Oakley MX Goggle Lens Guide for Dirt Bike Riders.

oakley motocross goggle lens color guide.

Out of all lens manufacturing companies, Oakley spend the most money on research and development in their never ending mission to create the most advanced lenses in the world.

Their latest technology is PRIZM tech and it’s a game changer.

What is Oakley PRIZM MX Technology?

Oakley PRIZM is the very clever process of injecting special dyes into the lens to filter out specific beams of light so only the good light beams remain.

Where other lens makers reduce all light like the light dimming control in your bedroom, Oakley have gone one step further by modifying what you can see through the lens to filter out only the bad light and ‘noise’ that you don’t need.

It’s kind of like how a sound engineer tunes music perfectly. Instead of just turning down the volume knob to reduce the noise, they have instead tuned out certain sounds that are useless and only kept the good ones.

Not only that, but PRIZM dyes also enhances the good light which means that contrast is enhanced, objects are far more detailed and depth of perception is dramatically increased.

Oakley MX Goggle Lens Guide.

Oakley Clear Lens
90% VLT*

100% UVA/UVB/UVC & blue light protection

oakley motocross goggle lens color guide Oakley Clear motocross lenses are for evening use or very low light, no glare, overcast days only.

Oakley PRIZM Bronze Lens
40% VLT
100% UVA/UVB/UVC & blue light protection

 Oakley Bronze motocross lenses are for dawn, dusk and cloudy low light conditions and shade. They are designed to provide as much light, depth of perception and clarity as possible in darker conditions.

Oakley PRIZM Torch Iridium Lens
40% VLT
100% UVA/UVB/UVC & blue light protection Oakley Torch Iridium motocross lenses are for overcast to partially sunny days where the light is moderate and glare is low to medium. They are my go to goggles for trails with plenty of shade as they bring out the detail in shade amazingly well. The Iridium gets rid of the glare when I’m riding in the open.

Oakley PRIZM Jade Iridium Lens
34% VLT
100% UVA/UVB/UVC & blue light protection   Oakley Jade motocross lenses are for partly cloudy to sunny days with  low to medium glare. Avoid using the Jade lenses on darker, shady trails as they are a bit too dark for that. They are way better suited to un-shaded, bright areas like motocross tracks.

Oakley PRIZM Sapphire Iridium Lens
33% VLT
100% UVA/UVB/UVC & blue light protection   Oakley Sapphire Iridium motocross lenses are for sunny days with medium to high glare. The Sapphire handle the glare really well and provide a natural looking terrain and strong depth of perception. They are too dark for shaded areas and overcast days.

Oakley PRIZM Black Iridium Lens
24% VLT
100% UVA/UVB/UVC & blue light protection   Oakley Black Iridium motocross lenses are the darkest in the Oakley MX range and appear bronze from the outside. The view from them however is realistic with plenty of contrast and depth of perception. I use these for super bright and high glare days. I also use them for sand riding days where the glare is extreme. 

What are Oakley PRIZM MX Lenses Made out of?

Normally, Lexan is used for motocross goggle lenses but Oakley have taken it one step further with their Plutonite lens technology.

Plutonite is a secret polycabonate formula that is like Lexan but on steroids.

Lexan is a plastic that is designed to be scratch resistant, fog resistant, flexible and be very strong against impact.

Plutonite lenses have all these qualities but they have also been enhanced by the scientists at Oakley to increase your field of vision, provide deeper depth of perception and reduce distortion to zero.

They are also the only few lenses that filter out all 3 UV rays – UVA, UVB and UVC as well as harmful blue light.

What is Oakley Iridium Technology?

Iridium is a metal oxide coating that Oakley place on some of their lenses to give them a mirror like look. Iridium lenses are great for deflecting glare.


Oakley are the best in my opinion and I use them the most.

Don’t just buy 1 lens! Make sure you buy a few lenses so you can find the lens tint that is right for your type of riding.

I have every lens in the Oakley range and I find that I use them all.

What is your favorite lens tint? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.

Happy riding!


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* VLT means ‘visible (or visual) light transmission’ and is a measurement of how much light is allowed through the goggle lens. if a lens is 90% VLT, this means that 90% of all light is allowed through the lens and into your eyes. Use VLT% to buy the correct tint of lenses for your needs.

** Depth of Perception. This is how well you can judge the distance between objects around you. Some lenses can make the environment look like it is all smudged together (like looking at a photo or through binoculars). A good set of lenses will be able to give you an accurate view of the distance between all objects just like you were not wearing any goggles at all.

*** Contrast. Contrast is how well you can tell the difference between objects of different colors. You want contrast to be as high  as possible to provide the most accurate view.

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