How to Clean Dirt Bike Tires. 5 Easy Steps [and 3 things to avoid]

Cleaning dirt bike tires is really easy if you do it the right way.

The best way to clean dirt bike tires is to wash the mud off while it is is still wet. This way the mud cleans off easily.

A lot of the time though this isn’t possible because by the time you get the bike back to the garage, the mud has dried hard.

So if you can’t wash the mud off while its still wet, just follow these steps to cleaning your dirt bike tires.

#1 Put your Dirt Bike up on a Stand.

A stand is an essential piece of equipment to have in your garage and you will find that if you own one, you will use it all the time when it comes to your dirt bike.

Place the dirt bike outside and away from the house so mud doesn’t get all over the walls and throw the dirt bike up on a stand.

If you want to learn how to wash an entire dirt bike the right way, click here.

#2 Hit the Tires with a Hammer or Something Heavy.

Give the tires a spin and as they are turning, hit them with a hammer. This will shatter off all the large chunks of mud that are stuck between the tire nobbies.

Do this before applying water.

#3 Bring the Rain.

Now keep the tires spinning and hit them with the garden hose. This will wash off the excess mud that is left on them.

You can also use a high pressure washer as well but just make sure you keep the pressure on the tires and not on the suspension or anywhere else where there are seals as the pressure can destroy the seals which will lead to big mechanical problems. 

#4 Time to Scrub.

Get yourself a bucket of soapy water and a stiff bristled brush and scrub the heck out of your tires while you are holding the wheel still and work your way round the entire tire.

Scrubbing will wash off the finer dirt and mud from your tires and will bring them back to clean.

You can use just general dish washing soap is fine and you can also use Simple Green.

Simple Green is the dirt bike riders secret and its really awesome for washing areas of a dirt bike and gear that likes to stain.

how to clean dirt bike tires.

I like to use it for washing white dirt bike boots and gear, works well.

With Simple Green, make sure you wash it off thoroughly as it does like to stain if you leave it anywhere on a surface for too long.

After you have scrubbed all the way around the tire using a brush, soapy water and simple green, give the tires a hose down and let them dry.

#5 Give your Dirt Bike Tires the Factory Look.

So at this step, the tires will be completely clean but used tires never go back to black and will always look kinda dirty,

If you are the type of rider that likes a pristine machine in your garage, follow these tips for giving your tires the factory look. (this is a trick I learned from road bikers).

First, get yourself a bottle of 409 which is a general household cleaner.

how to clean dirt bike tires. 409

For some reason, when you rub 409 onto rubber, it comes up like new. 

First, spray some into a rag and rub all the side walls down with the rag. This will restore the side walls back to jet black.

Then, if you want to go all out, spray some 409 onto a scrubbing brush and scrub it into the tread as well if you want to do the whole tire.

The good news is that it doesn’t leave a slippery film on the tires so there is no loss of tread. It also will not break down the rubber.

Try it! and let me know how it goes. I really like the finish.

Things not to do to your Tires.

a. Don’t use Armour all. Armour All is a coating that puts a slippery coat on rubber which is bad news for a dirt bike. In fact, I do not recommend using Armour All at all because I have noticed that it has broken down plastics and rubber on surfaces I have put it on.

b. Don’t use Tire Black. This stuff is okay for tire walls but make sure you don’t get any on the tread because it is also really slippery shit and you don’t want to have a crash because of it.

c. Don’t use waxes or any oils. Don’t even think about it unless you want to feel what its like to ride a dirt bike on ice. Oils can also break down rubber tires.


Follow these 5 easy steps and they will look so good that you will be showing your tires off on instagram to your friends.

Let me know how you go in the below comments and if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.


Happy riding!


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