Baja Dirt Bike Tours by Malcolm Smith Adventures.

baja dirt bike tour. malcolm smith adventures

Looking for the gold standard of Baja dirt dike tours?

Established in 1995, Malcolm Smith Adventures grew out of an idea that Malcolm Smith had traveling back from a family vacation in Baja California in Mexico.

Malcolm’s brilliant idea was to organize a Baja dirt bike tour to showcase the amazing beauty of Baja California to his friends.

baja dirt bike tour

A few months later, 30 riders accepted the challenge to participate in Malcolm’s the first Baja dirt bike tour.

The Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation.

The Smith family established a nonprofit foundation – the Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation — to give back to Baja.

Foundation projects include infrastructure improvements such as water and electricity system upgrades.

The foundation also supports scholarship funding for university and medical students from El Oasis Orphanage in the desert of Baja California.

In 2002, Malcolm’s son, Alexander, participated in his first Baja ride and got hooked on dirt bike adventures just like his father.

In 2011, Alexander took on the responsibilities of organizing the Baja rides and in 2014, became responsible for the operations of Malcolm Smith Adventures.

Regarding the company and its mission, Alexander says, “My goal is to make the client experience as authentic and real as possible.  I promise to always take you off the beaten path and show you parts of Baja that few ever get to see.”

baja dirt bike tour

Who is Malcolm Smith?

Born in 1941, Malcolm Smith has traveled Baja ever since his youth with his adventurous parents.

In 1954, as a teen, Malcolm bought a 1953 Lambretta scooter with his mom’s help.

In 1956, he bought his first real dirt bike and entered his first race in Moreno Valley, CA.

Malcolm Smith has raced often in Baja, winning the first ever Baja 1000 in 1972, then winning 10 more titles there.

Today, although Malcolm has retired from his motorsports ventures, he is still an avid motorcyclist.

His son, Alexander, tends to the duties of Malcolm Smith Adventures these days.

baja dirt bike tour

Baja Dirt Bike Tours.

Malcolm Smith Adventures offers exciting opportunities to travel through Baja California by dirt bike, including his two famous Baja dirt bike tours – “The Baja Ride” and “No Wimps in Baja.”

The Baja Ride. 

Since 1995, The Baja Ride offers a variety of amenities including hotels, luggage and mechanic trailers, support on the trail, sweeping and highway trucks, a medic, and more.

Over 700 dirt bike riders have participated in the Baja Ride since its founding.

The Baja Ride starts in Ensenada, and ends in Cabo, Mexico, with 7 days of amazing riding and 1600 miles of the best routes in Baja California.

baja dirt bike tour

The entry fee includes hotels, some food for you and fuel for your bike, luggage transport, and accommodation at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo.

A support team will also be on hand to help you with any issues.

We offer rental bikes for a fee, but most riders choose to use their own bikes.

Group travel arrangements are available before and after this ride.

Women’s travel package is also available for women seeking to meet their significant other in Cabo.

No Wimps in Baja.

The “No Wimps in Baja” experience is created by Alexander Smith and is the tour company’s most adventurous and challenging ride.

Including only the bare bones essentials for a successful 5 days of riding, “No Wimps in Baja” is, indeed, not for the faint of heart.

A more spartan version of the Baja Ride, the “No Wimps in Baja” tour offers a two-day, one-night stage called the “Marathon Stage” in which riders are given a small bag of essential items and are separated from the chase trucks for what is sure to be an amazing night.

baja dirt bike tour

This ride is meant for level A riders and advanced B level riders.  650 miles of single tracks and technical two tracks, as well as excellent cross-country riding, is offered with minimal supervision and intervention.

“No Wimps in Baja” includes 5 days of riding in northern Baja California, hotel accommodations, private gas stops, transportation for luggage, GPS, meals, full support services, and an event t-shirt.

This tour does not offer a staff to assist riders as they navigate difficult sections of the course.

However, two support motorcyclists will be on hand at all times to help riders if needed.

Side by Side Adventures.

Couples, families, and friends seeking an exciting trip through scenic Baja California, Mexico, can participate in the Side by Side Baja Adventure.

The adventure takes groups through a scenic ride over several days in Baja.

We offer 1-2 or 4-seat side-by-side utility task vehicles (UTVs), with fuel for 150 miles with the option to carry extra fuel (some vehicles are additionally powered by an energy-efficient fuel cell).

baja dirt bike tour

We offer you everything you need for a safe and fun experience, including  a radio and headsets; new belts; fluids; rock guards; a spare tire and jack; lights; and a box of spare parts.

A GPS is required; two GPS units are recommended and can be provided if needed.

Sons of Danger.

The Sons of Danger are a secret invitation-only motorcycle fraternity comprised of thrill-seeking businessmen who abandon their corporate image in favor of motorcycling in their spare time.

These businessmen represented a change from the traditional stereotype of the “bad guy” motorcyclist.

The Sons of Danger inducted Malcolm Smith into their group in the 1970s.  Today, the Sons of Danger have over 100 active riders.

baja dirt bike tour

Each year, Malcolm Smith Adventures invites riders into the group.

To be considered, motorcyclists must be both successful businessmen and motorcycle enthusiasts; they must also possess the skills and perseverance to successfully complete at least 5 major dirt bike adventures.

Book your Baja dirt bike tour here!

Contact Malcolm Smith Adventures on the web  and discuss your requirements with the friendly staff.

Also, you can check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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