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I’m a big fan of dirt bike training schools for a few reasons.

Firstly a proper training school will show you how to ride the right way and you will be trained by expert riders that have mountains of experience.

Secondly, a school will help you to increase your skills rapidly over a period of weeks instead of years and they will help to remove bad riding habits that can be detrimental to your progress.

Thirdly, riding schools are heaps of fun and you get to meet a lot of cool and like-minded people that love dirt bikes as much as you do.

 As well as training and facilities, many dirt bike training camps also offer motocross vacations as well! 

A motocross vacation is where you can be booked into accommodation and riding on the best motocross circuits in the area as well as getting tickets to watch pro motocross races.

 Motocross holidays are great excuse to take a holiday with your family or friends for an experience that the kids will never forget.

They are also a great way to network and look for work in the industry and an easy way to find a permanent riding coach if that’s what you need.

Also, dirt bike riding schools aren’t just for beginner riders.

Most schools will also have training programs for advanced riders for those that are looking to go pro or to sharpen their skills on the pro circuit.

The schools also offer programs for any ages from kids all the way up to my grand dad.

Here is a current list of dirt bike riding schools from the US and Canada. This list is meant to be exhaustive but if I’ve missed any, contact me and I’ll add you in.


DA8 Training

motocross training schools. DA8 Training

Web:  FB: DA8training

Private Training 
Group Training
Motocross and Enduro Training
 Dirt Bike Rentals 
Full Week Bootcamps
Gym and Bike Workshop

DA8 Training is a comprehensive dirt bike training school that offers a wide range of services to give you everything you need to take your dirt bike skills to the next level. Whether you want to improve your motocross skills or enduro riding skills, DA8Training has you covered.

Services range from 1 day training all the work up to full week bootcamps that include nutrition and fitness training, dirt bike setup consulting and quality accommodation.

DA8 Training is owned and managed by dirt bike offroad legend Destry Abbott to give you the best dirt bike training out there.

Also, if you can get together 12 friends to do a 2 day training course and can’t make it out to Arizona, Destry Abbot will personally come out and training with you and your friends at your location.

Highly recommended!



Race SoCal. Murrieta, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. Race So Cal

25096 Jefferson Ave, STE B112, Murrieta, CA, 92562

Call: (951) 200-3278  Web:  FB: RaceSoCal

 Airport Transfers  
 Dirt Bike Rentals 
 Motocross Vacations 
 Private Training  
 Group Training

Race SoCal is a full facility training boot camp that offers multi month motocross camps for all levels of riders.

These camps include accommodation, airport transfers, bike hire and training with ex MXGP Factory Honda rider Jussi Vehvilainen of JPV Racing.

With Race SoCal, motocross enthusiasts can visit southern California and partake in the region’s many excellent motocross tracks – 10 within an hour drive – as well as enjoy excellent riding weather year-round, with access to mountains in the winter and beaches in the summer.

Race SoCal also has some very cool motocross vacation packages on offer.

Use this link to view Race SoCal’s special offers that they run at various times throughout the year.


SLMX School. Riverside, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. slmx school

19831 San Luis Rey Lane Riverside, CA 92508

Call: (850) 228-6102  Web:  FB: SLMXSchool

 Motocross Vacations  
 Dirt Bike Rentals  
 Private Training  
 Group Training

With SLMX School, all riders, from beginner to professional, can rent dirt bikes and ride and train at a variety of motocross tracks.

SLMX School offers a variety of dirt bike rentals including an assortment of various KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda bikes.

Riders can enjoy one of the many local tracks near Riverside, including Milestone MX, Perris Raceway, Glen Helen Raceway, Lake Elsinore MX Park, Star West, Fox Raceway, and LACR MX Park.

SLMX School also have various motocross vacation packages on offer.


Garrahan Off-Road Training. Boulder Creek, California.

dirt bike training schools. garrahan offroad training

18989 Bear Creek Road, Boulder Creek, CA, 95006

Call: (408) 857-5884 Web:  FB:  GOT  YouTube: GOT

  Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals 
 Kids Day Camps 
 Private Training  
 Group Training   

Garrahan Off-Road Training is owned and managed by the legendary Brian Garrahan, winner of countless pro enduro races.

Garrahan, who is a 5-time gold medalist in the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) USA World Trophy, runs personal coaching and group training programs for all levels of riders — from beginner to advanced.

As well as pro training, GOT offers day summer camps which the kids will really enjoy.


Factory MX School. Murietta, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. factory mx school

Call: (951) 595 1855 Web:  FB:  FactoryMX  YouTube: FactoryMX

  Dirt Bike/Gear Rentals 
 Kids Camps 
 Private Training  
 Group Training  
 Motocross Vacations  

Factory MX School offers a large range of training packages to help riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced bikers.

Factory MX School holds their training days on various tracks around California.

In addition to offering training, Factory MX also offers dirt bike rentals, vacation packages and a full suite of dirt bike riding support.


MotoVentures. Anza, California.

dirt bike training schools camps. motoventures

50250 CA-371, Anza, CA, 92539

Call: (951) 767-0991  Web:  FB:  MotoVentures  YouTube: MotoVentures