Moto X Compound Motocross Training Camp. Culloden, Georgia

motox compound motocross training

 Moto X motocross training camp offers training for experienced riders of all ages and levels who are seeking to improve their dirt bike skills.

 Motocross, supercross and arenacross, riders can train on Moto X’s excellent facilities.

motox compound motocross training tracks

The Moto X Compound track is situated just over an hour’s drive away from Atlanta. Located in Culloden, Georgia.

MotoX motocross training camp offers well-maintained tracks that are exact and full-scale replicas of popular racing tracks.

In addition to the racetracks, Moto X offers a 40 x 30 Premier Gym, access to an excellent trainer and MMA specialist Bubby Mitchell.

Also available are RV hook-ups for camping, and full-time year-round training for motocross and supercross enthusiasts.

The only training facility in the United States that has been built by the top track builder Dream-Traxx, the Moto X Compound is a dirt bike training camp that has sought to replicate the race track for the Loretta Lynn’s racetrack for riders to train on.

Loretta Lynn’s is the world’s largest amateur race and the last stop for amateur motocross riders before they go pro.

 To date, MotoX Compound can boast 15 top 10s, 7 top 5s, 4 top 2’s and 1 Loretta Lynn’s championship!! Impressive.

Training and Training Camps

Motorcyclists can train alongside MX and SX champions at Moto X Compound.

MX racers can train with former racer Matt Walker, a veteran of the renowned Mitch Payton’s Pro Circuit Race Team, where he raced against Mike Brown, James Stewart, and Travis Preston, which earned him wins in Supercross and AMA Motocross Outdoors.

motox compound motocross training Matt Walker

 Amateur Nationals, Camps, and Supercross and Arenacross training is available.

 Daily, weekly, and year-round training is available.

The training at MotoX changes depending on the time of year to accommodate riders training for the important MX and SX competitions on the schedule.

Moto X motocross training camp works hard to ensure that riders training for Amateur Nationals events can benefit from and enjoy training on a track that is built to scale and identical to the Amateur National competition’s track.

In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly training, several training camps are offered throughout the year at MotoX to help riders improve both on and off the course.

At the completion of the training camps, participants receive a detailed analysis of their riding and training performance, including what riders need to work on in the gym and the track.


Moto X motocross training camp offers several outdoor MX style tracks and pro level SX tracks which can help riders of any experience level develop the skills necessary to compete in an MX or SX race.

motox compound motocross training supercross tracks

They take care to ensure that the race tracks are properly maintained to ensure high-quality training and, of course, the safety of their riders.

The staff at MotoX motocross training camp works tirelessly to ensure that the tracks are built as exact replicas of the national racetracks, down to the fences and dirt.

Loretta Lynn’s MX and Ricky Carmichael’s SX are two championship races that one can train for at MotoX.

Motocross enthusiasts seeking to train for Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National MX Championship will be able to train on a track that is modeled to be an exact replica of the course.

motox compound motocross training loretta lynn
Many successful Loretta’s champions have come from MotoX Compound

Riders will learn how to get accustomed to the summer heat in the South — Loretta Lynn’s takes place in August just north of MotoX in Tennessee — and spend time working on their ability to maneuver deeply rutted corners.

Supercross riders training for the Ricky Carmichael’s SX at Daytona National can also enjoy training on a track that is an exact replica of that race, with the same dirt.

Moto X Motocross Training Camp Gym

The 40 x 30 Premier Buildings Gym is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that will help riders build the endurance and strength needed for motocross and supercross racing.

motox compound motocross training gym

The trainer at the MotoX facility is Bubby Mitchell, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and trainer who has worked as a high school wrestling coach for many years.

 MotoX’s workouts are all geared toward motocross riders and are perfect for riders of all ages.

RV and Camping

MotoX offers RV hook ups on 30 acres of space dotted with large pecan trees that provide some shelter from the sun for visitors.

RV hook ups come with the choice of either a 30 or 50 amp plug in and a standard 220 amp electrical.

motox compound motocross RV camping

MotoX RV spaces are equipped with water and sewage.

Campers have 24/7 access to ponds, trails, and other amenities, excluding the MX and SX tracks.

A free laundromat is also offered for campers. Contact MotoX Compound for information on daily, monthly, and yearly camping fees; monthly and yearly rates must be paid in full, and monthly rates must be paid on the first day of each month.

Find MotoX Compound on the Web or Facebook.

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