How to Get Fitted for CTi Motocross Knee Braces.

cti motocross knee braces

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#1 – CTi motocross knee braces have a huge history with motocross riders and other extreme sports enthusiasts as the premiere custom made knee brace.

#2 – Visit a local physical therapist and to discuss your needs and tell them you want to order CTi knee braces. They will measure up your legs and send your measurements off to CTi.

#3 – Wait 3-4 weeks to have your knee braces built and delivered to you.

#4 – Visit your physical therapist to have your new CTi knee braces fitted.


There are 2 types of knee braces available for dirt bike riders.

The first is the off the shelf (OTS) knee braces such as Leatt, Pod, Mobius etc.

These knee braces came in standard sizes are ready to be used straight out of the box.

The second type are custom made knee braces. The custom built knee braces contain all the safety features of the OTS braces.

But the difference is that they are tailor made specifically for your legs and knees.

cti motocross knee braces
Pro MX rider Alex Martin wearing his CTi knee braces.

In this article I’m going to talk about how to get measured up for custom knee braces from CTi. Also I will be talking about the manufacturing process involved in building them.

I will also talk about fitting, costs and warranty.

 If you are a dirt bike rider and are considering a pair of custom knee braces, the CTi ‘Pro Sport’ will give you the comfort, functionality and protection of the off the shelf knee braces, but will also be custom made to suit your knees and will give you a perfect fit every time.

CTi History.

CTi (Ossur) are a publicly traded Icelandic orthopedics company that have been making custom knee braces since 1986.

They are the leading designer and builder of custom knee braces for sports enthusiasts all around the world.

I personally got a pair of CTi’s fitted a few years back.  I will go through the entire process with you step by step based on my experience.

By the way, I really like my CTi’s. Don’t get me wrong though, I own a few pairs of OTS knee braces and I really like them as well. They are really great and I never have any problems with them.

cti motocross knee braces
CTi knee braces have removable knee protectors so you can use them for watersports.

My CTi’s though are the best for me because they have been custom molded to suit my unique leg. I know they will fit me like a glove every time without exception.

I also use them when I go snowboarding and you can also use them for water sports. Very cool.

Enduro riding legend Paul Bolton says it all about CTi –

“With the probability of knee injuries, knee braces are a vital piece of equipment. In hard Enduro we need to be super flexible, moving into different positions on and off the bike. The CTi customs fit so well, you don’t realize you are wearing them. They let your legs move freely and don’t restrict you.”

custom cti motocross knee braces
Courtesy of Paul Bolton.

How to get Custom CTi Motocross Knee Braces Fitted.

#1 Measuring your Leg

The first step is to visit your local physical therapist to discuss your needs.

To find a clinic, do a search for physical therapists in your area and give them a call. If they don’t stock them, ask them for the numbers of therapists that do.

The clinic will take some photos of your legs and will also take 23 different measurements of your leg and knee.

Measurements and photos are taken digitally and with a flexible tape and it is a fast and easy process.

You can also order a custom paint design on your braces of any color and pattern.

cti motocross knee braces
Junior MX champ Canyon Richards custom paint design on his CTi’s.

After this has been done, you fill in a form and the data of your leg is sent off to the knee brace builders.

Then you need to wait a few weeks to have the knee braces built.

#2 Manufacturing the Braces.

After they receive the raw data, the manufacturers will create a 3d foam model of your leg using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and a 3D CNC cutting machine.

After the foam model has been created, the CNC machine can then start work on cutting out the carbon fiber used as the frame of the brace.

The brace hinges are custom molded and the carbon fiber frame are then heat molded and cured under pressure onto the foam model to make sure that it is a perfect fit.

After this has been done, specialists work by hand in a multi stage process to assemble the straps, padding, silicone lining and all other parts necessary to complete the knee brace.

After this, the knee braces get a paint job (to your specifications) and are then shipped back to the CTi authorised clinic or to your home for your fitting.

Check out how CTi braces are made in this video.

#3 Fitting

Fitting is really easy. Instead of me writing about it, the below video explains how to do it nicely.

#4 CTi Cost & Warranty.

All up my CTi ‘Pro Sport’ braces cost me about $1200 USD which included a custom paint job.

They took 3 weeks to be built and there is a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Considering that a set of premium off the shelf knee braces can cost about $600-700, an extra $500 is well worth having knee braces that fit perfectly and are made specifically for your knees only.


Cti custom knee braces are best in market and the most popular choice for custom knee braces.

Do you have CTi knee braces? Let me know about it in the comments box below.

Happy riding!

Title photo courtesy of Brock Hoyer.


To learn how to claim insurance for CTi knee braces as well as ‘off the shelf’ knee braces, read my article about how to claim insurance for knee braces here.

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