The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Racing Series.

The Lucas Oil Pro MX Racing Championship is the leading motocross championship in the USA.

Since the five decades since its inaugural race in 1972, the Lucas Oil Pro MX Championship remains the most challenging race to win in all of motor sports.

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Racing Series, managed by MX Sports Pro Racing, is a series of motocross competitions, sanctioned by American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Pro Racing, which occur in the late summer.

The series, which features 12 competitions that take place between the months of May and August, showcases the world’s fastest riders as well as the best motorcycles in the world.

The competitions take place on Saturdays at places across the United States, enabling racers to experience and participate in the full range of terrain that the nation has to offer.

What Type of Racing is Featured?

The Lucas Oil Pro MX Racing Series is the most prestigious motocross racing series internationally, delighting outdoor motocross enthusiasts.

Each summer, 12 weekends are dedicated to MX racing on the toughest tracks in the United States and the world.

lucas oil pro motocross

The professional riders compete on 12 Saturdays in May, June, July, and August, racing at the best motocross facilities in California, Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, New York, and Washington state.

The racing series features two categories of competition – the 250cc  and the 450cc category – at each of the 12 stops in the race series.

While the tracks at each competition are different, all races follow the same format.

Each MX race includes two 30-minute-plus-two-lap motos, or races, per class.

On each of the 12 stops of the championships, a pair of riders in each of the two divisions (the 450cc machine class and one in the 250cc bike division) will compete, resulting in 24 match-ups in each division.

The scores from each of the two races are combined to determine the overall winner.

These match-ups will ultimately will lead to the selection of the Lucas Oil MX Champions at the conclusion of the race series.

 In 2018, Lucas Oil MX will include 125cc 2-stroke racing.  To be eligible to race in this category, riders must be at least 16 years old, and possess an AMA skill classification of “B” or higher.

Where is it Held?

The Lucas Oil Pro MX Racing Series is held at venues around the United States, from the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest to the sandy New England coastline.

With such a geographically diverse set of races, each track has its own uniquely difficult challenges, testing the limits of riders’ skill and experience as they seek the coveted #1 spot in their quest to make MX history.

Who can Enter?

Pro MX riders who have applied for and obtained their AMA Pro Racing license are eligible to enter the Lucas Oil Pro MX Championships.

lucas oil pro motocross

Once a rider has their AMA Pro Racing license, they will receive an email message with information on how to access the online resources where they can register for the events and purchase event passes for crew and guests.

Those interested in competing must apply and submit the required application fees before the deadline.

ATV MX riders can register directly at events.

Where can I Buy Tickets?

The Lucas Oil MX Championships are a great opportunity to see the best MX athletes of the world in action on some of the best and most challenging tracks around.

lucas oil pro motocross

This event offers thousands of tickets to fans who spectate and cheer through every second in the high energy atmosphere.

The Lucas Oil MX Championships are a full day event, as races go from 8 am to 5 pm, with the main motos held at 1 pm.

Spectators are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, wear sunglasses, sunscreen and wear weather-appropriate clothing for a full day of exciting outdoor MX racing.

 Kids of all ages are welcome to spectate, but you may want to bring earplugs and shading and a lunch for your children.

Tickets can be purchased for each individual event on the Lucas Oil MX Championship website here.  Tickets are typically available a few months in advance.

Watch it on TV.

If you can’t make it to the event, you can watch the television coverage of the series.

 In 2019, NBC Sports will carry coverage of the 12-week championship on the NBC network stations as well as at

How can I learn more about the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Racing Series?

You can learn more about the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Racing Series by visiting their website.

All photos and videos courtesy of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Racing.

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