Kawasaki KLX 110 Review, Specs and 19 Performance Parts and Upgrades.

kawasaki klx 110 review.

In this blog post I will be reviewing the Kawasaki KLX 110.  Also I will be talking about some aftermarket parts that will increase performance and riding confidence.

Finally I will show you how to give the KLX 110 the aftermarket look by giving it some bling.

kawasaki klx 110 review
the KLX 110 is the perfect bike for starter 7 year olds. alexis.jane.90


Kawasaki KLX 110 Review.

The KLX 110 is a great choice for parents that are looking to transition their kids out of the PW50 and onto a larger bike.

The KLX 110 is also great for parents that are also looking for good reliability, decent power and a bike that is super easy to maintain.

The Kawasaki KLX 110 is an air cooled, 112cc engine with electric start and kick start backup.

 The KLX has an auto 3 Speed gearbox which means that there is no clutch on the KLX 110.

It has a 1 gallon fuel tank so there is plenty of riding time between re-fueling.

In terms of performance, the KLX 110 and 110L can’t be beat.

They have plenty of power, handle hills and other obstacles with no problems and are super easy to maintain and they seem to be the choice for kids and adults that race pit bikes.

If you want to know what the Kawasaki KLX 110 is capable of, take a look at this video courtesy of Dusty825.


 Also, in my opinion, there’s nothing better for kids than an electric start.

The last thing kids want to do is spend time kicking over a cold dirt bike and it can be a real buzz killer and de-motivator  for kids that just want to jump on and ride.

Kawasaki have nailed it by offering the electric start with the kick start backup.

The KLX 110 is a favorite for junior motocross riders.


KLX 110 Specs.

Engine 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled
Displacement 112cc
Bore x Stroke 53.0 x 50.6mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Fuel System Keihin PB18
Ignition DC-CDI
Transmission 4-speed, return shift
Final Drive Chain
Front Suspension Travel 30mm hydraulic telescopic fork/4.3 in
Rear Suspension Travel Swingarm w/single hydraulic shock/4.3 in
Front Tire 2.50×14
Rear Tire 3.00×12
Front Brakes Mechanical Drum
Rear Brakes Mechanical Drum
Frame Type Backbone frame, high-tensile steel
Rake/Trail 24.8°/2.0 in
Overall Length 61.4 in
Overall Width 25.6 in
Overall Height 37.6 in
Ground Clearance 8.5 in
Seat Height 26.8 in
Curb Weight 167.5 lb**
Fuel Capacity 1.0 gal
Wheelbase 42.3 in


KLX 110 Price.

The KLX 110 retails for about $2300 USD new or you can pick up a great second hand bike for about $1500.


KLX 110 Top Speed

The top speed for a factory standard Kawaskai KLX 110 is about 50MPH.

Kawasaki KLX 110 Seat Height.

The KLX110 would suit a child in the age range of about 7 – 10 years old with a maximum height of 4 foot, 6 inches (140cm).

 If your child is taller than that then you will need to buy the KLX 110L which has stiffer suspension and is 2 inches taller.

For a better idea of seat height size, use the chart below.

kawasaki klx 110 review


Kawasaki KLX 110L Model Upgrade.

In 2010, Kawasaki decided to upgrade the KLX 110 to the KLX 110L by upgrading the bike to have stiffer front and back suspension. This means that the bike became 2 inches taller.

Also, the bike was upgraded to a full manual 4 speed which means that it also came with a clutch.

Initially, kids may not like using a clutch but from what kids have told me on the track, the clutch is simple to master and is light on the hand so it is easy to use.

Other than that, the KLX 110L has the same engine as its previous model and the frame is also built the same, which is a super tough, steel constructed frame.

 Because the KLX 110 and 110L has a super tough frame, I see the bike being used a lot by adults as a pit bike.

kawasaki klx 110 review.
Julian loving his Kawasaki KLX 110 dirt bike


Kawasaki KLX 110 Parts.

Parts are also no problem as there are thousands of KLX 110 bikes on the market and Kawasaki are still building them as of 2018 so finding cheap parts is a snap.

KLX 110 Issues.

 The only issue that kids have told me about and from what I read online is that the gear shifter is really stiff and can be hard on the foot.

I get this feedback from kids about many smaller bikes of different models so it is a design hiccup that seems hard to escape for kids.

Once kids get used to it though it is no longer a problem and they certainly appreciate the super easy gear shift when it’s time to upgrade to a 125cc.


KLX 110 Clutch and Brake Levers.

When your future champion is riding around on the circuit, make sure you have some extra brake levers handy (and clutch levers if you have the KLX110L).

The levers snap off really easily when the bike is dropped on either side and it can mean an early end to the riding day and a really disappointed child in the backseat of the car on the ride home.

 I recommend the Tusk clutch and brake levers. They are only about 5 bucks each and are quick and easy to install.kawasaki klx 110 review. tusk clutch levers


KLX 110 Brakes.

 The KLX 110 has drum brakes on the front and rear which work well but can be a little soft at times.

If your future champion is super aggressive it will pay to keep the drum shoes new and replace them when they get worn down.

 Here is a quality set of brake shoes for the KLX 110 that work well.


Kawasaki KLX110 + 110L Aftermarket Parts + Upgrades.

Need to get more power out of your KLX 110? You’ve come to the right place.

#1 KLX 110 Carburetor Valve Jetting Adjustment.

Difficulty: MEDIUM          Cost: CHEAP  

The KLX 110 and 110L can be hard to start, especially in colder climates becasue the jetting is very lean.

Also, if you throw the bike in the garage and not use it for a few months the jets will get clogged up from lack of use.

To fix this problem you can use a fuel stabilizer to keep the jets clean which is a temporary solution.

Or you can upgrade to larger jetting to eliminate the these problems entirely. I recommend the Tusk Jetting cold start kit.

ttr110 review


#2 KLX 110 Exhaust Modification.

Difficulty: EASY      Cost: FREE

The factory exhaust pipe is pretty good but it does choke the engine a little too much.

To fix this I would recommend 2 options. The first is to take the exhaust pipe off and drill out the head of the pipe. This is called ‘uncorking’.

This is the section of the pipe that bolts onto the engine. This part has a very narrow hole and so drilling it out some more will help the engine breathe better.

kawasaki klx 110 review


#3 KLX 110 Custom FMF Exhaust.

Difficulty: EASY      Cost: AFFORDABLE

The second exhaust recommendation is to attach a custom exhaust pipe. I recommend the  FMF Mini Powercore Exhaust System.

kawasaki klx 100 review. FMF powercore exhaust

This little exhaust unit will give you more power, it looks great and will make the bike sound better as well.

 FMF are a premiere brand of exhaust pipe and they have been making exhaust pipes since the 1970s.

A very cool upgrade to have for your KLX110!


#4 KLX 110 Piston Upgrade.

Difficulty: HARD       Cost: AFFORDABLE

Wiseco is the premiere name in aftermarket pistons and they have been in the business making high performance pistons for bike, car and boat racers the world over.

The good news is that Wiseco pistons are available for the KLX110 dirt bike

kawasaki klx 100 review

 A Wiseco piston will give you better compression and give you more top end revving power to get off the line quicker.

 The Wiseco piston will also last longer and will provide maximum compression for many years of use.

 Replacing the piston is not an easy job though so make sure you have an expert on hand to help you with this modification or take it to your bike mechanic and get them to do it for you.

 Also, have a chat to your local retailer to make sure you are buying all the necessary piston parts for your KLX 110, as the standard piston kit may not come with all the accessories you will need to upgrade your piston.


#5 KLX 110 Air Box Modification.

Difficulty: EASY         Cost: FREE

To make the bike breathe better, cut the plastic snorkel out from the air box.

This will allow the bike to pull in more air into the engine and more quickly which will make the bike more responsive and give it slightly more power.

If you are going to do this modification, make sure that you have upgraded your jetting as well (as I already described in #1) so the bike can deliver more fuel to the engine to match the extra air it is receiving.


#6 KLX 110 Air Filter Upgrade.

A custom air filter will help the KLX 110 breathe a bit better which will help with performance.

 I recommend the Twin Air air filter. They are really well built and contain the double layer of filtering to catch the finest dust. I use this filter on all my bikes and they are the best in my opinion.

twin air air filter klx 110


#6 KLX 110 Fork Boots.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: CHEAP

 The front forks on the KLX 110 are fully exposed to dust and mud which means that when the grit gets into them, the fork seals break down and you will end up getting leaking (or worse) forks real quick.

 Take a look at the Zaida Fork Boots. They will protect your forks from dust getting in and they are made from a poly vinyl material so they don’t deteriorate like rubber will.kawasaki klx 110 review.


#7 KLX 110 Foot Pegs.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: AFFORDABLE   

The KLX 110 foot pegs are a little too small and young riders will find that their feet slip off the pegs quite easily.

 I recommend IMS Super Stock foot pegs. They are built super tough and are larger than the factory standard pegs so your junior rider will be able to get a nice safe grip on their boots. They won’t slip off the pegs and cause injury to their legs or feet.

Kawasaki klx 110 review. Footpegs


#8 KLX 110 Gear Shifter.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: CHEAP

The gear shifter that comes factory standard with the KLX 110 does not have a folding tip.

This means that when the bike is dropped on its left side, the gear lever bends or can even snap off which can end your riding day early.

 I recommend the Tusk folding shift lever that has a spring loaded tip that will spring backwards when it hits the dirt, protecting the lever from bending into the engine or breaking off.

kawasaki klx 110 review

They also have the cool custom look that kids love and it even comes in green to match your KLX 110!


#9 KLX 110 Handlebars.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: CHEAP

 I recommend upgrading your handlebars to aluminium.

Why?  because the factory handlebars that comes stock with the KLX 110 are made of steel and they can bend easily when the bike is dropped in the dirt.

 Take a look at the Renthal Aluminum 7/8″ Handlebar. They look great and will not bend when they are under pressure.

kawasaki klx 110 review


#10 KLX 110 Tires.

Difficulty: MEDIUM    Cost: CHEAP  

If you want to give your kids maximum traction and confidence in the dirt, make sure you have put a new set of tires on their bike.

It is amazing just how much traction a new set of tires will give them and they will be far more confident on the bike.

I recommend Bridgestone M403 for the front and Bridgestone M404 for the back.

Bridgestone are one the best tires available and they are only around $30 a tire.

 If you want to know how to change a tire the easy way, check out my article for changing a dirt bike tire here.


#11 KLX 110 Headlight Kit.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: AFFORDABLE

Okay, so headlights are not entirely necessary but are still super cool to have and the kids will love it, especially for riding in the evening.

Thumper Jockey have an enduro headlight kit for the KLX110 where the wiring can be connected straight to the battery, so its super easy to install.

There are 2 waterproof LED headlights that are fitted to either side of the handlebars and they provide a strong light for riding at night that is many times stronger than a standard factory headlight.

They also come  with an on/off switch that is also fitted to the handlebars. A really cool addition to the KLX110 that kids will get a kick out of.

Here’s a an install video.


#12 KLX 110 Battery.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: AFFORDABLE

The KLX 110 comes with a standard lead/acid battery. I recommend upgrading it to a lithium battery as they are half the size and have double the service life.

I recommend the Antigravity Lithium Battery for the KLX 110.

KLX110 parts. Antigravity Batteries Re-Start Lithium Battery

This battery also has a separate power pack installed so if the battery ever goes dead, you can press a button on the battery which will give the bike a jump start to get you back home.


Tips to Getting that Aftermarket Look for the Kawasaki KLX 110

#1 KLX 110 Gas Cap.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: CHEAP

It’s amazing how the simplest items on the bike can make such a difference.

 Take a look at this custom aluminium gas cap from Tusk that fits a KLX 110. Very cool.

kawasaki klx 110 review. tusk gas cap


#2 KLX 110 Graphics Kit.

Difficulty: MEDIUM    Cost: CHEAP 

The KLX 110 already looks really aggressive but you can further enhance the look of the bike by installing a custom sticker kit.

I have gone through the web and found other cool KLX 110 graphics kits available that you can check out here.

kawasaki klx110 review. graphics kit


#4 KLX 110 Seat.

Difficulty: EASY   Cost: CHEAP  

A custom seat for the KLX 110 always look better than the factory standard seat cover and they also way more comfortable and provide more grip.

 The BBR Motorsports complete seat will give the bike the aftermarket look and will give your future champion a couple more inches off the ground. It is also way more comfortable than the stock seat and is very well made.

klx110 custom seat BBR motorsports


KLX 110 Grips.

Difficulty: EASY    Cost: CHEAP

New grips definitely will give the KLX 110 that custom look that the kids will love.

Check out the Odi V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips that were designed by MX champ Jeff Emig and that fit the KLX 110.

klx 110 review


The Kawasaki KLX 110 and KLX 110L are fantastic bikes for kids.

They will provide everything you are looking for in a bike for your junior rider for about $2300 new or about $1500 second hand.

Use my custom aftermarket performance parts to draw more power and performance out of your KLX 110 and KLX 110L.

Happy riding!

Title photo courtesy of Andre Gonzagaa


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