Race SoCal MX Training Camps and Holidays, South California.

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 Race SoCal is suitable for all motocross riders, from beginners to experienced. They also cater for all ages!

Race SoCal International, Inc., based in southern California, provides everything you need for motocross for those wishing to ride, train, or race MX in Southern California. 

Race SoCal offers a variety of budget-friendly products and programs to MX enthusiasts, including MX holidays, accommodation, bike hire, and MX training camps.

 Race SoCal is one of the few companies to offer such a versatile and prolific product selection, and is a must for any motocross rider visiting Southern California.

California is ideal for motocross fans, as it boasts great weather, access to mountains in wintertime, and sunny beaches in the summertime.

 To learn more about discounts, visit the Special Offers section of the Race SoCal website.

For this reason, many top American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) professionals call California home!

These including Jon Ames, Tanner Basso, Sean Cantrell, the Deegan Family, Ryder Difrancesco, Ryan Morais, Billy Payne, Jett Reynolds, Stilez Robertson, Ryan Surratt, among many other motocross greats throughout the years.

race socal mx training
Travis Pastrana and Ronnie Mac enjoying the Race SoCal facilities.

Southern California, or SoCal as it is often called, is an ideal destination for MX enthusiasts.

There are 10 motocross tracks within a short hour’s drive, and many of the industry’s leading companies, such as Fox Racing and O’Neal, are based in SoCal.

SoCal is also home to 4 AMA Supercross events and an AMA National event.

Training Camps

Since 2015, Race SoCal has partnered with Jussi Vehvilainen of JPV Racing to offer the JPV Boot Camp – the ultimate winter training camp in Southern California.

 Jussi is a former MX1 GP podium finisher, multi-time Finnish national MX Champion and Team Finland MXoN manager. 

race socal mx training

During the JPV Boot Camp, he works with riders on the track and off the track to help them achieve their MX training goals.

Boot camp packages include accommodation at the Ranch, shuttle service, bike hire, on- and off-bike training, and race weekends.

The JPV Boot Camp is designed to be a fun, structured experience in which riders can work to achieve their individual goals, no matter their MX skill level.

Jussi is experienced in working with riders of all ages and skill levels, and will work with you to develop individualized MX training goals to improve your technique and make you a better motocross rider.

 To learn more about discounts, visit the Special Offers section of the Race SoCal website.

Training Camp Accommodations: The Race SoCal Ranch

Race SoCal is the only motocross vacation company that offers its own custom-built ranch.

Located in Menifee, California, the ranch covers two acres of land and offers 2 houses which have a combined 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Ranch amenities include flat screen cable television, a pool table, fire pit, pool and spa, barbecue grill, two covered patios, and enough outdoor furniture for all guests to enjoy the great California weather.

Also offered at the Ranch is a small gym, laundry area, garage, and a small area for washing gear such as boots, helmets, etc.

race socal mx training gym facilities

With all it has to offer, the Ranch is the best place to stay on your next motocross holiday!

Utilize and Maintain your MX skills on a Motocross Holiday

After you develop your skills with the Boot Camp, consider a Motocross Holiday with Race SoCal.

The company offers vacation destination motocross packages for motocross riders who eat, breathe, and sleep motocross.

Race SoCal’s motocross holidays are popular with the international MX community and offer the opportunity to connect with and enjoy motocross with other fans from all over the world.

race socal mx training coaches

 The MX holidays offered by Race SoCal offer everything you need for a fun and exciting holiday experience, including airport pickups, hotel stays, event tickets, accommodation and riding, and a return airport transfer. 

 Race SoCal takes care all of the details for you, including housing, transport, purchasing event tickets and offering pit support, so you can have the best motocross experience possible. 

 The bikes offered for Race SoCal’s MX holidays include Honda CRF250s and Honda CRF450 motocross bikes as well as Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250 models.

 To learn more about discounts, visit the Special Offers section of the Race SoCal website.

Each rider is rented a bike for the entire week, so there is no need to share, and the bikes are maintained by the company’s staff.

race socal mx training bike rentals.

The bikes are changed yearly to ensure that the most updated models are available, so that you can have the best riding experience possible.

Southern California has some of the best motocross tracks in the world; enjoy the same amazing tracks that AMA pros practice and train on.

These include the Pala Raceway in Pala, California; the Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernadino, California; Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in Lake Elsinore, California; and others!

Bike Hire

Race SoCal offers motocross bike hire service for MX enthusiasts visiting the region.

Bike Hire services are per day and include all track fees, fuel, pit support, refreshments, and everything you need for a day at the track.

 To learn more about discounts, visit the Special Offers section of the Race SoCal website.

Race SoCal’s bike hire will meet you at 9 am at the track and once you get your bike, you can ride as much as you like until the end of the day at 2 pm.

If you are interested in going riding for a day or two, Race SoCal can offer you bike hire and pit support at any of their local tracks.

The fee for bike hire is $275 per rider, per bike, per day.  You may be able to obtain a discount for multiple days depending on when you are visiting.

 To inquire about bike hire and multiple-day discounts, visit the Special Offers section.

Special Offers and Discounts

Race SoCal is happy to offer promotions and discounts throughout the year on their holiday MX packages.

The company also offers discounts on multiple days of bike hire and may offer additional promotions from time to time.

 To learn more about discounts, visit the Special Offers section of the Race SoCal website.

race socal mx training special deals.

Race SoCal has been the recipient of much international acclaim; it has been featured in Australia’s Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine, UK’s Dirt Bike Rider, Italy’s FUORI Magazine, and USA’s Dirt Rider Magazine.  Contact them today and make your motocross dreams come true!

Race SoCal can be found on Facebook or on the web at www.racesocal.com.

race socal mx training


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