Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal? And 11 other Popular Dirt Bike Questions.

are dirt bikes street legal

I get a lot of questions and I’m happy to help anyone that asks. So I’ve decided to make this blog post about the top 12 questions that I get asked about dirt bikes.

People will mainly ask questions about how to get into dirt bike riding and questions about bikes or mechanical issues.

If you have questions outside of these, please feel free to comment in the comments box below and I’ll be happy to answer.

#1 Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

Some are, some aren’t. Here is a quick guide based on unmodified, factory standard dirt bikes.

Mini bikes No
Motocross No
Enduro No
Dual Sport Yes
Adventure Yes
Supermoto Yes
Trials No

I have seen some modified motocross and enduro bikes that have been made road compliant but I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

Motocross and enduro dirt bikes rev harder and they wear out a lot faster than say, a dual sport for road use. This will only cost you way more money to keep it going.

Also. a street legal bike contains EPA pollution and noise regulation plates that is compliant for road use. A motocross bike doesn’t meet these standards.

It’s best just to buy a bike to suit the purpose that you need it for.


#2 Are Dirt Bikes Dangerous?

Yes they can be but the rider can control how much risk they are prepared to take on.

 This is a huge subject so I’ve written an entire article about the dangers of dirt bikes here.


#3 What Type of Dirt Bike Should I Get?

This question depends on a whole bunch of factors.

I have answered this one in great detail in my other article about the type of dirt bike that you should be getting.

Also read up about the style of riding that would suit you the most.


#4 What is the Best Type of Dirt Bike Gear to Get?

The best type of gear comes down to the highest quality.

The no name crap will let you down when you need it the most so avoid the rubbish.

Only go for the big name brands that are properly tested and certified to protect you properly.


#5 What do I Think of Chinese Dirt Bikes?

Chinese made bikes are complete shit. They are really badly made and you should expect parts to fall off them after the first ride.

They are not built to withstand hard hits and they begin to rust quickly.

Chinese bikes also have near to no resale value and parts virtually don’t exist.

Don’t be tempted to buy a Chinese bike because they are cheap.

They are just downright dangerous rubbish and you will regret it.

If you do decide to buy one, the money you will need to spend to keep it going will end up being the same as buying a reputable bike to start with.

Prove me wrong China! I’ll be here waiting.


#6 Where are there Good Places to Ride?

There is an abundance of information online about the best places to ride in your area and state. Just do a quick search for your area and you will find what you need.

Alternatively you can read my places to ride sections on my blog.


#7 Which is Better, 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke?

This one has been a source of fiery debate since the dawn of time.

The way it works is the following

Just as 2 strokes have dominated the market for a while, manufacturers will release 4 strokes with better performance and riders will switch over.

Then the manufacturers will release an even better version of a 2 stroke and riders will switch back. And on and on it goes..

The answer in my opinion is that they are both awesome! And riders need to experience both to see what suits them the best.

Both engine types have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a 2 stroke is lighter and easier to maintain, while a 4 stroke delivers power more evenly and has more torque.

Now depending on how you look at it, these can either be advantages or disadvantages depending on the type of dirt bike rider you are.

So my solution? Buy both! You will love the reliability and torque from a 4 stroke!

You will also love the lightness and explosive power of a 2 stroke.

Different weapons for different jobs.

I believe that it is more important to be riding the right type of bike then it is to be worried about 2 or 4 stroke.

For example, riding an enduro on the road will burn out the engine must faster than owning a dual sport bike.

 Learn more about all the different types of dirt bikes here.


#8 Should I Buy a Used or New Bike?

This comes down to how much money you have to spend on a bike.

The best way by far is get yourself a brand new bike as this will save you a lot of money and time on maintenance.

If you can’t afford a new bike off the showroom floor then you will need to buy used.

If buying a used bike is your option, have a read of my article about tips to buying a used bike. Hopefully my article will save you from buying a dud.


#9 How do I get into Motocross?

Getting into motocross is really easy and your local motocross club is always looking for new members to support their club.

The first step is to buy a motocross bike and all the gear. Take a look at my article about the dirt bike gear you will need to get started.

The second step is to approach your local motocross club and join up. Have a read of my article about joining a motocross club.

The third step is to get trained up.

You can teach yourself of course, but joining a motocross training school will accelerate your skills and will get you up and riding in no time at all.


#10 Do I have to be a Certain Age to Ride in Motocross?

No, as long as you have supervision if you are under age then you are not too young or old to ride motocross or in any other style for that matter.

The junior circuit is really popular and these guys can start out at only 4 years old!

I got my ass kicked by a 63 year old guy once who was riding a vintage moto. It was really embarrassing and impressive at the same time ;D .

What does matter is your fitness levels. You need a decent level of fitness and cardio to ride dirt bikes because of the ongoing stresses on the body are huge.

 Have a read of my article about the type of fitness needed for dirt bike riding.


#11 Is Dirt Bike Riding Only for Men?

No way! Do a search for female riders and there will be heaps of examples of talented pro female dirt bike riders.

There are female riders in motocross, enduro, trials and road and they go just as hard as the men do.


#12 How do I Find People to Ride With?

Your best bet is to jump on the internet and search for the meetup groups and motocross clubs in your area.

There are a ton of interest groups on this site and dirt biking is really popular.

Meetup groups and motocross clubs are a great way to meet people and make really good friends.

Make sure you choose a group that suits your riding abilities. There is no point in joining an experienced group if you are a beginner and vice versa.



So these are my top 12 questions that I get asked on a regular basis.

Are there any questions you want to ask? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article please give me a like and share on social media.

Happy riding!


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