The LitPro Motocross Tool that will Shave 2 Seconds off Your Lap Time (Guaranteed).

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What is LitPro?

LitPro is a high speed data collection and analysis tool for motocross riders that are serious about finding ways to go faster.

As you ride around a motocross track, the LitPro device will collect data on your riding habits at a speed of 20 times per second, and the LitPro MX phone app will analyse this data to find ways to improve your game.

LitPro  integrates HD-GPS and motion capture technologies to deliver an accurate and detailed analysis of your riding.

Metrics include speed, distance, lap times, jumps, flips, rotations, air time, g-forces, turn analytics, jump analytics, geographic position, body position and more.

litpro motocross

It also has a bunch of other cool features including the ability to track your vital body data so you can improve your personal endurance (with an optional heart rate Polar body strap).


What is the LitPro Guarantee?

The LitPro company that is based in Temecula California, guarantees that you will reduce your lap times by at least 2 seconds after 2 moto sessions or they will give you a full refund for their product… Nice!

litpro motocross

They will also replace your LitPro for a half price replacement if you broke it!

These 2 guarantees demonstrate that they have a shit load of confidence in their product, which is great to see in a motocross product.


How Does LitPro Work?

LitPro works by using GPS to find your exact position, speed, altitude, riding habits and other data when riding on a motocross track.

The LitPro GPS device attaches to your helmet using velcro and collects data as you ride at a speed of 20 times per second.

To start, you will need to create a LitPro account on the LitPro website and sync the LitPro device to your phone using their free MX app that you can download from the App store.

Once you have synced the device and the app together, you are good to ride!

After you have finished riding, you need to download all the data into the app using an internet connection which takes about 5-10 minutes and the app will do the rest.

The LitPro MX app will then crunch all your data and analyse ways to improve your riding game.


The LitPro GPS Technology.

LitPro doesn’t use standard GPS in their system because standard GPS can only track data once every second, which is way too slow for high speed sports.

A GPS system that collects data once every second means that you can only collect data once every 50 feet on a dirt bike!

50 feet could mean missing an entire piece of the track!

The LitPro system can collect data once every 2 feet!  Or 20 times per second!! That’s fast!

This means that it is collecting virtually every inch of the track and your riding habits ready for analysis. LitPro call it GPS HD.


How can LitPro make me Ride Faster?

LitPro analyzes your motocross riding patterns and finds ways for you to improve your riding technique when you ride. This is done in a few ways –

1 – Cornering – Motocross riders know that cornering means the difference between coming first and coming last.

LitPro will analyze your cornering patterns and will find the fastest route around all corners of a motocross track.

This means that you can then modify your cornering line to the recommended line which will shave time off your laps.

2 – Jumping – A lot of time can be wasted on jumps if you hit them the wrong way.

Hit them too hard and you will spend too much time in the air, losing speed.

LitPro will analyze each jump on the track and will find the fastest way over them, whether that is too scrub or to get more air time.

3 – Gate Drops – LitPro can even analyze your holeshot technique to make sure you aren’t wasting precious time on bad holeshot habits.

By the way, according to LitPro, the ideal holeshot take off speed is 15 feet in 0.93 seconds.

LitPro will calculate your holeshot technique and give you your holeshot speed.

4. Sharing Data  – If other riders at the track use LitPro, lap data can be shared so you can see how fast you are moving compared to other riders and where they are most efficient for you to emulate.

5. Body Analytics – LitPro can collect your body data such as heart rate and figure out your endurance levels so you can improve on them over time.

5. Theoretical Best –  The theoretical best feature threads together all of your best riding on the track without the mistakes and will calculate a theoretical optimal lap time if you did a perfect lap based on your best moments.

This feature means that you will have a lap time to aim for based on your current riding skills.. very cool!


LitPro Review.

Reviewing the LitPro is pretty easy.

  • It is really easy to use.
  • It is the industry standard for motocross analytics tracking.
  • The most successful motocross riding champs in the world use it.
  • The have a solid guarantee to make sure you are 100% happy.
  • The data is unmatched in the market.
  • The customer service is excellent.

Overall, it’s an amazing system that I can’t really falter.

I’ve used my LitPro now for a year and although I’m not a hardcore motocross racer, it definitely has improved my riding game.

I have only made a few suggested changes to only 2 corners at my local track and I consistently post faster times just from changing my technique on 2 corners! 

My only gripe is that the data syncing after a ride can take up to 10 mins to download, depending on your internet speed at the track. But considering that there is a ton of data that is being downloaded, it makes sense.


LitPro Price.

The price of the LitPro is $500USD which includes shipping to anywhere in the USA. International shipping will cost $50USD extra.

There is also a $15 subscription fee to keep your LitPro account active.

The apps are completely free.


Should I Buy LitPro just for the Heart Rate Monitor?

No, the LitPro heart rate monitor is only about 10% of what the LitPro can do.

If you only buy it for this, you are wasting your cash.

 If you only want a heart rate monitor without the track data analytics, I would recommend the Polar 0H1 heart rate monitor band.


Is there a LitPro Alternative that is Cheaper?

Yes. There are 2 apps that are cheaper and do a good job (but not as good as LitPro). These are MXBuddy and CrossBox. 

 To learn more about MXBuddy and CrossBox, click here.

Keep in mind though that MXBuddy doesn’t use the high speed GPS like LitPro does and the data won’t be as good.

There are LitPro alternatives in the car racing market as well but these cannot account for things that are unique to motocross racing such as jumping. And they are not any cheaper.

When you think of the benefits that LitPro can give you, $500 seems cheap, especially if you are a pro racer.


Is the LitPro Android Compatible?

No. As of March 2019, the LitPro is only available for the IPhone and IPad.

I am confident that this will change in the future though as the company is extremely proactive with updates and making their product even better.


Litpro MX App Review.

The LitPro MX app is a beautiful app to use  It’s almost like using a video game.

It is easy to navigate, the data is really easy to read and understand and  it’s always fun to use.

Check out these screenshots –

litpro motocross

litpro motoccross

Apart from the main LitPro MX App, LitPro also have a few more apps you can take advantage of.


LitPro & Apple Watch

Want to integrate your Apple watch with LitPro? No problem. The LitPro Live Timing app will sync your riding data to your Apple Watch without having to carry your IPhone.


LitPro Live Timing App.

The LitPro live Timing app is a live feed service of your activity on the track.

It maintains a live connection feed with the cloud and so trainers/coaches and other riders can view your progress on the track as the action happens instead of downloading the data at the end of the riding day.

Not only that but LitPro Live Timing will actually talk to you via earbuds while you ride!

It will tell you lap times, heart rate, when you have gone faster through a certain part of the track and other really cool features.

To use LitPro live Timing you will need to carry your IPhone with you via an armband or handlebar crossbar strap that LitPro supplies as an optional extra.


LitPro Video App.

LitPro video can sync the riding data with videos that you can take with a video camera such as a GoPro or a drone while you are riding.

This means that the video footage that you take can be overlaid with your riding performance metrics from the LitPro MX app.

Check out LitPro Video in action –


LitPro Trainer App.

The LitPro Trainer app is a super accurate timing system for motocross crews to track their teams as they race around the track. You would only need LitPro Trainer if you were a coach or ran your own motocross team.


LitPro Accessories.

There are a few accessories that you can buy with the LitPro.

LitPro Heart Rate Monitor

Firstly I recommend buying the Polar heart rate monitor chest strap. You will need this if you want to collect your vital body stats data into the LitPro MX app.

litpro motocrossLitPro Live Kit

The LitPro Live Timing kit will allow you to carry your mobile phone with you when you ride, It includes an handlebar crossbar mounting strap, a bluetooth receiver and a set of JVC earplugs so the Live Timing app can report your riding progress.

litpro motocross

LitPro Charger

If you lose or break the charger cable that came with the LitPro unit, you can always order a replacement.litpro motocross - charger cable

Velcro Strips

When you buy the LitPro, it already comes with 4 velcro strips so you can attach the LitPro black box onto your helmet.

If you need more though, LitPro sell the velcro in packs of 6.

litpro motocross. velcro

Can LitPro Work in the Rain?

No, I wouldn’t recommend it. The LitPro black box is not waterproof and excessive water will destroy it.


LitPro Professional Services

Need help with understanding all the data you are getting from your LitPro service?

LitPro also have professionals that will analyze your data to help you to find ways to improve your riding game.

They have 3 services for the professional motocross rider that want to take their riding to the next level –

1. LitPro Data Review ($75). This service will give you access to one of LitPro’s data analysts who will go through your riding data (2 days worth required) and will help you interpret your data and find all the opportunities to improve your riding skills.

2. LitPro Data Review + Riding Plan Bundle ($400). This bundle will give you 6 weekly data reviews with a LitPro professional. Not only that but they will also put together a riding plan for you that will suit your riding needs and goals to progress your skills.

3. 1 Day Event ($1000+travel costs)This service would suit a motocross team for up to 6 riders per LitPro staff member. This is a complete 1 day service at your desired motocross track which includes the complete LitPro suite of equipment and analysis of your riding team for an entire day.


LitPro Instructions

A few people have asked me for the instructions so I have included them below.

If the text is too small, just right click and ‘save as’. This will give you a larger image.

litpro motocross - instructions

litpro instructions motocross


Getting Started with LitPro

If you are interested in taking LitPro to the next step I would recommend that you contact the LitPro team and have a chat to them about your needs. Make sure you ask as many questions as they can help you to take it to the next level.

Also check out their YouTube profile. There are a few tutorial videos that answer a lot of questions.

LitPro are available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and by phone: (951) 760-0917



As you can see, LitPro is more than a made up of a complete suite of services that are designed to make you a faster rider.

In my opinion. if you are riding motocross competitive and you aren’t using LitPro, you are automatically at a disadvantage against your competitors that use the LitPro service.

Do you use LitPro, let me know your favorite part of the LitPro service and how it has helped you go faster.

Happy riding!

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