The Best Motocross Boots For Riders with Wide Feet. [Gaerne, Alpinestars, O’Neal]

wide motocross boots wide feet


#1 Alpinestars Tech 10 Motocross Boots – $519
#2  Gaerne SG12 Motocross Boots – $500
#3 Gaerne SG10 Motocross Boots – $400
#4 Budget Pick – O’Neal Racing Rider Motocross Boots – $100


There’s one thing that is just so important when going on longer rides and that is COMFORT!

The pain of uncomfortable boots is crippling and takes all the fun out of riding dirt bikes and can even damage your feet if you do it for long enough.

For mx riders with wider feet and calves, you all know exactly what I’m talking about.

So I have put together a list of wide motocross boots that I know of (from premium to budget) that will suit riders with wide feet and calves.

#1 Alpinestars Tech 10 Motocross Boots – $519

If you have wide feet and always buy the most premium motocross gear out there, the Alpinestars Tech 10 motocross are made for you.wide motocross boots. Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

Alpinestars have really listened to customer feedback and have produced the best boot they have ever made in my opinion, and this opinion shared by many pro and recreational riders out there.

Firstly, the toe box and ankle area is nice and wide and so the Tech 10’s will definitely suit riders with wide feet.

The first thing I noticed about the Tech 10 boots is that they were super comfortable straight out of the box and had a surprising amount of flexibility which is rare for a pair of brand new premium motocross boots.

More flexibility needs less time to break in which is also a big bonus.

The reason for such great flexibility is that there are plenty of flex systems around the boot that make it very flexible for such a well built, rigid boot.

Also, the Tech 10 comes in at 1 pound lighter!! than previous models which is a noticeable improvement. The lighter the better!

The inner booty is completely redesigned  to be more of an ankle brace system that has plastic torsion bars designed into it  that offers extra support for the ankle.

The inner booty system also provides a really snug fit as well and stops heel float (which I really hate).

The buckles are awesome! They still work when they are covered in mud which I really appreciate and they don’t seize up after they have been in mud and water.

The Tech 10 also has been re-designed with a cool pivoting system that stops bulging on the side of the boot when in the attack position and adds to the boots’ excellent flexibility.

Also, the Tech 10 motocross boots have been built on a heel compression system to absorb big impacts (DHCP). Bruised heels hurt like hell so this system promises to reduce this injury by absorbing the impact a lot better. Cool!

Once the DHCP absorbing system has been crushed, Alpinestars will replace it for you as well.

Overall, an amazing pair of premium motocross boots that are the best that Alpinestars have ever made to date.

#2  Gaerne SG12 Motocross Boots – $500

The Gaerne SG12’s are great for riders with wide feet and have an adjustable shin plate for riders with big calves.

wide motocross boots - Gearne SG12

So why are they perfect for riders with wide feet and calves?

For a couple of reasons.

Firstly, they are built with a wider toe box and footprint which means no more having your toes crushed while you ride and zero pinch points for riders with wider feet.

Secondly, The Gaerne SG12 is made with an adjustable shin plate to fit riders with smaller or larger calves.

The way to adjust the shin plate is by removing 3 screws and re positioning it on the boot to make it wider for riders with big calves.  This is a first for any motocross boot that I know of and is perfect for larger calves. Nice!

The other feature that made me buy a set is their glide plate system.

The glade plate system is the pivot that allows the boot to move forward when you are in the forward attack position.

Most boots rely on a single pivot point but the Gaerne SG12 boots pivot and glide back and forward as well, meaning that you have a much greater range of motion for your ankles. This is another first for motocross boots that I’m aware of and it works great!

In terms of quality, these motocross boots are hand made in Italy and are the best in the world for quality and durability, hands down.

 One thing about the SG12’s is that they are super stiff straight out of the box.  This means that you will need to take them out on a a bunch of rides to wear them in. Once you do though, you will really feel the comfort.

 I have done a review for Gaerne SG12 motocross boots here if you want to learn more.

#3 Gaerne SG10 Motocross Boots – $400

The Gaerne SG10 is the younger brother to the SG12’s and are great mx boots for wide feet. They also come in at $100 cheaper than the SG12’s.

wide motocross boots. Gearne SG10

The Gaerne SG10’s are another amazing motocross boot and are also built with a wider toe box and ankle area to suit wide feet. 

The 2 differences between these and the SG10’s are that these do not have an adjustable shin plate and the do not have the pivot glide plate.

They still have a good pivot system though and offer a good range of motion when in the attack position.

Aside from that, the Gaerne SG10 have the soft memory foam through the foot of the boot which is nice and plush when you put your foot into them and they are still made with the best quality materials and are as tough as hell.

What I also like about Gaerne is their excellent buckle system that still work well even when they are covered in mud and dirt and they don’t seize up like other boot buckles can.

The SG10s are also stiff as hell out of the box so make sure you give them a good ride in to get the full benefit out of them.

#4 Budget Pick – O’Neal Racing Rider Motocross Boots – $100

These boots come in at only about 100 bucks and are great value for riders with wider feet and calves.

Wide motocross boots. O'Neal Racing Rider Boots

What I first noticed about these motocross boots was that they had a larger calf opening than other O’Neal boots which is great for riders with big calves, but they also adjust down for standard sized calves as well.

Then when I put them on I noticed that the toe box and the ankle area were quite roomy and would definitely suit riders with wide feet.

Aside from that, the O’Neal Rider motocross boots comes with plenty of impact protection around the boot which is great to see for an entry level motocross boot.

Also, the sole is stitched on rather than just glued on which is rare for an entry level boot which I found to be impressive.

They also come with a steel capped toe to stop the sole peeling from the boot from constant impact.

And also, the boot is made on a steel shank design for rigidity. These features are usually only reserved for mid range to premium boots!

 These boots are really stiff out of the box so make sure you give them a good thrashing on your dirt bike to break them in to feel their full comfort.

For only a hundred bucks, these are amazing value if you have wider feet and calves and are on a budget.


If you have wide feet, let me know which motocross boots suit you the best. And if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.


Happy riding!


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1 year ago

Tech 10 toe box comments contradict each other:
“Firstly, the toe box and ankle area is nice and wide and so the Tech 10’s will definitely suit riders with wide feet.”
“The toe box is also nice and narrow which makes gear shifting so much easier.”

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