The Leading Motocross Knee Braces, a Buyers Guide. (POD, Leatt, Mobius, Asterisk, Alpinestars, EVS)

motocross knee braces

If you are in the market for a shiny new pair of motocross knee braces then this article will show you the leading knee brace brands and models in the dirt bike industry.

Buying knee braces from the leading brands means that you are buying only the safest quality and are receiving the best warranty support and customer service.

Also, buying the best gear means that you can ride with confidence, knowing that your knees are covered with the best protection on the market.

In this article I will be highlighting the leading brands of knee braces in no particular order.

 Which ones do I recommend? I like them all. I have had experience with all of them and found them to be the best quality out there. My personal favorite are the Leatt C Frame as they have no brace on the inner leg so I can feel the bike when I’m gripping it with my knees. Also, for $500 they are the best value. They are also insurable!

Firstly, here is a quick summary of recommended knee braces that compares weight, price and medical certification. (prices vary so click on each one for a more accurate cost.)

Also, if you click on the knee braces model, it will take you straight to that pair of knee braces further down the page.

Leatt X-Frame $450 YES
Leatt C-Frame $500 YES
Mobius X8 $600 YES
POD MX K8 2.0 $700 490gm YES
POD MX K8 $750 650gm YES
POD MX K4 $500 500gm YES
Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 $700  NO
Asterisk Ultra Cell $700 NO
Asterisk Cell $665 NO
EVS Axis Pro $625 NO
Alpinestars Fluid Pro $450 NO
Alpinestars Fluid Tech Carbon  $450  595gm NO

The Leading Motocross Knee Braces.

#1 Leatt Industries.

motocross knee braces

Leatt Industries is based in South Africa and is headed up by Dr Chris Leatt.

Dr Leatt invented the world famous motocross neck brace in 2004 after witnessing a fatal dirt bike accident.

Since then, Leatt and his team have been making some of the highest quality and safest safety gear in the world.

In 2014, Dr Leatt developed his first knee brace and it since then, the Leatt brand is has lead the way in innovation, safety and value in the knee braces market.

Leatt have 3 models of knee braces on offer –

Leatt X-Frame.

motocross knee braces. leatt x frame

The Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace is lightweight and strong with flexible cuffs which secure and protect the knee and prevent injuries during dirt bike riding.

The X-Frame Brace is made of injected carbon composite and offers both full coverage of the kneecap and upper and lower leg while providing precise movement.

The X-Frame is CE certified by the European Union as both a medical device and as impact protection for dirt bike riders.

The X-Frame provides a comfortable fit with an easy strapping system, interchangeable hinge padding sizes, and a low-profile shinbone pad that fits inside all boots.


 Injected Carbon Composite Frame.

 Asymmetrical Hinges.

 40% slimmer inner hinge for superior bike feel.

 Metal geared outer hinge for precise movement and durability.

 Reduction of forces to limit knee injuries to the ACL, Meniscus and MCL.

 Certified as medical device in the USA and European Union.

 CE tested by the European Union and certified as knee impact protection.

 Hyper extension limitations 5º, 10º, 15º and 20º for ACL injury reduction.

 Fixed hyper flexion stoppers for meniscus injury reduction.

 Low profile shinbone pad that fits inside all boots.

 Comfortable and easy-fitting strap system.

 Customized fit with interchangeable hinge padding sizes.

 Removable knee protector: NO

 Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Leatt C-Frame.

 The major difference between the C-Frame and the X-Frame is that the C-Frame has a hinge only on the outer side of the brace to keep the inside of your leg free to grip the bike for a more natural feel.

 The C-Frame also the only Leatt knee brace line available in Junior size.

Built with a sturdy cast aluminium alloy frame and a carbon fiber shin plate, the Leatt C-Frame Knee Brace is comfortable, reliable, and well-constructed.

The top cuff of the brace is adjustable and riders can widen the diameter of the brace to fit the brace to the size of their thigh for a customized fit.

The Leatt C-Frame offers full patella protection ensures that the knee brace will stay in place to protect the kneecap, and the unique dual-hinge design enables natural motion of the knee.

The inside of the knee brace has a simple open design which ensures natural knee movement and comfort and enables dirt bike riders to better grip the bike with the inside of their knee.


 Three-point force distribution to reduce knee injury.

 Reduction of forces to limit knee injuries to the ACL, meniscus, and MCL.

 Certified as medical device in the USA and European Union.

 CE tested and certified as knee impact protection in the European Union.

 Hyper extension limitations 10º, 15º, 20º and 25º for ACL injury reduction.

 Hyper flexion limitation to reduce meniscus injury.

 Engineered, lab tested built-in fracture points.

 The C-Frame chassis breaks before injuring the shin bone (tibia) and thigh bone (femur).

 Low profile inner knee for superior bike feel.

 Comfortable, low profile shin bone plate with load distribution pad that fits inside all boots.

 Removable knee protector: YES

 Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL


motocross knee braces. Leatt c frame pro carbon sizing chart

#2 Mobius

motocross knee braces. Mobius

Mobius are a knee brace company based in Idaho USA.

Mobius spent 7 years in testing and research with Star MX champion rider Ryan Vilipoto, to come up with the ultimate knee brace for dirt bike riders.

The result is the Mobius X8 that was released in 2015.

Since then, Mobius has signed 49! pro dirt bike riders to use their knee brace, which is a huge indication that these knee braces work really well!

Mobius X8

motocross knee braces. Mobius X8


The Mobius X8 is named because of the figure-8 routing system that helps conform the brace to the shape of your leg.

Mobius X8 is made of 20% fiberglass-reinforced, injection-molded nylon. it is a high-end knee brace that protects your knees from injuries resulting from hyper-extension, hyper-flexion, as well as lateral and twisting movements of the knee and/or leg.

Rigid and durable, the brace fits to the contour of your leg to prevent twisting injuries.  Providing full coverage over the kneecap, the Mobius X8 is not bulky and offers protection at any angle; it is also sleek and narrow at the bottom so it can easily fit under riding pants and boots.


  Comfortable design with Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS) that securely holds the brace in place, providing reliable tension and pressure on the front and rear of the knee

 Overlapping patella area with zero degree CNC Forged 6061-T6 anodized aluminum stop leaves no gap exposed regardless of how far the knee is bent

 Lightweight injection-molded nylon shell conforms to your legs’ shape, creating 360° of protection that won’t rotate or slip

 Molded EVA foam and impact-absorbing rubber internal padding for comfort and safety

 The Figure-8 cable and behind the knee adjustment pad greatly strengthen the joints, yet work as freely as your body’s own ligament system. (Patent Pending)

 Velcro Straps with numbered pull tabs for proper fit and easy entry and exit

 Removable knee protector: NO

 Sizes:  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


motocross knee braces. Mobius sizing chart

#3 Pod Active

motocross knee braces. Pod Active

Pod (Protection on Demand) Active is an innovative company based in Victoria, Australia and were founded in 2004.

Pod Active specialize in developing knee braces for the dirt bike market and have 4 premium knee braces on offer.

Pod have developed such great products that pro dirt bike champions such as Andrew Short, Trey Canard, Billy Bolt, Jonny Walker and Blake Baggett use Pod knee braces in competition.

 Pro dirt bike riders talk about Pod braces as being one of the lightest knee braces on the market.

Pod MX K8 

motocross knee braces. Pod K8


The MX K8 offers superior multi-sport performance, and is one of the lightest knee braces on the market.

The K8 is a good option for riders seeking to balance comfort, adaptability, and protection.

The leg cuffs are large and are flexible to adapt to the shape of your leg, and four Velcro straps ensure that the braces won’t move around during riding.

The frame is made of lightweight carbon fiber, and the hinges feature a synthetic rubber which mimics the motion of the knee.

The POD K8 is very adjustable and can be adjusted from 0 to 25 degrees and customized according to the motorcyclist’s preference.

The padding in the POD MX K8 brace is moisture-wicking and includes two sets of foam pads which fit between the patella piece and the kneecap.

The full patella protection offered by the three-piece design insures that impact to any part of the knee will be protected.  The knee brace can also be removed and used alone for lateral support.


 Lightweight carbon fiber frame.

 Protects against hyper-extension.

 Defined range of motion.

 Moisture-wicking padding.

 Human Motion® hinge system mimics motion of the knee for natural knee support.

 The brace adapts to a variety of activities though the ability to easily add or remove the impact panels as needed.

 Lightweight – 650grams/1.4lbs (with impact panels and patella guard).

 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

 Removable knee protector: YES

 Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


motocross knee braces. Pod MX K8

Pod MX K8 2.0 

motocross knee braces. Pod K8 2.0

The K8 2.0 is the upgrade to the K8 and contains a few new essential upgrades that I really like.

 The K8 2.0 has been CE medically certified as a medical device which means that they can be covered on insurance for existing knee injuries.

 Pod say that the frame is so strong that they are offering a 5 YEAR! warranty on the frame. This means that if you manage to break the frame from riding then Pod will replace it for you free of charge.

 The 2.0 have knee protectors that are lower profile than the K8 so they are less obtrusive. Also the knee protectors can be removed if you want to use the braces for water sports where you don’t need patella protection.

 The human motion joints have been upgraded with synthetic ligaments that are built with a material which Pod claim are 5 times stronger than steel!

 The 2.0 also comes with dampening inserts so you can lock the knee braces at a lower angle if you don’t like the 0 degrees lock.

 Removable knee protector: YES

 Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


motocross knee braces. Pod MX K8

Pod MX K4

motocross knee braces. Pod K4

The POD K4 offers some of the functionality of the K8 Knee Brace and is an economical choice for riders that can’t afford the K8.

The POD K4 is flexible, lightweight, and conforms to the shape of your leg, offering an excellent fit while reducing knee rotation injuries.

The inside of the knee brace contains moisture-wicking padding and the HUMAN MOTION™ hinge setup, which contains a synthetic rubber ligament that conforms to the rider’s natural knee motion.

The hinges enable a full leg extension (0 degrees) or up to 25 degrees of bend at the knee for adjustability that operates in conjunction with the customizable fit and comfort padding inserts in the brace.


 High-end performance with a mid-level price.

 Lightweight – 620 grams/1.3 pounds per brace.

 Glass fiber reinforced polymer frame.

  Helps prevent hyper-extension, rotational, and impact related injuries.

 Flexibility built into cuffs absorb rotational energy.

 Full patella protection covers knee cap.

  HUMAN MOTION hinge uses synthetic rubber to mimic natural movement of knee joint.

 Fits wide range of leg sizes with adjustable elements for a custom fit.

 Soft, moisture-wicking interior padding.

 Multiple protection orientations for various sports like MX, snowboarding, surfing, etc.

 Removable knee protector: YES


motocross knee braces. Pod MX K8


#4 Asterisk

Asterisk motocross knee braces.Since introducing their first knee brace product back in 2001, Asterisk has been working with elite athletes and motocross riders to develop knee braces that offer maximum protection and support for dirt bike riders, wake boarders, skiers and other extreme sports enthusiasts.

Asterisk was originally formed by athletes and dirt bike riders that have a lot of experience with orthopedic devices and based their designs from the form, fit and function of custom fitted knee braces.

Asterisk have 4 premium knee braces available on the market.

Asterisk Ultra Cell

Customizable yet rigid, the Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Protection System relies on more than 10+ years of time-tested and proven knee brace designs.

The patented Adjustable Retention Control (A.R.C.) cuff is adjustable yet sturdy; straps are controlled by a convenient button release; the natural movement of the knee is maintained by a natural free-motion, rolling-gliding hinge; and a carbon fiber frame captures the shin and provides strong, but lightweight protection.

To prevent lower leg rotation, the brace uses a brace-to-boot tether attachment, and the full-coverage patella cup offers excellent knee coverage.


 Anatomically correct frame with carbon fiber epoxy matrix.

 Rigid & lightweight, impact distributing structure.

 Hinges track the natural “rolling-gliding” motion of the knee joint.

 Asymmetrical design allows each hinge to set properly.

 Adjustable Retention Control (A.R.C.) cuff provides rigid lateral support and anti-rotation controls.

 Thermo-Formed EV50 shock absorbent foam padding.

 Adjustable to suit each individual’s knee.

 Water-resistant and made with non-corrosive materials.

 Hand washable soft materials.

 Removable knee protector: YES

Sizes: S, M, L, XL


motocross knee braces. Asterisk ultra cell fitting guide.

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0

motocross knee braces. Asterisk Ultra cell 2.0

The Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 is the upgrade to the Ultra Cell but is essentially the same, except that the 2.0 has a more slimline inner padding design and a slightly different setup for fitting and adjustment.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL