Yamaha TTR110 Review + 11 Performance Parts and Upgrades.

yamaha ttr 110 review

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Yamaha TTR110 Review
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TTR110 Brakes
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TTR110 Swingarm and Suspension Kit
Custom Accessories
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TTR110 Gas Cap
TTR110 Seat Cover
TTR110 Spoke Sleeves
TTR110 Valve Stem Caps


 This article is for the 2018 Yamaha TTR110 review but previous TTR models from the last 10 years are very similar in specs and performance. The parts I recommend will fit earlier models but always check with your dirt bike retailer first.


The Yamaha TTR110 is a great transition bike between the PW50 and a fully manual bike, where you need a clutch to shift (The TTR110 doesn’t have a clutch).

If your junior rider is on a PW50 and is quickly growing out of it, the TTR110 could be a perfect bike to ride before transitioning onto the fully manual 5 speed bikes.

Photo Courtesy of Pit Bike Daily

Yamaha TTR110 Review.

The TTR110 is a 110cc, dual valve, 4 stroke, air cooled engine that provides smooth delivery of power.

It is a 4 speed with no clutch which means that the rider can change gears without needing a clutch (which is super easy for kids).

These bikes are super reliable and they go virtually forever with minimal mechanical problems.

 Ask any owner of the TTR and they will tell you about its reliability and decent amounts of power.

What is really great about the Yamaha TTR110 is that it has an electric start as well as a kick start.

I think the electric start is great for kids because having to kick a motor to start all the time can get tiring and boring for kids who just want to get out there and have fun.

Photo courtesy of mx4allwypozyczalnia

The bike also has a key ignition which means you can lock the bike and take the key if your kids have been grounded off the bike for a while.

Or if you are at work and worried that they are riding around without your supervision then the key ignition is a useful feature.

The TTR110 has a 1 gallon fuel capacity so kids will have plenty of fuel for a decent day of riding.

The TTR110 is also really tough. They are made of solid steel and aluminium and are built just like their senior brothers to withstand harsh punishment.

Also, because the TTR110 is air cooled, the bike contains no radiator which means one less thing to maintain.


Yamaha TTR110 Seat Height.

The bike sits at 26.4 inches which is 1.4 inches taller than the PW 80. This means that a child of between 7 and 12 years old and about 4 foot 6 inches (140.2 cm) would be ideal for the TTR 110.

If the bike is too big for your child, I don’t recommend buying it as the ‘grow into it’ idea is just dangerous.

A bike has to be a perfect size for a child so they can put their feet on the ground for balance otherwise most likely, your kid will have an unnecessary crash.

Here is a great table that will give you an idea of where the TTR 110 sits in height in a list of small bikes.

yamaha ttr110 review


Yamaha TTR110 Top Speed.

A lot of people always ask me about top speed for the TTR110.

Yamaha advises a top speed of about 55MPH which is fast for this size of dirt bike.

Custom TTR 110 by Pit Bike Habits

The power from the TTR110 is excellent and its torquey engine means that the bike can handle steep hills and any type of obstacle that your junior rider wants to tackle.

The suspension is also quite stiff and will take a pounding which means that the rider will have plenty of clearance and the suspension will never bottom out.


Yamaha TTR110 Price.

For price, a new TTR 110 will cost around USD $2,300 or you can pick up a decent second hand one for about USD $1500.

If you are looking for a bike for your future champion rider that is reliable and fun and has plenty of add on cheap parts, you can’t go past the Yamaha TTR 110.

To make the bike even better though, I have put together a list of replacements and upgrades that will improve safety and performance, and minimize riding downtime.


Yamaha TTR110 Specifications.

Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Displacement 110 cc
Bore x Stroke 51.0 x 54.0 mm
Compression Ratio 9.3 : 1
Lubrication System Wet sump
Fuel Management VM16
Ignition DC – CDI
Starter System Electric/Kick
Fuel Tank Capacity 4 L
Oil Capacity 1 L
Transmission 4-speed
Length 1565 mm
Width 680 mm
Height 923 mm
Seat Height 670 mm
Wheelbase 1080 mm
Ground Clearance 180 mm
Dry Weight 68 kg
Wet Weight 72 kg with 4 litres of fuel
Suspension Front Telescopic fork
Suspension Rear Swingarm (monocross)
Brakes Front Drum
Brakes Rear Drum
Tyres Front 2.50-14-4PR
Tyres Rear 3.00-12-4PR


TTR110 Service Manual.

Download the TTR-110 service manual. in PDF format here.


Yamaha TTR110 Performance Parts.

#1 Carburetor Jetting.

The jets that come standard in the bike are really lean and so the bike can be troublesome to start in cold weather.

They also take a while to warm up. The jets also clog up really easy after a period of non-use of the bike over say about a month.

To fix this, either use a fuel stabilizer or change the jets to a larger size so they don’t gum up so easily.

 Take a look at the Tusk cold start jet kit. This kit contains different sized pilot and main jets. These jets will help start the bike easier and avoid any gumming issues from a lack of use.

ttr110 review


#2 TTR110 Exhaust.

If your junior rider is a more experienced rider and is looking for a bit more power out of their TTR110, then you should install a custom exhaust.

 I recommend the Pro Circuit T-4. The T-4 is significantly lighter than the stock exhaust, it sounds better and you will notice a marked improvement in the bikes power.

The Pro Circuit T 4 is probably the best modification you can make to the TTR 110 and for only 200 bucks, it’s a great deal.


#3 TTR110 Skid Plate.

If your child will be riding on trails where there are some obstacles to get over, I would recommend buying a skid plate.

There’s nothing worse than damaging the underside of your bike and leaking engine oil.

 I recommend the Yamaha GYTR aluminium glide plate.

yamaha ttr110


#4 TTR110 Air filter.

A custom air filter will help the TTR110 breathe a bit better which will help with performance.

 I recommend the Twin Air air filter. They are really well built and contain the double layer of filtering to catch the finest dust. I Use this filter on all my bikes and they are the best in my opinion.

yamaha ttr110 review


#5 TTR 110 Headlight Kit.

Okay, so headlights are not entirely necessary but are still super cool to have and the kids will love it, especially for riding in the evening.

Thumper Jockey sells an enduro headlight kit for the TTR 110 where the wiring can be connected straight to the battery, so its super easy to install.

There are 2 waterproof LED headlights that are fitted to either side of the handlebars and they provide a strong light for riding at night that is many times stronger than a standard factory headlight.

They also come  with an on/off switch that is also fitted to the handlebars. A really cool addition to the KLX 110 that kids will get a kick out of.

Here’s a an install video.


#6 TTR110 Gear Shift Lever.

The shift lever that comes stock on the TTR110 doesn’t contain a spring that folds back under impact.

This means that the lever can bend or snap off if the bike is dropped on its side.

 Take a look at the Tusk folding shift lever that contains a folding tip that will fold out of the way if the bike is dropped. It also looks great and gives the bike that custom look.

yamaha ttr110 review


#7 TTR110 Brake Lever.

The front brake lever also can snap really easily when the bike is dropped on its side. buy a couple of Tusk brake levers and keep some in the tool box when your kids are out riding as these tend to snap easily.


#8 TTR110 Tires.

Especially for kids, it’s really important to make sure the tires are good if you are buying a used bike.

This will maximize safety for kids that are just learning how to ride so they have maximum traction at all times.

 If you are unsure which type of tires to get, have a chat with your favorite dirt bike parts dealer and they will be able to line you up with the right tires for the Yamaha TTR110.


#9 TTR110  Brakes.

The Yamaha TTR110 comes with drum brakes so you will need to take the wheel off to inspect the brake shoes on second hand bikes.

 If the shoes are worn, order some Tusk carbon brake shoes as they are great value and your kids will have decent brakes for years to come.


#10 TTR110 Sprockets and Chain.

Used bikes tend to have worn sprockets. If the sprockets are worn too much, the chain can skip under revving or the chain can also skip off the sprockets altogether.

If you need to change your sprockets, also change the chain as they operate as one unit and an old chain will no longer fit new sprockets correctly.

The sprocket sizes for the TTR 110 are 14 teeth on the front sprocket and 35 teeth on the rear sprocket.

 A complete change of front and rear sprockets and a new chain should cost no more than $50.

The front sprocket takes the most beating as that is where the total pressure from the engine is placed.

 Take a look at the Talon front sprocket. It is made from hardened chromoly steel and it is harder than the factory sprocket and will last longer.

The Talon also looks great and gives the bike that custom look.

Click here for a Yamaha TTR 110 Chain.

Click here for a Yamaha TTR 110 Rear Sprocket


#11 TTR110 Swingarm and Suspension Kit.

From time to time, the swingarm on the TTR110 can bend from crashing. This is normal as its made out of aluminium.

There aren’t any custom TTR110 swingarms that I know of on the market so if you need a new one you will need to buy OEM. Same for the suspension.

The OEM swingarm/suspension parts for the TTR110 look like this –

ttr110 swingarm kit

 The TTR110 swingarm/suspension parts can be bought here in their separate pieces or as a whole kit as per above.

 Make sure you have a chat to the retailer to make sure you get the right parts for the correct year.


#12 TTR110 Custom Accessories.

Okay, these aren’t performance upgrades but the bike itself can look a bit boring factory standard.

 Firstly, get yourself a TTR110 sticker kit. There are some really great sticker kits out there and the bike looks amazing with a fresh sticker kit on it.

Photo courtesy of sdgraficosmx

 There are a heck of a lot of sticker kits for the Yamaha TTR110 available on the market. So many in fact that I had to build a page dedicated to TTR110 sticker kits.


 Get a Tusk Billet aluminium gas cap. 


TTR110 Seat Cover.

The MFG Ribbed Yamaha TTR 110 seat cover gives the bike a custom look and is great for grip while you ride.

ttr110 seat cover

 Also get some spoke sleeves in a cool color to brighten up the wheels. Your kids will really love them.

Here is a video that will show you how to install spoke sleeves.


 Finally, get some valve stem caps. They look great on a dirt bike and these Tusk stem caps are also core removers. Very cool!


The last thing I wanted to add is a spare nuts and bolts kit for the TTR 110. This will be probably the most useful thing you will have in your garage.

ttr110 spare bolt kit


If you are looking for a strong, reliable bike for your kids that is fast, powerful and cheap to maintain, you can’t go past the Yamaha TTR110.

The electric start is also an awesome feature that will keep your kids riding on the dirt bike and off the IPad for longer 😉

Do you have experience with the Yamaha TTR110? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.

Happy riding!


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3 years ago

I know this is old but I am looking to upgrade from the 110 to a bigger bike, however you suggested an aftermarket exhaust which would boost the power. Because a new bike is a year away, do you think that the 200 dollar investment in the exhaust is worth it for the time I will have it? There is also an idle issue I have encountered recently, where the bike will stutter and die whilst idling. And when I go for quick acceleration blips, there is a noticeable lag in throttle response. Is this jetting or the top end… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Nathan

Hi Nathan, I probably think that a new exhaust wouldn’t be worth it if you are upgrading in a year. I would definitely be upgrading the jetting though as those idling/stuttering issues are typical of jetting that needs to be replaced. Check out the Tusk jetting kit as it will even out the idling issues and will make it easier to start cold. The YZ-125 is next level and a very big increase in overall power to the TTR-110 and also a big increase in seat height and performance. Happy New Year dude!

1 year ago
Reply to  admin

So do you think a ttr 110e can go off jumps ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Brayden

TTRrs are tough bikes. Small jumps are no problem.

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