The Knee Braces that the Pro Motocross Riders Wear.

knee braces pro motocross riders wear

After doing some research, the most popular knee braces that pro motocross riders wear are Mobius, Pod and CTi.

The other notable brands worth mentioning are Leatt and Alpinestars, who also have high quality competitive knee braces.

Mobius and Pod are ‘off the shelf’ knee braces while CTi are custom fitted.

 Mobius, Pod, CTi and Leatt are all medically certified, which means that these knee braces are are claimable on insurance.

motocross knee braces. Mobius X8
The Mobius X8 is very popular with pro motocross riders.

The only lone wolf in the field is Ken Roczen who uses a custom made knee brace from Germany called the Ortema Kcom.

With a price tag of about $3000!! though, they cost about as much as a used dirt bike and well out of the reach of us mere mortals.

As an example, here is a small list of pro motocross riders and their preferred knee braces.

Ryan Villipoto Mobius 
Ryan Dungey Mobius 
Eli Tomac Alpinestars (I think)
Marvin Musquin Leatt
Ken RoczenOrtema Kcom
Justin Barcia Pod
Blake BaggettPod
Phil Nicoletti CTi
Benny BlossPod
Weston PeickPod
Kyle CunninghamMobius 
Alex Martin CTi
Adam CianciaruloMobius 
Chase Sexton Mobius 
RJ HampshireMobius
Jordan SmithMobius
Austin ForknerCTi
motocross knee braces. Pod K8
The K8 is the flagship knee brace model for Pod.

Do you have experience with knee braces? Which is your favorite? Which brand don’t you like and why? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article please give it a like on social media.


Happy riding!

Title photo courtesy of Mobius.

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