The Best Wide Calf Motocross Boots for Guys and Girls 2019 [SIDI, Fox, Gaerne, O’Neal].

wide calf motocross boots


#1 Premium Pick – Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Motocross Boots – $600
#2 Gaerne SG12 Motocross Boots – $500
#3 Fox Racing Comp R Motocross Boots – $260
#4 Budget Option – O’Neal Racing Rider Motocross Boots – $100
#5 Women’s Option – O’Neal Racing Rider Motocross Boots – $100


There is no point in buying a pair of dirt bike boots if they don’t fit around your calves!

The problem with mx boots is that they come in all shapes and sizes and there’s nothing worse than having boots that are too tight around the calves. This causes restricted blood supply and lots of pain.

So I have put together a list of the boots that I know that are built to take wide calves and can be adjusted to suit any shape leg out there.

#1 Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Motocross Boots – $600

The Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS are the flagship motocross boots in the SIDI lineup and have a unique calf adjusting system to fit even the widest calf.

wide calf motocross boots. Sidi crossfire 3 SRS

These boots have a unique adjustment system that will let you adjust the back and the front of the top half of the boot to suit your calf size. You do this by simply opening up 6 screws that release the adjustment system. Very cool!

Aside from this, these boots also have an adjustable shin guard to make even further adjustments for your calves.

The SIDI SRS 3 also has a nice hinge design that has a ‘hard stop’ built into it to stop you from hyper-extending your ankle too far forward and giving you great support for your ankles.

SRS stands for ‘sole replacement system’. This means that you are able to replace the soles from home by unscrewing them from the bottom of the boot.

There is also decent contact points so you can grip your bike better. Previous models had poor contact points and I found it hard to grip my bike with SIDIs on. But these have much better grip overall.

 Note that these boots are covered in plastic armor and are super rigid and and there is not much flexibility in them. If you like very rigid boots then they will be perfect for you, if not, I would go for another brand.

 Sidi runs half sizes and I found that their sizes to tend to run a little small. I am  a size 9 and it was a bit to small for me so I went up to a size 9.5 and it was the right fit. Therefore, I recommend to go up a half size from your standard shoe size to get the right fit.

SIDI are made in Italy and are the very best quality in motocross boot, definitely up there in quality with Gaerne.

#2  Gaerne SG12 Motocross Boots – $500

The Gaerne SG12’s are a premium boot that are built with an adjustable shin plate for riders with big calves.

wide calf motocross boots. gaerne sg12

If you are looking for a premium set of motocross boots that are the finest quality in the world and fit large calves and a wider foot, the Gaerne SG12 is for you.

The SG12 will larger feet and calves comfortably without pinching and putting any pressure on the feet or legs.

The adjustable shin plate can be adjusted to the size of your calves by 3 screws that hold the shin plate in place. The shin plate can be re-positioned to widen out the leg area some more or bring it in depending on what you need.

The other great feature of the SG12 motocross boots is that they have a pivot system around the ankle area that can float around in all different directions.

This gives you excellent forward ankle flexibility without the boots bulging out while you are in the attack position.

Gaerne boots are hand made in Italy and are the finest quality out of all boots and you will not have any problems with anything falling apart.

Gaerne Boots are typically very stiff straight out of the box so don’t panic if you put them on and you find them to stiff for you. They need to be broken in over a few weeks of solid riding. After that you will feel how comfortable they really are!

 I have done a review for Gaerne SG12 motocross boots here if you want to learn more.

#3 Fox Racing Comp R Motocross Boots – $260

The Fox Racing Comp R is a comfortable mid range motocross boot with a unique, highly adjustable shin plate strap to suit riders with a wide calf.

wide calf motocross boots. Fox Racing Comp R Boots

The unique part of the Fox Comp R motocross boot is that it has a unique shin plate strap made out of silicone that replaces a top buckle.

At first, I was skeptical of this strap as it looks kinda flimsy and I worried that it would snap off.

But it didn’t and after doing some research with Fox headquarters I discovered that they did hundreds of hours of testing to make sure that it doesn’t break.

What is great about this strap is that it is adjustable so you can adjust it out wider for a big calf. Nice!

wide calf motocross boots. Fox Racing Comp R Boots. shin plate strap

What I also noticed about the Fox Racing Comp R is that it has a wider toe box and heel area so this boot would suit riders with wide feet. 

What I also notice about these boots were that the inner side of the boots are flattened out and covered in a heat resistant rubber material (duratac) to give you a better grip and feel on the bike which I think is an awesome idea.

wide calf motocross boots. Fox Racing Comp R Boots

Also, when I tried these boots on there was no heel float! (This is when the heel rises off the sole when you lean forward in the boots). Another bonus.

Overall, I think that these motocross boots are excellent value and will work well if you have wide calf.

#4 Budget Pick – O’Neal Racing Rider Motocross Boots – $100

The O’Neal Rider motocross boots have a wider boot opening than most and would suit riders with wider calves.

Wide motocross boots. O'Neal Racing Rider BootsThe toe box and heel areas was quite wide as well so these boots will also suit riders with a wider foot.

What impressed my about this motocross boot is that it contains some features that are usually only available on mid range and premium boots.

Firstly, the sole is stitched on just like the Gaerne SG12 which is the best quality you can ask for. No glued on soles here!

The other feature that I liked is that they are steel capped. Steel capping stops the sole from separating away from the boot from constant impact.

Apart from that, there is heaps of protecting plating around the entire boot, it is comfortable (although quite stiff out of the box) and I think that the O’Neal rider is amazing value for only around 100 bucks for riders with big calves.

Women’s Wide Calf Motocross Boots – $100

O’Neal Racing Rider motocross boots are also available for women and would be ideal for women with wider calves. (check above review)

These boots get lots of 5 star ratings by women on the internet and they always seem to outvote more expensive women’s boots out there.

womens wide calf motocross boots. ONeal racing rider


Do you have wide calves? Let me know what your favorite mx boots are and if you own any of the above. Also if you liked this article, please give it a share on social media.

Happy riding!

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