2 LitPro Alternative Apps for Motocross Riders.

litpro alternative

Currently there are 2 LitPro alternative motocross apps available that I recommend.

1. MXBuddy
2. CrossBox Lap Timing


MXBuddy for IPhone only is a brilliant riding analytics app that was written by a veteran motocross rider from Europe (Chris Pietsch).

It is only $7 USD and is a good LitPro alternative for motocross riders on a budget.

It uses GPS data to analyse your riding skills and will find ways to improve your lap times.

MXBuddy Features.

MXBuddy will not only work out your lap/split times but it will also give you a host of other analytics such as calculating the best lines, track segment comparisons, theoretical best lap time, GPS playback with color coded speed data, consistency data plus a range of other essential motocross riding and track information.

Apart from the analytics algorithms, MXBuddy also has a maintenance feature that will track your bikes maintenance service intervals and will alert you when a service is due.

Also, you can track your bikes setup and parts used so you have a record of which setup and parts gave you the best riding performance.

MXBuddy will also backup all your data to the cloud so you never have to worry about losing your progress if you break your phone.

MXBuddy also has live voice lap times (ear buds and phone carry required)

MXBuddy GPS Options.

You have 2 GPS options with MXBuddy.

1. Use your IPhone GPS and carry your phone with you when you ride.  This is the cheapest option as all you need is the app and a way to carry your phone on you or the bike when you are riding.

The GPS chip in a smartphone will collect data once every second so the app will collect okay data to help improve your riding game.

This is a good option if you don’t want to spend much money to get started.

 GPS is brutal on phone batteries so if you use this option you will only have a couple of hours of continuous riding data until your battery goes flat.

If you want to collect more accurate riding data and save your phone battery, you will need to go with option 2.

2. Use the SkyPro GPS Receiver.

The XGPS160 SkyPro GPS Receiver is a GPS device that you stick to the top of your helmet and will collect data at a rate of 10 times a second (which is 10 times faster than a smartphone).

litpro alternative - mxbuddy

This means that the data will be way more accurate and you will receive better racing analytics overall.

This GPS receiver will also give you 10 hours of continuous use which is more than enough.

The SkyPro GPS receiver will sync with the MXBuddy app.

After you have finished riding you just need to download the data from the Skypro GPS device to the MXBuddy app for analysis. Easy.

MXBuddy Price.

The optional SkyPro GPS receiver will set you back $200 USD and the app is $7. There are no ongoing membership fees with MXBuddy.

MXBuddy Bio-Metric Data.

Also like LitPro, MXBuddy can also keep track of your bio-metric data (heart rate) and will coach you on improving your fitness through goal setting and recording personal bests.

 To track your heart rate you will need a Polar body strap that will collect data while you are riding along with your IPhone. 

The Polar band will send data to the MXBuddy app via Bluetooth while you are riding.

Check out the Polar OH1 arm band. I personally prefer the armband because I just can’t stand having a monitor around my chest when I’m trying to ride.

 This option is not essential but highly recommended if you want to use MXBuddy to its full potential.

Carrying your IPhone.

If you choose to not use the GPS device on your helmet, you will need to carry your phone with you.

Don’t just throw your phone in your pants pocket as that is a great way to smash it if you have a crash.

I recommend fixing it onto your handlebars as your phone needs to face the sky to be able to communicate with the GPS satellites.

 You can use an IPhone fitness armband strapped to the crossbars but I recommend the Holeshot Smartpad.

dirt bike gps app. holeshot smartpad

This cool device is a simple dirt bike handlebar pad that you can embed your phone inside of. You can even control the phone through the window.

The phone is fully protected from water and dirt and won’t get damaged if you crash.  Very cool!

Check out the demo video here –

Litpro vs MXBuddy

LitPro is the industry standard and contains the most features and services by far.

Also, LitPro collects your riding data at a rate of 20 times per second which is 10 times faster than MXBuddy using the XGPS receiver.

Saying this, MXBuddy is still an excellent LitPro alternative and although you won’t have access to every feature, service and data speed that LitPro has, you can still shave some time off your laps if you use MXBuddy the right way.

It is perfect if you don’t want to spend big money and you are a casual rider that just wants to get started with using analytics to improve your riding game.

CrossBox Lap Timing.

litpro alternative - crossbox

CrossBox Lap Timing for IPhone and Android is another excellent analytics riding app written by a sports scientist/motocross rider in Austria, Europe (Nino Richter).

To use CrossBox you will need the app, CrossBox membership  and the XGPS receiver. (It will not operate on GPS alone).

CrossBox Price

CrossBox will cost you 299 euro (approx. $330USD) which will give you the GPS receiver, lifetime membership and the app. There are no other costs.

CrossBox Modes.

CrossBox is similar to MXBuddy but with a few differences.

CrossBox can operate in 2 modes, live or logged.

Live means that you can carry your phone with you when you ride and the app will collect the data from the GPS unit live via bluetooth.

You would use live mode if you wanted to receive voice driven live lap times as you are riding (earbuds needed)

Logged mode means that you can download the data at the end of the day after your ride is done via bluetooth.

CrossBox App Features.

The CrossBox app contains the right features to help you find ways to decrease your lap times and contains the following analytics –

  • Duration times
  • Total lap distance
  • Lap times, best average lap time, lap segment times.
  • Top laps, average laps and speed in every segment
  • Theoretical lap time which is the best theoretical lap time if you rode around the track perfectly. (LAP X)
  • Individual lap data.

CrossBox will also show you the fastest lines to take around the track using color coded lines, which is the best feature. You will reduce your lap times on this feature alone.

With CrossBox you can also compare lap times with friends by importing their data into your app (friends also need to be using CrossBox).

Does CrossBox Record Bio-Metric Data?

Yes, Crossbox can sync with your heat rate strap allowing you to track your biometric stats.

Data Storage

CrossBox will automatically store all your data into the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing your data if you break your phone.

Carrying Your Phone.

Carrying your phone when you ride is optional but you will need to if you want to take advantage of live voice lap times.

To carry your phone, I would recommend using the Holeshot Smartpad or a fitness arm phone strap.

LitPro vs Crossbox

To compare Litpro vs crossbox, LitPro is the number 1 motocross riding analytics app in the world, hands down.

CrossBox doesn’t contain all the analytics features that LitPro has but it is still an excellent LitPro alternative and your lap times will be reduced if you use it correctly.

MXBuddy vs CrossBox

These 2 apps are similar in many ways.

Both contain similar analytics features and a similar app interface.

Both can collect data at 10 times per second.

Both have 2 modes – Live stream or end of ride download where carrying your phone is optional.

Both will backup your data to the cloud.

Both have live lap times available by voice.

In terms of price, MXBuddy comes in at the cheapest of only $7 for the app or $157 for the app and the GPS receiver.

CrossBox comes in second place at $300.

LitPro comes in at 3rd place at $500 plus a small subscription fee.


Personal preference and budget is the key with choosing an app that works for you.

If money isn’t an issue for you I would strongly recommend going straight to the top and buying LitPro.

If you are on a budget I would go with MXBuddy.

If you have a spare $300, take a look at CrossBox.

Have you used any of these motocross analytics apps? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.


Happy riding!

Title photo courtesy of CrossBox Lap Timing.

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Henning Bøgild Kristensen
Henning Bøgild Kristensen
1 year ago

CROSSBOX does come with heart rate monitoring connections, you simple pair it with your heart rate strap

1 year ago

Thanks for letting me know! I have updated the blog.

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