The Best Dirt Bike Apps for Fitness, GPS, Racing, Analytics, Social and More.

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Dirt Bike Apps Categories

#1  Fitness Apps
#2 GPS Apps
#3 Track Finder Apps
#4 Riding Analytics Apps
#5 Lap Timing Apps
#6 Social Dirt Bike Apps
#7 Dirt Bike Magazine Apps
#8 Pro Racing News Apps
#9 Mechanical Apps
#10 My Recommended Phone Case for Dirt Bike Riding.
#11 How to Properly Mount your Phone to your Handlebars.

Dirt Bike Fitness Apps.

If you are looking for an app that will assist you with building a plan to increase your dirt bike fitness, the Powering Offroad app is for you.

This new exciting app acts like your own personal dirt coach with access to a  whole range of services to help reach peak dirt bike performance.

If you are a pro racer, this app will let you add your races into a calendar where a tailored fitness program will be built to maximize your fitness levels around your race schedule! Very cool.

If you are a casual rider, this app will tailor a fitness program to your riding style, with over 500 combinations of physical workouts for you to follow along with based on your level of fitness and strength.

On top of this, the app also includes nutritional tips, meal tips and even a hydration calculator to keep you on track with your nutritional goals.

Also included in the app is riding tips and you will even has access to a riding coach on the paid plans. Nice!

The app can be used for free but has also a basic and pro plan to give you access to the more advanced services.

Dirt Bike GPS Apps.

dirt bike apps - locus map pro

Locus Map Pro for Android only contains downloadable maps for the entire world.

With Locus Map you can create your own trails, import your own GPX track files, create way-points and you can also upload your own photos onto the tracks.

There is also a smart GPS power feature that preserves your phone battery as much possible while in use. A great idea for dirt bike riding.

Locus Map Pro also can be used offline when you are riding deep in the forest and have no internet connection.

dirt bike apps - osmand

OsmAnd +- for both IPhone and Android is a super popular GPS app that is mainly used for street and city use but it’s also good for the trails as well.

It’s also a popular app for skiers who need to navigate the more remote parts of the ski field and I’ve been told its also popular with boating enthusiasts.

Osmand comes with everything you would expect from a GPS app including maps for most of the world, and they continue to keep adding features which are mainly plugins that you pay extra for.


Trail/Track Finder Dirt Bike Apps

dirt bike apps - motoguide

MotoGuide for both IPhone and Android is a fairly new app that displays tracks and trails information as well as dirt bike events around the USA.

Their database of trails are not complete and there is a plenty more to add, but this app is a handy app for finding local motocross tracks and enduro trails.

In the future, this app will be brilliant but there is still some work to be done.

The interface is great, with plenty of images and all the information a user would require to make the right track choice for the riding day.

Keep an eye on this app!


Riding Analytics Apps

dirt bike apps - litpro


Calling LitPro an app is like calling a Ferrari a bicycle.

Although the system runs on IPhone, it more of a complete ecosystem of data tracking tools for pro motocross riders who want to take their riding game to the next level.

The LitPro system is so comprehensive that I wrote a complete LitPro review here.

Basically though, the LitPro system is a high speed GPS unit that fits to your helmet and relays lightening fast data back to to your IPhone or IPad as you are racing around a motocross track.

The data is then analyzed and the system will find ways for you to become a faster rider by finding the fastest way you should be taking around corners as well as a myriad of other techniques.

Apart from that, it includes a host of other features and services that you can read more about in my LitPro review article.

In fact if you don’t shave at least 2 seconds off your motocross riding game, they will give you your money back.

The LitPro system isn’t cheap at around $500 but is an essential tool if you are a professional rider looking to get an edge on your competition.

dirt bike apps - mxbuddy

MX Buddy for IPhone only is a great LitPro alternative for riders that are on a budget.

To use the app you can either carry your phone with you while you ride or you can sync it with a GPS receiver which is the high speed data option.

After you have captured your data, the app will analyse your riding game and find ways to reduce your lap times by finding the fastest lines around the track.

MXBuddy can also track your heart rate data using an optional Polar heat rate band and it will also give you live lap time updates if you are carrying your phone with you and have earbuds attached.

You can also use MX Buddy to track your bike maintenance as well as be able to record your most successful bike setups so you can remember your best setup at a quick glance. Very cool.

MXBuddy will also backup your riding data to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Aside from the analytics, the MX Buddy app can also be used for trail riding to track yourself on GPS and you can also upload GPX files as well.

The cost of MXBuddy is $7 for the app and $150 for the optional GPS unit.

 I have written a LitPro alternative article that reviews MXBuddy here if you want to learn more this app.



dirt bike apps - crossbox

Although it has ‘lap timing’ in the name, CrossBox is a complete racing analytics app that is comparable with MXBuddy.

CrossBox collects data via GPS unit that you fix to your helmet and you can either download that data to the app at the end of your ride or stream it live to your phone when you are riding (you will need to carry your phone with the live option)

CrossBox will find the fastest lines on your chosen motocross track and will also analyse your best theoretical lap, lap segments, distance, speed and a host of other important analytics data to get you riding faster.

CrossBox also has the live laps feature meaning that the app will advise you of your lap times while you are riding provided that you are wearing earbuds.

The costs for CrossBox is 300 euros (about $350 USD) which includes the app, lifetime membership and the GPS unit that you fix to the top of your helmet.

 I have written a LitPro alternative article that reviews CrossBox here if you want to learn more.


Dirt Bike Lap Timing Apps

dirt bike apps - lapking racing

LapKing for IPhone only is a social racing app that will record your lap times.

It will allow you to collect your lap times using a GPS unit that you fix to your bike.

It will then collect your lap times and place them on a social leader board for other racers to comment on and try to beat.

This is a really fun app if you want to race your friends for fun.

To learn more about LapKing, scroll further down as I have also placed it in the the social apps section.


dirt bike apps - mylaps

MyLaps Speedhive available for IPhone and Android is the industry standard for professional racing timing for motocross, enduro as well as cars, road bikes, cycling and even radio controlled vehicles.

You will need a timing transponder for the MyLaps app so your lap times can be collected and recorded into the MyLaps database.

You can view your lap times on the app as well as view the lap times for all races around the world that use the MyLaps system (which is most).

The app is free but you will need to purchase a yearly subscription which includes a transponder.


Social Dirt Bike Apps

dirt bike apps - lapking racing

LapKing for IPhone only is a social racing app. What’s that you say?

LapKing will collect your racing times on any track using a GPS device that you fix to your bike.

Then, after you go riding, your racing times are uploaded to a central leader board for that track where you can compare your race times with friends and other racers!

Not only that, but you can also talk smack to your friends just like social media. Very cool!

The app itself is easy to use and resembles more like a video game then a GPS timing app which makes it even more fun.

You can use the app for dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, road bikes and any other high speed sports where you can compete against other racers.

The app is free and the GPS unit will set you back about $250 which they regularly discount on the website.

If you want to race your friends and claim bragging rights and have blast in the process, you need to get this app!


dirt bike apps - motohub

Motohub for Android and IPhone is a fairly new app to the market with a lot of potential.

It is a social hub of information for all things dirt bikes that includes classifieds, track and event information, products and services and many other cool dirt bike related stuff.

The Motohub also has a place where you can talk live with pro riders which is pretty cool.

Further development is needed on this app as it is still young but I predict that this app will be a powerhouse in the future. Highly recommended.

The MotoHub is free and is available for IPhone.


dirt bike apps - thumpertalk

ThumperTalk for Android and IPhone is the largest and the oldest dirt bike forum on the internet.

ThumperTalk is a wealth of information about all models of dirt bikes and there are plenty of knowledgeable dirt bike riders on there that are happy to answer any questions you have.

You can read forum posts, start your own posts and it also has a private message feature to talk to other members off the forum boards.

ThumperTalk is available for both IPhone and Android.


dirt bike apps - offroad amino

Off-Road Amino for IPhone and Android is another social network community that is fairly new but has grown very quickly.

This app has a really nice interface that looks far more like a social media platform then a forum which makes it popular among younger riders.

The app is full of useful information for new riders and members can also chat to other members and share their pics of their latest ride.

This app is a rising star and definitely worth checking out.

Off-road-amino is available for both IPhone and Android.


Dirt Bike Magazine Apps

dirt bike apps - adb

For the Aussies, Australasian Dirt Bike magazine is the largest and oldest dirt bike magazine in Australia.

Their app which is available on IPhone and Android is the complete monthly magazine that can be viewed from your phone or IPad.


Adventure Rider magazine is another Australian magazine that specializes in the ever growing adventure dirt bike market.

If you love adventure bikes, this is one comprehensive adventure bike magazine to get into.

Adventure Rider magazine is available for the IPhone and Android.



dirt bike apps - moto head app

MotoHead magazine is an excellent UK based dirt bike magazine that is full of excellent articles, images and gear reviews that specializes in enduro and motocross.

The Moto Head app is completely free and is available on IPhone, Android and Amazon.


best dirt bike apps - adv moto

Adventure Motorcycle is the premiere dirt bike magazine for adventure bikes in the USA.

Their app is available in IPhone, IPad, Android and Amazon. You can purchase the magazine through where you can download the app from their after you create an account.


Pro Racing News Apps

dirt bike apps - ama sx

The AMA for both Android and IPhone is the largest and most well respected dirt bike racing event organisation in the USA.

The AMA Supercross app tracks every piece of possible information about the AMA Supercross series which is the most exciting dirt bike event around.

The app includes live timing of the races, event and season schedules and bios of each rider, to name only a few.

If you are a supercross fan, this app is a must.

AMA Supercross app is available for both Android and IPhone.


dirt bike app - ama pro hillclimb app

Are you a hill climb fan? The AMA Pro Hillclimb app for both IPhone and Android tracks the entire activity for the AMA pro hillclimb series around the USA.

This is another AMA app and it contains every piece of information possible around the Hillclimb event. The app is also really easy to use like all the AMA apps.

The AMA Pro Hillclimb app is available for both IPhone and Android.


dirt bike apps - american flat track

If flat track racing is your thing, check out the AMA Pro racing American Flat Track app for both IPhone and Android.

The app tracks all things flat track in the USA and will give you ever piece of information you are looking for including live timing, rider bios, latest news, photo galleries and a ton more great info.

the AMA Flattrack app is available for both IPhone and Android.


Dirt Bike Mechanical Apps.

I really like this app. This the Yamaha Power Tuner app that is available for both Android and IPhone.

It will allow you to talk to your bike through the GYTR power tuner so you can adjust the fuel and timing changes to tune the bike the way you want it!

Keep in mind that this app will only work on 2018 -2021 YZ and WR models of Yamaha bikes. If you have one of these models, this app is a must!

Instead of explaining it to you, watch this video –


Get a Solid Phone Case.

If you are going to use your phone for the trails. get yourself a decent cover for your phone that is highly water resistant and shockproof because your phone is about to cop a beating.

 I use OTBBA for IPhone. Completely waterproof, slimline and will take a 6 foot drop without any damage. Perfect for dirt bike riding.

dirt bike gps apps. OTBBA iphone case

IPhone 6 & 6s             IPhone 7          IPhone 7+ & 8           Iphone X          

How to Mount your Phone.

Also, don’t just leave your phone in your pocket as it will snap if you ever come off your bike. Instead, get yourself a decent holding device for your phone.

It gets really bumpy on a dirt bike and so you don’t want the phone to rattle off while you are riding hard through the rough patches.

A standard road motorbike phone bracket just won’t cut it.

 I recommend the Holeshot Smartpad!

dirt bike gps app. holeshot smartpad

This cool device is a simple dirt bike handlebar pad that you can embed your phone inside of. You can even control the phone through window!

The phone is fully protected from water and dirt and won’t get squashed if you crash.  Very cool!

Check out the demo video here –

If you prefer a phone bracket to mount your phone on your handlebars…

 I recommend the Ram Tough-Claw Phone Holder.

This bracket is as tough as hell and holds your phone solid over the toughest vibration and bumps. I’ve never had an issue with it and it has received many 5 star reviews on the internet.

dirt bike gps apps. Ram Tough-Claw with X-Grip Phone Holder


I have broken up the best dirt bike apps into the following categories so they are easy to find.

I have tried to make this page exhaustive (every good dirt bike app that’s out there) so I will keep updating this page from time to time.

If you know of a great dirt bike app that isn’t featured on this page, please let me know and I will add it in.

Which dirt bike apps do you you like and use regularly? Let me know in the below comments and if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.


Happy riding!

Title Photo Courtesy of Paul Mc Corriston Photography

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