The Best Orange and Black Dirt Bike Helmets and Goggles for 2019 [O’Neal, Fox, Bell, 100%, Oakley]

orange and black dirt bike helmets and gear 2019


Budget Pick – O’Neal Racing Spyde Motocross Helmet $90
Mid-Range Pick  – Fox Racing V1 Przm Motocross Helmet $170
Premium Pick – Bell Moto-9 MIPS Helmet $400
Budget Pick – Fox Main Racing Goggle $25
Best Value Pick – 100% Armega Motocross Goggles $100
Premium Pick – Oakley Airbrake Motocross Goggles $180


Whether you just love orange and black when riding your dirt bike or you like to rep the KTM colors, I have the quality orange and black dirt bike helmets and gear for you!

My picks aren’t just about the color though. I always go for safety as highest priority followed by comfort.

I never mess around with the junk so whatever you see on my site will always be the highest quality brands, followed by the best comfort, followed by the best value for money.

I have provided 3 options for helmets, goggles and riding gear and have listed them from cheapest to most expensive.

Orange and Black Dirt Bike Helmets

O’Neal Racing 2 Series Spyde Motocross Helmet $90

I really like O’Neal for their wild shapes and designs and top quality safety standards. They are also great for riders that are on a budget, coming in at about 90 bucks!

orange and black dirt bike helmets. O'Neal 2SERIES Helmet SPYDE

The O’Neal Spyde Series 3 helmet has a really cool look and has plenty of air vents around the helmet to circulate the air around the helmet to keep your head cool.

It also has nice plush internal lining that are removable for easy washing and also comes standard with a rubber nose guard to protect your nose from roost.

The visor is fully adjustable and all O’Neal helmets meet and exceed DOT standards.

Sizing chart

For proper fit and size measure the circumference of your head 1″ above your eyebrows and around the largest portion of the back of your head.

RANGE (inches)    SIZE
20.5″ – 21.12″   X-Small
21.25″ – 22.12″   Small
22.37″ – 23.12″   Medium
23.25″ – 23.75″   Large
23.87″ – 24.75″   X-Large
24.87″ – 25.12″   XX-Large

Fox Racing V1 Przm Motocross Helmet $170

Fox Racing is well known for their uniquely shaped stealthy looks and the V1 doesn’t and black dirt bike gear. Fox V1 Przm motocross helmet

The Fox V1 PRZM has a new feature that is exclusive to Fox for 2019 and that is their Magnetic visor release system (MVRS).

Fox’s research discovered that the visor can dig into the dirt during a crash which can be detrimental to your neck.

So this means that the visor will snap off its magnetic holds during a crash which can save further injury to your head and neck. Cool!

Aside from that, the Fox V1 has machine washable, removable inner linings and they are nice and plush for maximum comfort.

With the Fox V1, although the image looks like the orange is in matte, the helmet is actually full gloss.

Fox V1 Sizing Chart

For proper fit and size measure the circumference of your head 1″ above your eyebrows and around the largest portion of the back of your head.

fox helmet sizing chart

The Premium Option – Bell Moto-9 MIPS Helmet $400

The Bell Moto-9 is my premium motocross helmet option pick that is packed with cool safety features and comes in orange and black (and some dark grey)!

orange and black dirt bike helmets. Bell Moto-9 MIPS

The Bell Moto-9 motocross helmet is built on the latest head protection technology called MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)

Basically MIPS is a system that rotates inside the helmet during a crash. The rotating movement absorbs more impact into the MIPS system which means less impact going into your head.

Also, the Mot0-9 features a magnetic cheek pad removal system that will allow a person to remove the helmet during a crash without putting pressure on your head. Another great safety feature!

Apart from its safety features, the Moto-9 internal linings and paddings are super plush and makes the helmet super comfortable to wear which is typical of Bell helmets.

Another great feature of Bell helmets is that they also come with a 5 year warranty against manufacture fault which is awesome and a huge vote of confidence for the quality of Bell helmets.

Bell Helmets always exceed all safety standards out there (DOT ECE)

Highly recommended!

Fox V1 Sizing Chart

For proper fit and size measure the circumference of your head 1″ above your eyebrows and around the largest portion of the back of your head.

RANGE (inches)    SIZE
21 1/4″ – 21 5/8   X-Small
21 5/8″ – 22″   Small
22 1/2″ – 22 3/4″   Medium
22 3/4″ – 23 1/4″   Large
23 5/8″ – 24″   X-Large
24 1/2″ – 24 3/4″   XX-Large

Orange and Black Motocross Goggles.

The Budget Option – Fox Main Racing Goggle $25

Fox is a leading brand of motocross gear and the Fox main racing goggle is a steal for only 25 bucks!

orange and black dirt bike gear. fox racing main goggle

The Fox racing Main goggle has a really large view port and triple layer of face foam for good comfort levels and sweat wicking qualities.

Also, they come in tinted lens that offers 100% UV protection.

The lens also has tear off posts so you can add tear offs for muddy riding days.

These are the entry level goggles from Fox but are excellent value (and they come in orange and black!).

100% Armega Motocross Goggles $100

The 100% Armega goggles are the latest 2019 flagship  release from 100% and they are awesome value for only about 100 bucks.

orange black dirt bike gear. 100% Armega Goggle

This is the 100% Armega LitKit model that is in orange and comes standard with a clear lens.

The 100% Armega goggles feature their latest lens technology (HiPer) which is on par with Oakley PRIZM technology and filters out bad light, creating HD vision!

They also feature outriggers, a nice and wide view port, triple layer of face foam and their newest addition which is their quick release lens system.

Their main drawcard however is their sweat channeling system that channels sweat out from your face via channels that are cut into the frames. The channels direct sweat through the channels and out the sides of the goggles.

This means no more seat in your goggles and no fogging!

They also have a nice and wide 45mm strap and also come standard with a nose guard to protect your nose from roost

To stay in the orange theme, 100% Armega has a HiPer red mirror lens that has an orange tinge to it.

HiPer red lens. 100% Armega Replacement Lens

 If you want to learn more about 100% Armega goggles, read my 100% motocross goggles review here.

The Premium Option – Oakley Airbrake Motocross Goggles $180

Oakley Airbrakes are by far the best motocross goggles out there and are my premium option pick.

orange and black dirt bike gear. oakley airbrake

The above model is the Oakley Airbrake Goggle Equalizer Red Orange Frame with the PRIZM Bronze Lens.

The Oakley airbrake are my favorite for a lot of reasons.

They are super comfortable and have a very large view port. They also have the best HD, vision corrected lenses that are 100% UV protected.

They also have a large range of lenses and you can also use tear offs if you need them for muddy riding.

They also come standard with outriggers to keep a perfect seal on your face and their quick release lens system is the best in the business.

If you are looking for the best goggles in the world in orange and black, you have just found them!


If you are an orange and black dirt bike gear fan, let me know why you prefer orange and black and what your favorite brand of gear is. Also if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.


Happy riding!

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