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I’m a big fan of dirt bike training schools for quite a few reasons.

Firstly a proper training school will show you how to ride the right way and you will be trained by expert riders that have mountains of experience.

Secondly, a school will help you to increase your skills rapidly over a period of weeks instead of years and they will help to remove bad riding habits that can be detrimental to your progress.

Thirdly, riding schools are heaps of fun and you get to meet a lot of cool and like-minded people that love dirt bikes as much as you do.

 As well as training and facilities, many dirt bike training camps also offer motocross vacations as well! 

A motocross vacation is where you can be booked into accommodation and riding on the best motocross circuits in the area as well as getting tickets to watch pro motocross races.

 Motocross holidays are great excuse to take a holiday with your family or friends for an experience that the kids will never forget.

They are also a great way to network and look for work in the industry and an easy way to find a permanent riding coach if that’s what you need.

Also, dirt bike riding schools aren’t just for beginner riders.

Most schools will also have training programs for advanced riders for those that are looking to go pro or to sharpen their skills on the pro circuit.

The schools also offer programs for any ages from kids all the way up to my grand dad.

Here is a current list of dirt bike riding schools from the US and Canada. This list is meant to be exhaustive but if I’ve missed any, contact me and I’ll add you in.


Race SoCal. Murrieta, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. Race So Cal

25096 Jefferson Ave, STE B112, Murrieta, CA, 92562

Call: (951) 200-3278  Web:  FB: RaceSoCal

 Accommodation   Airport Transfers   Dirt Bike Rentals   Motocross Vacations   Private Training   Group Training

Race SoCal is a full facility training boot camp that offers multi month motocross camps for all levels of riders.

These camps include accommodation, airport transfers, bike hire and training with ex MXGP Factory Honda rider Jussi Vehvilainen of JPV Racing.

With Race SoCal, motocross enthusiasts can visit southern California and partake in the region’s many excellent motocross tracks – 10 within an hour drive – as well as enjoy excellent riding weather year-round, with access to mountains in the winter and beaches in the summer.

Race SoCal also has some very cool motocross vacation packages on offer.

Use this link to view Race SoCal’s special offers that they run at various times throughout the year.


SLMX School. Riverside, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. slmx school

19831 San Luis Rey Lane Riverside, CA 92508

Call: (850) 228-6102  Web:  FB: SLMXSchool

 Accommodation   Motocross Vacations   Dirt Bike Rentals   Private Training   Group Training

With SLMX School, all riders, from beginner to professional, can rent dirt bikes and ride and train at a variety of motocross tracks.

SLMX School offers a variety of dirt bike rentals including an assortment of various KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda bikes.

Riders can enjoy one of the many local tracks near Riverside, including Milestone MX, Perris Raceway, Glen Helen Raceway, Lake Elsinore MX Park, Star West, Fox Raceway, and LACR MX Park.

SLMX School also have various motocross vacation packages on offer.


Garrahan Off-Road Training. Boulder Creek, California.

dirt bike training schools. garrahan offroad training

18989 Bear Creek Road, Boulder Creek, CA, 95006

Call: (408) 857-5884 Web:  FB:  GOT  YouTube: GOT

  Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals   Kids Day Camps   Private Training   Group Training   

Garrahan Off-Road Training is owned and managed by the legendary Brian Garrahan, winner of countless pro enduro races.

Garrahan, who is a 5-time gold medalist in the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) USA World Trophy, runs personal coaching and group training programs for all levels of riders — from beginner to advanced.

As well as pro training, GOT offers day summer camps which the kids will really enjoy.


Factory MX School. Murietta, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. factory mx school

Call: (951) 595 1855 Web:  FB:  FactoryMX  YouTube: FactoryMX

  Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals   Kids Camps   Private Training   Group Training   Motocross Vacations   Accommodation

Factory MX School offers a large range of training packages to help riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced bikers.

Factory MX School holds their training days on various tracks around California.

In addition to offering training, Factory MX also offers dirt bike rentals, vacation packages and a full suite of dirt bike riding support.


MotoVentures. Anza, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. motoventures

50250 CA-371, Anza, CA, 92539

Call: (951) 767-0991  Web:  FB:  MotoVentures  YouTube: MotoVentures

 Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals   DualSport/Adventure/Motocross/Road Training   Private Training   Group Training  

Based in sunny Southern California, Moto Ventures offers dirt bike training courses for adventure bikes, motocross, dual sport and road.

They cater to kids and adults and their courses run every weekend, throughout the year.

They also offer 1 and 2 day dirt bike tours throughout southern California.


Dirt Bike Academy. Thousand Oaks, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. dirt bike academy

1250 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Call: (805) 857-0336  Web: 

  Private Training   Group Training   Kids Training

The Dirt Bike Academy offers comprehensive dirt bike training for kids and adults located in California.

Students ages 10 years of age and older are eligible for the classes at Dirt Bike Academy, and students under 16 years of age must enroll in a class or family lesson where the parent is present during the entire course.

Students learn about how to operate the engine and move the motorcycle, proper posture for riding, how to maneuver the dirt bike, perform turns and cross hills, and other information pertaining to riding safely and responsibly.


Sedlak Offroad School. Carlsbad, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. sedlak offroad school

5535 El Arbol Drive, Carlsbad, CA, 92008

Call: (760) 680-1893  Web:  FB:  SedlakOffroad  YouTube: SedlakOffroad

 Motocross/Adventure/Enduro Bike Training   Private Training   Group Training    International Locations

Sedlak Offroad School is owned and run by the Sedlak brothers (Kai and Daniel) who are both highly successful motocross racers and have ridden competitively in over 50 countries.

The school offers courses in motocross, enduro and adventure in various locations in the US and even around the world! Sedlak training school is also  available for both kids and adults.


Rich Oliver’s Mystery School. Prather, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. rich olivers mystery school

28971 Auberry Road, Prather, CA  93651

Call: (559) 855-3089  Web:  FB:  RichOliversMysterySchool  YouTube: RichOliversMystery

 Flat Track Training   Private Training   Group Training       Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals   Kids Summer Camps  

Rich Oliver is a retired professional road racer with five national road racing championships and over 71 race victories to his name.

The training school specializes in using flat tracks, not motocross tracks, to teach motorcycle riding safety and build fundamental skills.

Courses are offered for all experience levels, from beginners to advanced riders, and dirt bike gear rentals are available if required.


BMW Performance Center. Thermal, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. bmw performance riding school

86-050 Jasper Lane, Thermal, CA 92274

Call: (888) 345-4269  Web:  FB:  BMWRiderAcademy  YouTube: BMWRiderAcademy

 1 Day Group Training   BMW Bikes Only   BMW Bike Rentals 

The BMW & Mini Performance Schools offer a variety of classes with a team of instructors and guides to help riders learn more about on-road and off-road racing.

The BMW US Rider Academy allows individuals seeking to improve their dirt bike skills to enjoy great riding year-round as well as learn more about BMW culture.

The on-road course offered by BMW Performance Center allows riders to learn skills needed for turning at low and high speeds, changing lanes, and maneuvering a bike on a track.

A one-day foundation course covering both basic techniques and enduro skills, and which features a classroom instruction component, can help newcomers conquer the basics of off-road riding.

Off-road courses are taught by qualified instructors who have trained at the BMW off-road track in Hechlingen, Germany.


MxEcoaching. Corona, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. mxecoaching training school

Call: 951-818-1177 Web: FB:  MxEcoaching 

 Motocross Fitness Training   Private Training   Group Training    Dirt Bike Rentals   Accommodation  

MxEcoaching offers riders a way to improve their MX and supercross riding by utilizing a combined technique-based and fitness-based approach.

Courses are taught by Yannig Kervella, a 15-year veteran and frequent champion of motocross and supercross, as well as Dmitri Rolando, who has 5 years of professional rider experience.

With training offerings for youth, beginners, and experienced riders, Yannig and Dmitri at MxEcoaching can help riders of all age and experience levels take their training to the next level. 


MSF Dirt Bike School. Irvine, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. msf dirt bike school

2 Jenner, Suite 150, Irvine, CA, 92618

Call: (877) 288-7093 Web: 

 Motocross Fitness Training   Private Training   Group Training    Dirt Bike Rentals   Accommodation  

The MSF Dirt Bike School is based in in California, and they hold their programs in various areas across the USA.

MSF dirt bike school offers basic and advanced 1-day training courses for kids.

Each class takes about six hours and includes information about how to perform a pre-ride inspection, fundamentals of dirt bike riding, mental strategies for success.

The MSF dirt bike school will also show you how to be mindful and aware of your environment while riding a dirt bike.


New Jersey

Rich Lafferty Racing. Port Elizabeth, NewJersey.

dirt bike training schools camps. Rich lafferty school

315 Port Cumberland Road, Port Elizabeth, NJ, 08332

Call: (609) 774-8165  Web:  FB:  RichLaffertyRacing  YouTube: RichLaffertyRacing

 Private Training   Group Training      

Experienced pro circuit dirt bike riding instructor Rich Lafferty has achieved impressive enduro racing results in some of the biggest enduro races in the world.

He offers 1 and 3 day courses, as well as 1-on-1 coaching, for riders of all ages in the New Jersey area.

Riders will not only learn new fundamental techniques — brake and clutch control, logs, turns, tight trail, and wheelies, among others – but also become a faster and more safe bikers.


South Carolina

BMW Performance Center. Greer, South Carolina.

dirt bike training schools. BMW riding school

1155 SC-101, Greer, SC 2965

Call: (888) 345-4269  Web:  FB:  BMWRiderAcademy  YouTube: BMWRiderAcademy

 1 Day Group Training   BMW Bikes Only   BMW Bike Rentals 

The BMW & Mini Performance Schools offer a variety of classes with a team of instructors and guides to help riders learn more about on-road and off-road racing.

The BMW US Rider Academy allows individuals seeking to improve their dirt bike skills to enjoy great riding year-round as well as learn more about BMW culture.

The on-road course offered by BMW Performance Center allows riders to learn skills needed for turning at low and high speeds, changing lanes, and maneuvering a bike on a track.

A one-day foundation course covering both basic techniques and enduro skills, and which features a classroom instruction component, can help newcomers conquer the basics of off-road riding.

Off-road courses are taught by qualified instructors who have trained at the BMW off-road track in Hechlingen, Germany.



Xplor International. Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

dirt bike training school. Explor Int offroad training school

260 Lees Bridge Road, Nottingham, PA, 19362

Call: (610) 470-8897  Web:  FB:  OHVTraining  

 Dirt Bike/ATV/ROV/Adventure Bike Training   Private Training   Group Training    Dirt Bike Rentals   Tours

Xplor International offers dirt bike, adventure and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) training courses for kids and adults.

They also offer dirt bike rentals and excellent dirt bike tours.

Students as young as 6 years can participate in Xplor International’s training programs, which include: Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) dirt bike school, United States Motorcycle Coaching Association Dirt Bike School, and Adventure Motorcycle Training.

Xplor International also provides dirt bike rentals.



United Dirt Bike School. Strasburg, Colorado.

dirt bike training camps. United dirt bike school

13655 Pass Me by Rd, Strasburg, CO, 80136

Call: (720) 401-4182  Web:       FB:  UnitedDirtBikeSchool 

 1 Day Dirt Bike Training   Private Training   Group Training    Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals 

United Dirt Bike School in Colorado offers tailored 1-day training packages for both kids and adults and are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

United teaches courses to students as young as 6 years of age, and classes range from 3 to 6 hours.

Loaner bikes, helmets, and goggles can be provided on request.

Family and experienced rider courses are also available by request.

Interested parties can learn more about rider training courses by contacting United Dirt Bike School.


American Supercamp. Loveland, Colorado.

dirt bike training camps. American supercamp

229 S. Madison Ave. Loveland, CO, 80537

Call: (970) 227 2385  Web:  

 Motocross/Supermoto/Road Training  Private Training       Group Training   Flat Track Training    

American Supercamp offers one-day and multi-day dirt bike training programs in all types of disciplines, in dirt and on the road.

Their courses are designed for kids and adults and cater to all levels, beginner to advanced riders.

The camps cater to non-racers, racers, and advanced riders.

However, the advanced courses are only available to students above 13 years of age who have already completed an American Supercamp course (either as a racer or non-racer).

Riders of all ages are encouraged to participate in American Supercamp’s training programs for motorcycle enthusiasts – street riders, road racers, flat trackers, motocross and supermoto riders alike.



Dirt Bike Boot Camp. Charles City, Virginia.

dirt bike training camps. dirt bike boot camp

11777 Roxbury Rd, Charles City, VA, 23030

Call: (804) 432 7556  Web: FB:  DirtBikeBootCamp 

 Motocross/Trails/Flat Track Training   Beginner/Advanced Training   Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals   Dirt Bike Camps

Charles City, Virginia’s Dirt Bike Boot Camp offers 1-day or multi-day training programs for kids and adults.

Dirt Bike Boot Camps are one- or two-day sessions which can help beginners learn the basics of proper dirt bike riding.

Off-Road Rider Boot Camps, geared toward more experienced riders, are meant to improve fundamental skills and build expertise in off-road dirt bike riding.

Kids younger than 18 can participate in these dirt bike schools, but must have parental permission.

The company also offers dirt bike and dirt bike gear rentals.



Millsaps Training Facility. Cairo, Georgia.

dirt bike training camps. Millsaps training facility

867 Bold Springs Road, Cairo, GA, 39828

Call: (229) 377-8502  Web: FB:  MillsapsTraining  YouTube: MillsapsTraining

  1-48 Week Motocross Training    Advanced Rider Training    Fitness/Nutrition Training   Kids Camps

Millsaps is a professional motocross training facility headed up by Colleen Millsaps who is a highly experienced motocross coach who has trained many riders to pro level.

The Millsaps’ 50 acre facility is made up of multiple circuits, a mechanics workshop, and professional gym facilities.

Their training programs, which include a 48-week program for pro riders, are second to none.


Moto X Compound. Culloden, Georgia.

dirt bike training camps. matt walkers motox compound

4637 US Highway 341, Culloden, GA, 31016

Call: (678) 860-3038 Web: FB:  MotoXCompound  YouTube: MotoXCompound

  Loretta Lynn’s Training    Supercross/Arenacross Training     Training Camps

Described by Racer X Magazine as “a staple training facility for young up and coming amateur racers in a very short period of time,” Matt Walker’s Moto X Compound was established in 2012.

Since then, he has grown the compound to six tracks and has added several members to his team to aid in training the 20 to 25 riders who stop by the Compound to train each month.

The Moto X Compound boasts a full-scale professional Supercross and Arenacross track, as well as other exact replicas and full-scale tracks which may vary in availability throughout the year.

Walker, a former racer himself, offers both full-time year round training as well as monthly, weekly, and daily training for young motocross and supercross racers.

Training camps are also offered for spring break, winter break, and summer break, in which riders train alongside full-time riders on and off the track.


South Carolina

Club MX. Chesterfield, South Carolina

dirt bike training camps. Club MX training facility

 857 Croft Jones Rd., Chesterfield, SC, 29709

Call: (507) 269-9736 Web: FB:  ClubMX YouTube: ClubMX

  Full Time Training     Fitness, Nutrition Training     Private Training   Group Training   Training Camps

Club MX offers short-term and full-time training, as well as private training (available by appointment only) and training camps.

Training and classes available at Club MX can be tailored to riders of all ages and experience levels.

Training programs offered range from basic private training to more long-term programs which are holistic in nature.

The training programs deal with the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of riding; they incorporate a structured daily training schedule, strength training to improve performance on and off the bike, nutrition, mental skills, and faith.



Jimmy Lewis Off-Road. Pahrump, Nevada

dirt bike training camps. Jimmy Lewis riding school

3731 E Kellogg Rd, Pahrump, NV 89061, USA

Call: (775) 990-8557 Web: FB:  JimmyLewisRidingSchool  YouTube: JimmyLewisOffroad

  Basic to Advanced Training    Enduro/Adventure Bike Training     Trail Ride Training   Dirt Bike Rentals

The goal of the Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School is to teach riders of all abilities, on all types of dirt bikes, how to ride safely.

Jimmy Lewis is a highly successful desert racer and has finished in the top 3 in many famous rallies such as the Dakar, Baja and Dubai Rally.

Lewis is a desert riding specialist and offers comprehensive dirt bike riding training programs for both beginners and advanced riders in the rugged terrain of Nevada.



Wisconsin Offroad Adventures. Random Lake, Wisconsin

dirt bike training camps. Wisonsin offroad adventures.

W4802 Knuth Road, Random Lake, WI 53075

Call: (920) 994-2600 Web: FB:  WOA  

  Beginners Training    Trails/Motocross/Street Training   Dirt Bike Rentals

Wisconsin Offroad Adventures seeks to share their love for off-highway bike riding by offering courses to riders of all experience levels.

They offer trail riding courses for beginning riders on Wisconsin forestry trails.

Their courses are suitable for all ages, from 6 years and up.

Courses include the Basic Dirt Bike School, geared toward novices who are new to riding off-highway.

The Street to Trails course aims to educate intermediate-level riders on riding off-highway.

The introduction to Trail riding is targeted toward a street rider who is familiar with controlling the motorcycle.



MXSchools. Brigden, Ontario.

dirt bike training schools.

1617 Courtright Line, Brigden, Ontario, N0N 1B0

Call: (519) 381-5790 Web: FB:  MXSchools

  Beginners to Advanced Training    Weekly Training Camps   Accommodation   Full Facilities.

MXSchools, one of Canada’s premier motocross training institutions, is a professional motocross school for all ages of riders in Ontario, Canada that will help motorcycle enthusiasts take their riding to the next level.

The school teaches the basics of bike setup and maneuvering, as well as cornering, jumping, and starting.

Their facilities include four pro trainers, a mechanic, an accommodation lodge, a gym, a games room, and even a swimming pool.

MXSchools also boasts a host of tracks, from basic to supercross, to suit all levels of riders’ skill and experience.


Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association (NSORRA). Dartmouth Nova Scotia

dirt bike training schools. Nova Scotia offroad

Call: (902) 233-2511 Web: FB:  NSORRA

  1 Day Beginners Training   Group Training     Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals

The Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association, also known as NSORRA, is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the safe and family-friendly enjoyment of off-road motorcycling.

NSORRA offers a one day training course for kids and adults which is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy fun for the whole family.

They also rent dirt bikes and dirt bike gear and hold their courses in various areas of Nova Scotia.




Enduro Ranch – Motorcycle Training and Guided Dirt Bike Rides, Colorado

enduro ranch colorado

Call: (720)355-1676 Web: FB:  Enduro Ranch

  Personal and Group Training   Kids Camps    Beginners to Advanced Training

Enduro Ranch offers 1,2 and 3 day schools for dirt bike riders of all skill levels from beginners to advanced in the mountains of Colorado.

They also offer awesome kids camps that includes 4 days of riding and a host of other fun activities for the kids.

Enduro Ranch has guided trail riding tours available available for single or group bookings!

Colorado is an excellent place to ride as it is full of diverse terrain and obstacles and the Enduro Ranch takes full advantage of this. Highly recommended!




Title photo courtesy of Olivier de Vaulx Photography