How to Ride a Dirt Bike Through Water and Make it to the Other Side.

If you ride your dirt bike in different places regularly, sooner or later you are going to have to ride your dirt bike through water.

You will need to stand toe to toe with a deep and scary waterhole that will be grinning up at you, knowing that it has crushed the souls of many a dirt biker rider to come before you.


Unfortunately, there is no way around it and your only option is to dive straight in and get really muddy.

These big water holes are no fun and they can really rain on your parade.

Most likely, you are going to end up coming off the bike with boots full of water.

You will be standing waist deep in the hole, revving the shit out of your bike and desperately trying to drag your bike through it while your riding mates watch on helplessly…


But don’t despair! I have come up with 7 tips that will help to minimize the carnage and get you to the other side as quickly as possible.

Even if these tips make things better by just a bit then they are worth doing.


#1 Keep your mobile phone dry.

#2 Keep a constant throttle and don’t let up.

#3 Keep your weight to the back of the bike.

#4 Use your legs for balance and traction, using anything around you for grip and stability.

#5 This isn’t a fashion show. It’s ok to be awkward and messy.

#6 Walk it through if you have to.

#7 Get assistance from other riders whenever you can.

 Before doing anything, check the depth. If the water is deeper than your air box, you will flood the engine and your bike will be stranded. Don’t enter into any water hole where it’s too deep, just turn around and try again another day when the water has receded a bit.

#1 Keep your Mobile Phone Dry.

If your phone is in your pocket put it in your backpack or in a safe space on your torso so it doesn’t get destroyed from water.

I always try to put my phone in a tough phone case when I go riding to protect it from water, dust and from getting smashed.

#1 Stop the Bike and Look for the Best Line.

The best way through water hole is to find the best line that minimizes the risk of stalling.

 To do this, take a look at the lines of other riders, there will usually be a rut used by most riders. That will most likely be your best route.

#2 Keep a Constant Throttle.

Once you’ve committed yourself and the bike, it’s time to stay on the gas.

Don’t absolutely pin the throttle but don’t putt along either.

You want a good mid-range rev in 1st or second gear and keep it revving the whole way through.


As soon as you let off the gas, you will have lost your momentum and you will be stuck.

#3 Keep Your Weight to the Back of the Bike.

The only real traction you will have is on your back wheel so make sure the back tire is dug into the mud as deep as possible.

 To do this keep your weight shifted to the back of the bike.

#4 Use your Legs for Balance and Traction.

Balance and traction is really tough when riding through muddy water holes because the bike just wants to go all over the place.

Your best bet is to use your boots to find traction on anything you can to stay upright and moving forward.


Use fallen trees, the ground, rock, debris, anything you can to stay balanced and get the job done.

 #5 This isn’t a Fashion Show.

I know you want to look cool when you ride your dirt bike but all that will go out the window when riding through a large water hole.

Try to keep your focus inward on yourself and your bike and block out everything else around you.

It’s going to get messy and awkward so just do what you can and forget about the audience.

#6 Walk it if you Have to.

When all else fails, jump off and walk it to the finish line.

You will need to do this anyway if the exit ruts are deeper than the pegs, which is often the case.

When you are walking it, keep the gas on and also keep your fingers on the clutch to fan it when it starts bogging down.

This is where it really pays to have good grip on the soles your boots.

#7 Get Help.

If you are riding with your friends, try to work together to get everyone through.

Sometimes having another rider to hold the bike steady or guiding you through it makes the difference between success and failure.


Also, in this sport, it’s only a matter of time before you will need some help so make sure you are returning the favor.



There is no easy way through nasty water holes so follow my tips and you will hopefully minimize the carnage.

And thankyou to the crazy guys and girls at @trailkabutsalju trail tours indonesia for the quality entertainment!

Happy riding!

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