Dirt Bike Gear for Beginners. What you Need to get Started. (Including Costs).

So you have done your research into dirt bikes and you have decided that this is the sport for you?

Great! Dirt bikes have a whole range of positive benefits including keeping you fit and keeping you active and social.

Not to mention that it also happens to be the most exciting sport in the world in my opinion.

So if you have made this decision, the next step is to figure out all the dirt bike gear you will need to get started.

When you have figured out this list, you will then be able to calculate the total costs of buying this gear and then you can begin to get the cash together.

This is where things can start getting a little hazy for newcomers.

Newbies to the sport can find it difficult to know exactly what they need to get started if they have never ridden before.

This article has been written especially for newcomers who are confused by all the information and marketing out there and just need a straight forward list of gear, including costs.

This list will get you started in the awesome sport of dirt bike riding.

Dirt Bike Riding Goals>>

Everyone who rides dirt bikes have the same goals in mind.

1) Have huge amounts of fun!
2) Be as safe as possible,
3) Minimize mechanical problems and
4) Minimize costs wherever possible.

If you don’t have the right gear or if you have bought the wrong gear then all these goals will be compromised, every time.

By doing all these things, you will achieve maximum fun and enjoyment from dirt bike riding!

All prices are in US Dollars and are only guides. For a more accurate cost, either click on the links or contact your preferred dirt bike dealer.

The Essential List of Required Dirt Bike Gear>>

#1 You Will Need a Bike.

You have 2 options here – new or used.

If you are buying new, congratulations! You will greatly minimize mechanical issues with a new bike and is the fastest path to dirt bike happiness.

 If you are buying used, first read my guide for buying a used bike which will help you avoid buying a piece of junk that ends up being a total headache.

As a general guide, be prepared to spend the following on a new & used dirt bike for an adult.

(This does not include kid’s size bikes as they are a lot cheaper.)




New $7,000 – $10,000 $8500
Used $3,000 – $6,000 $4500

#2 Protective Gear.




Helmet $60- $700 $335
Goggles $50 – $150 $100
Jersey $25 – $65 $45
Gloves $20 – $50 $35
Motocross Pants $50 – $500 $275
Moto Boots $150 – $650 $400
Socks $8 – $40 $24
Knee guards $20 – $100 $60
Kidney belt $25 – $70 $47.50
Gear Bag $50 – $300 $175




#3 Other Accessories.




Tool kit  $50 – 100 $75
Tie downs  $10 – $150 $80
Gas can  $30 – $60 $45



That’s a Grand Total of: $6111.50 with a second hand bike and $10,111.50 with a new bike.

#4 Optional Gear but Highly Recommended.




Knee Braces $400 – $750 $575
Hydration Pack $40 – $230 $135

 To learn more about knee braces, have a read of my article about dirt bike knee braces here.

 To learn more about hydration packs, learn more about them here.


Follow this guide and you will be up and riding in not time at all. Remember that this is the basic gear you will need. There is more gear and dirt bike parts  that is available out there, but these are things that you can buy along the way.

If you have any questions about this guide please comment in the box below and I will get back to you asap.

Happy riding!


Title Photo Courtesy of John Walthier

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