What is in the Motocross Life Newsletter?

I have a big interest in dirt bikes and everything related to the industry.

That is why the motocross life  newsletter can include anything in the following areas of dirt bikes.

Dirt Bike Gear.

Gear is a big one for me because I enjoy testing gear and finding the best quality gear out there for riders.

My newsletter will include reviews about helmets, boots, goggles, arm and leg protection and all other protective gear.

It will also include reviews about other gear including gear bags, clothing as well as gear for kids.

Dirt Bikes.

I don’t review dirt bikes because I think all new dirt bikes are pretty good and I personally find it difficult to find too many bad points about any of them.

Also, I don’t have access to trying out new bikes anyway so I couldn’t review them if I wanted to.

I do talk a lot about dirt bikes in general though and so this newsletter will include articles about bike brands, how to find the right dirt bike and other related topics.

Parts, Accessories & Tools.

The dirt bike world is always bringing new and exciting dirt bike parts to the market for dirt bike riders to try.

These parts and accessories can be designed for convenience, strength, greater speed, endurance, strength  or just so the bike looks better.

I will be reviewing theses parts and accessories whenever I can and putting them into my motocross life newsletter.

Also, the dirt bike world is full of great tools that are being improved on all the time. I like trying out these new tools and I will also be adding them into this newsletter.

Dirt Bike Mechanical Tips

I’m big on fixing my own dirt bikes and doing repairs and upgrades on my dirt bikes whenever I can.

This newsletter will include articles on mechanical tips that I have discovered over the years as well as how to maintain your dirt bike for best performance.

Famous Races & Events.

I’m always surprised when dirt bike riders haven’t heard of major dirt bike races around the world.

These races are fun to watch and keep up to date with and even visit or even be part of the race if you are a pro.

Whenever a major dirt bike race is on anywhere in the world I will be writing an article about it and placing it into this newsletter.

Dirt Bike Training Camps

There are dirt bike training schools everywhere but they don;t get the publicity they deserve.

These dirt bike schools are great because they promote safe riding and teach riding skills that you will have for the rest of your life!

Many pros have also trained at these schools and helped them get to the top of the game!

In my newsletter and website, I review these schools and provide information on how to enrol.

Dirt Bike Tours.

I think all dirt bike enthusiasts should try at least a few dirt bike tours in their lives.

Its a great excuse to visit another country and ride with like minded people. And its also tons of fun!

I review dirt bike tours from all over the world and when I do I will put them into my newsletter.

Places to Ride.

Although this area won’t be a big long list of places to ride, it will be a place where I review a specific area like a motocross track or an open trail in various areas of the USA and the rest of the world.

Every time I review a new riding area I will be placing it in my newsletter.

How Often is My Newsletter Released?

I want to aim for a couple of times a week but because I’m always out riding sometimes I can;t make that schedule.

As often as I can is the best answer I can give 🙂

If you have questions about my newsletter or anything, please send me an email.

Do you Sell My Private Information?

Hell no, I don’t do that bullshit. I hate spam. Your name and email address will be stored safely in mailchimp.com where I only have access.

Do you Allow Advertisers to Advertise in your newsletter?

Yes, I will allow advertisers as long as that it is a quality dirt bike brand that doesn’t sell junk. I will review the advertiser for the product/services before I will agree to it.

If you are interested in advertising in my newsletter, contact me here.

Happy riding!