it felt like they were wearing a helmet that costs $600! Not bad.

The stealthy looking helmet has ribbing along the back to help riders place their goggle strap in the right place and the air vents do a great job of keeping your head cool.

The internal linings and padding are also nice and plush and are all machines washable.

The 3 Series meets DOT standards and I cannot find anything negative about this helmet.

For the price, its a steal.

RANGE (inches)  SIZE
20.5″ – 21.12″ X-Small
21.25″ – 22.12″ Small
22.37″ – 23.12″ Medium
23.25″ – 23.75″ Large
23.87″ – 24.75″ X-Large
24.87″ – 25.12″  XX-Large


O’Neal Racing 2 Series Spyde Motocross Helmet – $99

best motocross helmets under $100. Oneal series 2

To be honest, the O’Neal series 2 helmet is very much the same as the series 3 in comfort and looks.

The only difference is that the series 2 has an even wilder stealthy look than the series 3.

It’s also a great helmet so it is also worth mentioning for motocross helmets under $100.

RANGE (inches)  SIZE
20.5″ – 21.12″ X-Small
21.25″ – 22.12″ Small
22.37″ – 23.12″ Medium
23.25″ – 23.75″ Large
23.87″ – 24.75″ X-Large
24.87″ – 25.12″  XX-Large


HJC CS-MX 2 Dakota Motocross Helmet – $95

best motocross helmet under 100. HJC CS-MX 2

The HJC CS-MX 2 Dakota motocross helmet is excellent value at only $95!

I usually don’t go for these cheaper helmets but I was impressed when I took this helmet out for a spin.

It is super comfortable with nice and plush inner paddings and the ventilation system also works really well.

The polycarbonate shell also makes it nice and light.

Also, check out their bright graphics, they have a few.

Overall, no complaints. for only 95 bucks you can’t go wrong!

Also, check out their camouflage model (Sapir) also for $95. Very cool!

best helmets under 100. HJC CS-MX 2 Sapir

And also there Madax model which is also exactly the same helmet.

best helmets under 100. HJC CS-MX 2 madax


Vega VRX Motocross Helmet – $90

best helmets under 100. Vega VRX

My final pick comes in at only 90 bucks! and is the Vega VRX motocross helmet.

I took this one out for a spin and was really impressed for such a budget helmet.

The padding was nice and plush, it was comfortable to wear and the ventilation worked just fine.

It also has a cool stealthy look kind of like the O’Neal design the ribs that run around the back of the helmet to help guide the goggles strap.

The shell is molded from polycarbonate which keep the helmet nice and light.

Overall, no complaints. For only 90 bucks  it is excellent value.

RANGE (inches)  SIZE
21.65″ – 22.05″ Small
22.44″ – 22.83″ Medium
23.23″ – 23.62″ Large
24.02″ – 24.41″ X-Large
24.80″ – 25.20″  XX-Large


They are my top motocross helmet picks for under $100. Have you bought a helmet for under 100 bucks that’s not on my list? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article, please give it a share on sical media.


Happy riding!

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