5 Best Motocross Footpegs Reviewed [and the Footpegs I Won’t Use].

best motocross footpegs


#1 Budget Option – IMS Superstock Footpegs
#2 My Personal Pick – IMS Pro Series 4 Footpegs
#3 Pivoting Option – Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Footpegs
#4 Adjustable Option – Fastway Evo 4 Footpegs
#5 Ankle Support Option – Fastway Air EXT Footpegs
#6 The Footpegs I won’t Use.

Stock dirt bike footpegs are good, no doubt about it. They keep you up and riding on your dirt bike and they will get the job done every time.

But aftermarket dirt bike footpegs are even better!

If you have ever installed a pair of aftermarket footpegs after riding on factory footpegs you will notice a marked improvement in performance.

What do I mean by performance?

Well firstly, aftermarket footpegs have a larger platform. This means that there is more room on the peg to put your boot on which automatically makes them more comfortable and also will give you better control over your bike.

The second thing you will notice about aftermarket footpegs is the grip is better.

Aftermarket footpegs have a lot of well thought out design in the spikes of the pegs and they provide a triple row of grip.

The third thing you will notice is that aftermarket footpegs look really cool. If you are looking for the custom factory look then aftermarket footpegs are a must.

The last thing about aftermarket footpegs are that they are tougher than stock. This is something you won’t notice, but the design and materials used are way tougher than the stock footpegs available on a dirt bike.

Here are my 5 best motocross footpegs starting with my budget pick.

#1 Budget Option – IMS Superstock Footpegs.

The IMS Superstock are my budget option. The platform measures 50mm x 75mm which gives you an extra wide base for your feet.best motocross footpegs. IMS SuperStock Foot PegsThey have a triple row of traction that aren’t too sharp that they tear up your boot soles but provide a big improvement in grip.

They come in a powder coated finish which means zero rust or corrosion.

What I really like about the IMS superstock is that they fit most bikes and they are easy to install. 

Some custom footpegs can be a real pain in the ass to get on your bike but these slip on really easily just like stock.

They are made from case hardened steel which are so much tougher than stock and won’t snap if you smash them in a deep rut or on rocks.

For only about 70 bucks, you can’t beat these footpegs for the money, versatility and quality in the market. 

IMS Superstock Footpegs Fitting Guide.

IMS Superstock footpegs fit the following makes and models of dirt bikes. If your model is not on this list, have a chat to the retailer and they will check your model for you.


CRF 70/80/100 2000-2016
XR 50/70/80/100 2000-2016
CR 80/85 1996-2007
CR 125/250/500 1988-2001
CR 125/250F/450F 2002-2018
CRF 250L/Rally 2013-2018
XR 250/400 1996-2006
XR 250R 1988-1995
XR 250L 1990-1996
XR 600/650R/L 1988-2015
CRF 1000 africa Twin ALL


KX 60 All
KLX 110 2003-2007
KX 65/80/85/100 1998-2018
KLX 125 2003-2006
KX 125/250 1991-2004
KX 250 2005-2007
KX 250F 2006-2018
KX 450F 2007-2018
KX 500 1991-2002
KDX 200/220 1995-2003
KLX 250/300 1997-2007
KLX 400 2003-2005
KLR 650 1987-2007


KTM 125-525 1998-2015
KTM 65-105 ALL
KTM 250/300 SX/XC/W/EXC 2016
KTM 250-500 EXC-F/XCF-W 206


RM 60 2003
RM 65 2003-2006
RM 80 1993-2002
RM 85 2003-2018
DRZ 110 1988-2006
DRZ 125/L 2002-2005
RM 125/250 1991 2008
DR 250/350/650 1990-1995
RMZ 250 2005-2006
RMX 250 1991-2002
DRZ 400 2000-2016


PW 50/80 ALL
YZ 80 1997-1998
YZ 85 1999-2018
TTR 125/L 2000-2006
YZ 125/250 1987-1993
YZ 125/250/250F 1999-2018
YZ 400F/426F/450F 1999-2018


FC/FE/TC/TE 85-501 2014-2015
FE-TE 250-500 2016

#2 Personal Pick – IMS Pro Series 4 Footpegs.

The IMS Pro Series 4 footpegs are the footpegs I use on my dirt bikes and I know of many pro riders that also use them for both enduro and motocross.best motocross footpegs. IMS Pro Series 4

They are made out of industrial grade stainless steel which make them the toughest footpegs out there (aside from titanium).

The stainless steel material means that they also have a polished finish which make them look awesome and means that they will never rust and will always keep their shiny look.

They have nice, big aggressive teeth that bite into my boots for superior grip without tearing up my boot soles.

The platform is also nice and wide without being too large.

Installation of these footpegs are easy like their cheaper brother (IMS superstock) and I’ve never heard of riders that had a problem fitting them to their bike.

The IMS Pro Series come in at about 87 bucks which is incredible value for these premium aftermarket footpegs.

IMS Pro Series 4 Footpegs Fitting Guide.

IMS pro series 4 footpegs fit the following makes and models of bikes. If you have a bike that’s not in the list, have a chat to the retailer and they will check for you.


KX 65/80/85/100 1998-2018
KX 125/250 1991-2005
KX 250 2002-2004
KX 250/250F 2005
KX 250F 2006-2018
KX 450F 2007=2018
KLX 125/L 2003-2005
KDX 200/220 1995-2002
KLX 450F 2008-2010
KLX 400 2003-2004
KX 500 1989-2002
KLR 650 1987-2016


CR 80/85 1996-2007
CR 125-500 1988-1994
CR 125/250 1995-2007
CRF 250R 2002-2018
CRF 450R 2002-2018
CRF 450EX 2017-2018
CR 125/250/450(lo peg) 2002-2018
CR 500 1995-2001
XR 250/400 1996-2004
XR 600/650L/R 1988-2015
CRF 250L/Rally 2013-2018
CRF 1000 Africa Twin


YZ 80/85 1999-2018
YZ 125/250 1997-1998
YZ 125/250/250X 1999-2018
WR 250 1990-1996
YZ 250F/FX 1999-2018
YZ 450F/FX 1999-2018
YZ 500 1987-1993
WR 500 1987-1993
YZF-YZ (lo pg) 1999-2018
WR 400-450 1999-2017


125-525 1998-2015
50-105 2000-2016
250/300 SX/XC/W/EXC 2016


RM 80 1993-2002
RM 85 2003-2018
RM 125/250 1991-2004
RMX 250 1991-1998
RMZ 250 2005-2006
RMZ 450 2005-2007

DRZ 125/L 2002-2003
DR 250/350 1990-1995
DRZ 400 2000-2016

#3 Pivoting Option – Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Footpegs.

If you want to try motocross footpegs that can pivot forward and back, take a look at the the Pivot Pegz Mark 3 footpegs that are designed and built in Australia.

Best Motocross Footpegs. Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Footpegs

These rad looking footpegs have a multi directional teeth pattern for superior grip and the teeth are nice and tall without being too sharp.

These footpegs are 60mm wide!! platform which makes these the widest footpegs on the market that I know of.

The standout feature of these pegs is the pivoting design. Each peg is built on a super strong pivot that will allow the pegs to pivot about 5mm forward and backward.

The idea with this pivoting design is that the pegs can move with your boots as you rock forward and back while you are riding and changing gears and using the rear brake.

This pivoting action provides greater control to the bike, better comfort and less stress on your ankles. Very cool!

These footpegs are made from heat treated, aerospace grade stainless steel with a polished finish. This means that they are strong as hell and they also look awesome.

They are so strong in fact that Pivot Pegz offer a LIFETIME warranty on their footpegs against breakage! Nice.

Check out how they look on a dirt bike. Hell yeah!!

best motocross footpegs. pivot pegz MK3

Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Footpegs Fitting Guide.

Pivot Pegz MK 3 footpegs fit the following makes and models of bikes. If you have a bike that’s not in the list, have a chat to the retailer and they will check for you.


CRF 50-230F 2005-2015
CR 80/85 1996-2008
CRF 150R
CR 125/250 2002-2007
CRF 250/450R/X 2002-2017
XR 250/400 1996-2005
XR 600 1988-2000
XR 650R/L 1993-2016
CRF1000L Africa Twin


YZ 85 2002-2018
YZF 250/450 1999-2007
YZ 125/250 2007
YZ/YZF 125-450 2008-2018
WR250-450 1999-2018
WR250R/X All
TTR 1996-2010
XTZ 1200 Super Tenere 2010-2017


RM 85 2002-2018
RM 125/250 2003-2008
RMZ 250 2004-2018
RMZ 450 2008-2015
DRZ 400 2000-2016
DR 650 SE/S 1996-2018
V-Strom 650/1000 2004-2015


KX 65/85/100 2002-2018
KX 125 1997-2008
KX 250 1997-2004
KX 250F 2004-2005 2009-2018
KX 450F 2009-2018
KLX 250/300 2000-2010
KLX 450 2008-2010
KLR 650 1987-2018


50-105 2005-2017
125-990 2000-2015
250/300 SX/XC/W/EXC 2016
250/350/450/500 EXC-F/XCF-W 2016
125/150SX 2016-2018
250-450 SXF/XCF 2016-2018
125-500 2017-2018


ALL MODELS 2008-2010
FC/FE/TC/TE 85-501 2014-2015
TE/TC 125-300 2017-2018
FC/FE 250-450 2017-2018

#4 The Adjustable Option – Fastway Evo 4 Footpegs.

If you are looking for a high level of adjustability, the Fastway Evo footpegs are the way to go.best motocross footpegs. fastway-evo-4 foot pegs

Firstly, the Fastway Evo 4 are built with removable cleats.

When you buy these footpegs you will also receive 2 different sized cleats (10mm and 12mm) that you can screw into the footpegs to adjust the height of the cleats to suit your riding style.

These cleats are not only for adjustability but they can be replaced entirely when you wear them down.

The cleats provide excellent grip and dig into your motocross boots really well without tearing up the soles.

The second adjustment you can make is the height of the footpegs. To do this you simply install a collar that comes with the footpegs that allows you to lower the height of the footpegs by about 10mm.

The third adjustment you can make is with the footpegs camber (up/down footpeg tilt angle).

To make this adjustment you can adjust the number of washers on the footpegs which will adjust the tilt.

Aside from adjustability, the Evo 4 footpegs have a nice and wide platform that measures about 58 mm wide and 85mm long.

They are also made of stainless steel so they are as tough as hell and you never have to worry about them breaking.

Fastway Evo 4 Footpegs Fitting Guide.

Fastway Evo 4 footpegs fit the following makes and models of bikes. If you have a bike that’s not in the list, have a chat to the retailer and they will check for you.


CR 125/250 1995-1999 & 2002-2007
CR 500 1990-2001
CRF 150R 2007-2018
CRF 250-450R/X 2002-2018
XR 50-230F All
CRF 50-230F All
CRF 250L 2013-2017
KX 250F 2004-2018
KX 450F 2006-2018
KX125/250 2003-3007


RMZ 250 2004-2018
RMZ 450 2005- 2005-2018
RM 125/250 2003-2007
RM 85 2002-2018
DR 200 2015-2018
DRZ 125 2012-2018
DR 650 2002-2018


YZ 85 2003-2018
YZ 125/250 1998-2018
YZ 250F 2003-2018
YZ 450F 2003-2018
YZ 400F/426F 1998-2002
WR 250F/450F 2003-2018
TTR 90/125-250 2016
XT 250 2016
TTR 225 1993-2007
TTR 250 2000-2007
XTI1200Z Super Tenere 2012-2018


65-530 All 1998-2015
250-450 SX-F FE 2015-2016
125-450 SX/SX-F/XC-F 2016-2018
85SX 2018
XC/XC-W/EXC-F 2017-2018


250-450 ALL 2016-2018
FE 501/501S 2016
FE 501 2017-2019
TC 250 2016
TC 50-85 2014-2017
Alta Redshift MX 2017


CX50FWE 2016-2018
CX50 BW 2010-2012
CX50 JR/P3 2006-2018
CX50 SR(king) 2004-2018
CX65 2013-2018


F650-1200GS/GSW 1993-2015
G450X 2008-2010

#5 Ankle Support Option – Fastway Air EXT Footpegs.

If you are looking for aftermarket footpegs that offer the most support for your feet and legs, the Fastway Air Ext footpegs are for you.best motocross footpegs. fastway air ext footpegs

The most obvious design on these footpegs is the ankle saver technology. the ankle saver is an extension off the back of the footpegs that provide an extra platform for your heels to rest on.

This extra platform takes a lot of the load off your ankles as you are riding and it also really helps if you make a mistake in your riding and lose contact with your pegs.

These footpegs are especially good for riders with existing, foot/ankle injuries.

If you check online comments about these footpegs, you will notice a lot of riders with existing ankle injuries really appreciate the extra support of riding with an extra platform for the heels to rest on.

At first, I thought that these ankle savers would get in the way of my motocross riding, but after trying them, I forgot they were even there.

But they were really nice to rest my heels on when I needed to, and I also felt their benefit when I was landing jumps.

The Fastway Air Ext footpegs come with adjustable cleats in 10mm and 12mm sizes so you can adjust the traction to suit your riding style and replace them when they wear down.

You can also adjust the height and camber of the footpegs as well (with a few easy adjustments) which is really neat.

They are made from super strong 2024 billet aluminium. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of aluminium on footpegs as I’ve known aluminium to snap.

But with these, I could probably hit them with a sledge hammer and not break them. I have full confidence in their strength.

The Fastway Air Ext have a nice, big platform of 58mm wide and provide heaps of traction.

They also come in a range of cool dirt bike classic colors.

They are not cheap at about 240 bucks but if you have pre-existing ankle injuries, they will save your ankles from further injury from impact and riding stress.

Fastway Air Ext Footpegs Fitting Guide.

Fastway Air Ext footpegs fit the following makes and models of dirt bikes. If you have a bike that’s not in the list, have a chat to the retailer and they will check for you.


RMZ 250 2004-2018
RMZ 450 2005-2018
RM 85 2002-2018
RM 125 2001-2008
RM 250 2001-2008


YZ 125/250 1999-2018
YZ 250F 2002-2018
YZ 450F 2003-2018
YZ 250FX 2014-2018
YZ 250X 2016-2018
YZ 450FX 2016-2018
YZ 85 2002-2018
WR 250R 2015-2018
WR 450F 2011-2018


125-150SX 1998-2018
250 SX 1998-2018
250 SX-F 2011-2019
450 SX-F 2011-2019
85 SX 2018


TC 125 2014-2018
TC 250 2014-2018
FC 450 Rockstar Edition 2018
FC 250-450 2014-2018
TE 125-300 2014-2018
TE 150-300 2014-2018
FE 250-501 2014-2018
TX 300 2017-2018
FX 350-450 2017-2018
TC 85 2014-2018


KX 250F 2004-2018
KX450F 2006-2018
KX 125/250 2003-2007


CRF 250R 2004-2018
CRF 250L 2013-2017
CRF 450R 2002-2018
CRF 450RX 2017-2018
CRF 250X 2004-2018

CRF 450X 2005-2018
CRF 150R 2007-2018
CR 125/250 1995-1999 & 2002-2007
CR 500 1990-2001

#6 The Footpegs I Won’t Use.

Titanium footpegs have teeth like a raptor and just as sharp. The ones below are called Hammerhead, named after a shark lol.

titanium footpegs

Yes they have the best traction out of all the footpegs out there and they are also made out of titanium which is one of the strongest and lightest metals on the planet.

The problem though is that they will tear through your motocross boot soles like a chainsaw. 

The other problem that I have with them is that they are expensive.

Titanium footpegs will set you back upwards of 300 bucks! 

This is because titanium is a very expensive metal and you are paying a premium for titanium parts.

As I have demonstrated above, you can get a premium set of footpegs under $100! so why pay more for footpegs that tear up your boots?

Not worth it in my opinion.


Let me know your favorite footpegs in the comments section below. Also let me know what you think of the Fastway Air Ext ankle support footpegs if you have used them.


Happy riding!


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