The 5 Best Sand Goggles for Dirt Bike Riding [Thor, Scott, Fox, Oakley, 100%].

the best sand goggles for dirt bike riding


Why Sand Goggles are Different from Standard MX Goggles.
#1 Thor Combat Sand Goggle.
#2 Scott Prospect Sand Goggle
#3 Fox Racing Main Sand Goggle.
#4 Oakley O2 MX Sand Goggle.
#5 100% Accuri Sand Goggle.
Need OTG Sand Dirt Bike Goggles?

Why Sand Goggles are Different from Standard MX Goggles

If you are going to be riding your dirt bike in sandy areas such as on sand dunes, standard dirt bike goggles won’t cut it.

They will work, but you will find that sand and fine dust will build up in your goggles which is really annoying when you are trying to ride.

Sand dirt bike goggles use a special type of foam around the face that is called ‘closed cell’.

Closed cell foam is especially made to stop dust/sand particles from getting inside the goggle.

The best sand goggles will also be super comfortable, have plenty of foam to remove sweat fast and have excellent venting to stop fogging on the lens.

Here are my favorite sand goggles from top to bottom based on hundreds of hours of riding time in sand dunes and desert conditions.

The Best Sand Goggles for Dirt Bike Riding.

#1 Thor Combat Sand Goggle

best sand goggles - Thor Combat Sand Goggle

Back in 2014, Thor released the Thor Enemy sand goggles.  They were a runaway success and were given hundreds of 5 stars all over the internet from dirt bike riders.

They were loved for their price and their high performance, including that they had a very low fogging factor (which is a pet hate among dirt bike riders).

Thor have since replaced that model with the Thor Combat model and it is just as good in my opinion.

 These are my favorite goggles for sand and I’m still yet to find another brand that can beat their performance (and price).

They have an optically corrected, injection molded lens so your vision is not distorted and the lenses also offer UV protection which is a must for the ultra bright conditions of sand riding.

They also have outriggers which means that they fit better in your helmet and don’t get pulled off your face when you ride.

Thor Combat come with a dark smoke lens which is great for the brightest glare days.

Want to replace the lens? No problem, Thor have a wide range of replaceable lenses in many colors to suit your preferred  shade, including mirrored lenses.

Here’s the best part about Thor dirt bike goggles… They are only about 35 bucks!! This is top value (especially for optically corrected lenses) and definitely worth keeping in your gear bag for those sand riding days.

#2 Scott Prospect Sand Goggle.

best sand goggles - Scott Prospect Sand Goggle

The Scott Propect sand goggle is another excellent goggle to use for dedicated sand riding conditions.

They have outriggers which keep the goggles firmly fixed to your face and they have a very wide peripheral view.

The Scott Prospect comes with a ‘Truview’ double lens that is treated to minimize fogging. The double lens also acts as an anti fog system (that works!)

The lens also is designed to change the shade of tint depending on your riding conditions. Scott call this ‘photo-chromatic technology’.

This light sensitive lens is a good idea and works well, but I still prefer to use some solid lenses on super bright days.

If you are going to try the Scott goggles, get yourself an extra lens or 2 to handle super bright conditions.

Scott have an excellent range of lenses to suit your riding conditions so swapping out the lens isn’t an issue.

These goggles also have their excellent ‘ACS’ ventilation system to help extract hot air from your face quickly, which also minimizes fogging.

The Scott Prospect goggles also are built with a 50mm strap which i REALLY like because they grip better and just look so much cooler.

My only gripe with these goggles is that they come in one color! That, and you will need to change out the lens which I already mentioned.

The Scott Prospect sand goggle is priced at under $100 which is a really good deal.

#3 Fox Racing Main Sand sand goggles - Fox Racing Main Sand Goggle

The Fox Racing Main sand goggle is another excellent goggle to use for dedicated sand riding conditions.

These goggles offer 100% UV protection and triple layer foam protection to get rid of sweat easily.

These goggles have excellent ventilation properties and I have found that they have a low fogging factor when I was riding in the desert with them which I really liked.

The Fox mains have a very wide view-port so my peripheral vision is always excellent.

My only bitch about these goggles is that they only come in black!! C’mon Fox!

Also, they have no outriggers which isn’t ideal.

Other than that, highly recommend sand riding goggles that are priced at only around $50!! Nice.

Fox Racing also have a good selection of lenses if you want to swap out the dark smoke lens for mirrored colored lenses.

#4 Oakley O2 MX Sand Goggle.

best sand goggles - Oakley O2 MX Sand Goggle

The Oakley O2 MX sand goggle is a very wide peripheral view goggles that are extremely comfortable.

They come in a dark smoke lens that is completely protected from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

These Oakley sand goggles also come with a removable nose guard to protect you from breathing in fine dust and sand which I found was really helpful for the high dust zones I was riding in.

I have always liked Oakley the most because they suit my riding the most. The 2 things I didn’t like though –

1. No outriggers means that the pressure off your helmet on the strap can break the foam liner seal from your face while you are riding.

2. They only come in black.

best sand goggles - 100% Accuri Sand Goggle

 100% goggles are ideal for riders with a more narrow face. If you have a wider face, consider the other options in this article.

The Accuri sand goggle comes with a UV protected, anti fog treated lens that is nice and dark for the high glare conditions of sand riding.

But if you don’t like the lens you can easily switch it out for a 100% lens of your choice (and there is plenty of them).

They also come with a nice and wide 45mm strap which is better for gripping the helmet with.

100% are well known for having a wide range of graphics and colors so you have plenty of variety in that area.

There’s 3 things I don’t like about the 100% Accuri sand goggle –

1. They don’t have outriggers which can be a problem if you need a perfect seal on your face.

2. I have found that they fogged up regularly. This was my experience but I would like to hear feedback from other riders about this.

 To fix the fogging problem though, I replaced the lens with a 100% dual lens. This double lens resisted the fog that is created by extreme heat from desert riding.

3. The lens are not optically corrected. This means that your vision can be distorted and objects may seem closer or further away than what they actually are.

Need OTG Sand Dirt Bike Goggles?

If you need sand goggles that will fit your glasses under the goggles, there are 2 options I would recommend  –

1. 100% Accuri OTG Sand Goggle.

2. Oakley O2 MX Sand Goggle

Both of these models of sand goggles have extra thick layered foam to accommodate the extra room needed to fit the glasses.

They also have notches around the temples so the arms of your glasses can fit properly on your head, avoiding pressure on your temple areas.


What have been your favorite sand dirt bike goggles? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article please give it a share on social media.

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