The Best MX Pants for Knee Braces. [Fly Racing, Answer, O’Neal, Klim]

best mx pants for knee braces


#1 Answer Elite Discord MX Pants.
#2 FLY Racing 2018 Kinetic Mesh MX Pants.
#3 O’Neal Hardware Rizer MX Pants.
#4 Klim Dakar Adventure Pants.

If you have been riding for a while, you would of noticed something about motocross pants that has happened over the past 2 years…

They have been turned into skinny jeans!

It appears that the hipsters have gotten their sorbolene covered hands on dirt bike gear as well!! dammit.

I mean, seriously what the hell is this?!

Seriously Fox, if I wanted to wear tights then I would raid my girlfriends wardrobe lol.

But do not fear, there are still a few dirt bike gear makers out there that haven’t lost their minds and still make dirt bike pants for function and not just to make a fashion statement.

In this article I will be reviewing a few mx pants that I have used while wearing my knee braces (I wear Leatt and Mobius) and they fit really well without losing the comfort and fashion factor.

#1 Answer Elite Discord MX Pants.

best mx pants for knee braces. answer elite discord mx pants

Answer Racing have been producing quality gear now for decades and they always produce really great gear at a decent price.

Their Elite Discord pants are built to having a bit of room for things like knee braces and they are very comfortable to wear.

They also feel nice and light and have plenty of ventilation throughout the pants.

They also have genuine leather patches for the knee areas and heat guard for superior strength and durability.

#2 FLY Racing 2018 Kinetic Mesh MX Pants.

best mx pants for knee braces fly-racing-2018-kinetic-mesh-pant

FLY Racing is another great brand of dirt bike gear that have decided that some dirt bike riders need pants that fit knee braces.

Check out the Fly Racing Kinetic Mesh 2018 Pants. They are also great for summer as they breathe the best out of all the dirt bike pants I own.

If the Kinetic mesh pants aren’t available by the time you read this article, then check out other models of FLY racing pants because most are built to fit knee braces.

#3 O’Neal Hardware Rizer MX Pants.

best mx pants for knee braces oneal-hardwear-pant-rizer-blue1

It’s great to see O’Neal still in the game for making mx pants that can fit knee braces, (although the skinny jeans are starting to creep into their line in 2020)..

These are the O’Neal Hardware Rizer Pants! Made for comfort, function, they look awesome, built with super high quality materials AND they fit knee braces!

Once again, if these pants are no longer available, scroll through some other O’Neal pants that look alittle bit baggy and you will find that they fit knee braces.

O’Neal are definitely one of my favorite brands of dirt bike gear.  They have been around since forever and they make make some wild, high quality gear at a fair price.

O’Neal helmets are also my favorite for shape, comfort and sleek designs as well.

So they were the 3 mx pants I use that still fit knee braces.

If you are an adventure rider than you are in luck because adventure dirt bike pants are designed to be a bit more baggy and knee braces are no problem at all.

To be honest, I wear adventure pants more often because I am on the trails most of the time.

The difference between adventure pants and motocross pants is that the legs are designed to go over the boot and create a seal around it.

This is so if you step in a deep puddle, it will help to protect your boots from filling with water.

That, and also they are built to be more baggy to be more comfortable for those longer rides. They also have more pockets as well.

My pick for adventure dirt bike pants are –

#4 Klim Dakar Adventure Pants.

The Klim Dakar have been my favorite adventure riding pants for a few years now. I’m still yet to find a pair of adventure riding pants as good as these.

As you can see in the images, there is plenty or room in the leg to fit knee braces and they are the ‘over the boot’ design, meaning the pant legs cover the entire boot and form an elastic seal around them to keep out water and mud.

Apart from that, they are super comfortable and made to be super tough.

They are also thick enough to keep you warm while staying cool in the summer.

You can use them for both riding and they are comfortable also when you are off the bike grabbing a beer at the next tavern.


if you are looking for the best mx pants for knee braces, you will be in a good place with the above selections.

Let me know if you have mx pants that fit knee braces outside of the ones I have recommended by commenting below. Also, if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.

Happy riding!

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