TRAC-ON Dirt Bike Tours. Las Vegas, Nevada

Adventure-seekers and fans of the Old West’s history will love TRAC-ON’s tours, rentals, trail rides, and dirt bike vacations in Las Vegas Nevada.

For more information about TRAC-ON’s services, find them on Facebook or visit them on the web.

las vegas dirt bike tours

 All riders on TRAC-ON’s all-inclusive tours must know how to ride a dirt bike.

 Tour participants must also possess previous off-road or motocross riding experience.

TRAC-ON, founded in 2004, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and offers unique dirt bike adventures, tours, and private custom dirt bike vacations around the southwest in places such as Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and California.

TRAC-ON offers tours, rentals, 1 day and multi day dirt bike rides. Rides are matched to the riders experience level to accommodate dirt bike aficionados of all levels.

Trail boss Daryl Folks brings his experience as a 14-time off-road and desert racing champion to leading TRAC-ON’s many exciting offerings for the adventure seeking dirt bike enthusiast.

All-Inclusive Private Custom Adventure Tours

TRAC-ON offers several exciting dirt biking tours in western states such as Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and California.

Adventure tours include everything you need to have a fun outing on the trails, including a recent-model dirt bike rental fully equipped for the trails.

 The KTM 200 XCW motorbike with an electric start is available for small women and teens who may need a shorter vehicle.

The dirt bike rental provided by the company arrives ready for the trails outfitted with all the accessories you need for a safe and successful experience.

Also included in the tour cost is transportation from Las Vegas to and from the ride location; a two- or three-person TRAC-ON staff; breakfast, lunch, and dinner; lodging; a chase vehicle; and motorcycle fuel.

 Adventure tours must be booked with TRAC-ON a minimum of 30 days in advance and can be completed solo or in groups.

Several different tours are available which take riders through scenic and historically important parts of the Old West.

The company offers a half- or full-day ride in the Las Vegas area for solo riders or groups of two or more.

las vegas dirt bike tours

Riders will get to enjoy local sights off the beaten path including the Techaticup mine and ancient Indian petroglyphs.

The Mighty Mojave Expedition

The Mighty Mojave Expedition is another TRAC-ON tour available which takes riders through the Mojave Desert.

Techatticup mine location

Riders on the Mighty Mojave Expedition experience elevation levels of 2,500 to 5,000 feet as they learn about what it would be like to race in the Mojave, traveling through living ghost towns, old mining shacks, and even a special tour of the historical Techaticup mine near Las Vegas.

The Mojave Desert features native flora such as the creosote bush, the Joshua Tree, and Choia Cactus. The Mojave is also home to many dirt bike races such as the Mint 400 and the Laughlin U.S. Hare Scrambles Championship Race.

The Mojave is a must-see destination for racing enthusiasts!

The Treasure Hill Run

The Treasure Hill run is another tour offered by TRAC-ON from April through June and from September through October with elevations of 6,000 to 7,500 feet.

This tour occurs over three to five days in southeast central Nevada, with riders traveling to the scenic old mining town of Pioche, Nevada.

TRAC_ON Dirt bike tours Nevada
Pioche Mining Town was known as the toughest mining town in the USA.

In the olden days, when mining was the main industry of the West, Pioche was notorious for being the “roughest and toughest” mining city.

Riders can travel through ghost towns and ghost camps as they travel through a charming and historic part of off-road Nevada.

Dirt Bike Rental

TRAC-ON offers riders the latest off-road dirt bikes outfitted with top-of-the-line accessories.

Before each ride, TRAC-ON prepares your motorcycle rental to make sure that it is accessorized properly and specifically for the terrain at your riding destination.

Trac on dirt bike tours.

 Dirt bike rentals are limited to customers of TRAC-ON events or tours only.

TRAC-ON’s dirt bikes will help ensure a safe and memorable off-roading experience.

Dirt bike rentals from TRAC-ON include features such as GPR stabilizers for better handling; Dunlop tires with foam tire inserts to eliminate flats on the trails; hand guards; skid plates; radiator guards; rear disc brake deflectors.

Trail Rides for Dirt Bike Riders of All Experience Levels

In addition to their all-inclusive private tours, TRAC-ON also offers public marked, organized rides.

The company offers two types of public trail rides to accommodate riders of different riding experience levels.

Novices and less experienced amateurs can opt for the “A Ride” while more advanced amateurs and experts should select the “B ride”.

las vegas dirt bike tours

These rides can occur over one day or take place over two days. Riders on the one- and two-day public rides will receive a tee shirt and meals (a lunch for the one-day ride and two lunches and a dinner on the two-day ride).

The A Ride is designed for riders that are experts and more experienced amateurs. This option includes 60 to 100 miles of riding per day and includes single-track, sand washes, mountain single track, and two track jeep trails.

The B Ride is offered for less advanced riders such as novices, beginners, and amateurs with less experience.

The B ride includes 20 to 50 miles of riding per day on two track Jeep trails, wide sand washes, and graded dirt roads.

A B rider can participate at no cost if they are accompanied by an A ride entry on a one- or two-day ride.

trac-on dirt bike tours

For participants’ safety, both A and B rides will have a lead rider (the Trail Boss) as well as a rider who follows the group (the Sweep Rider).

The trails will be marked to ensure that riders are aware of the course map as well as particular areas that require extra attention while on the trail.

 Customers can choose to rent a bike from TRAC-ON or use their own ride.

 If ride participants are not renting, riders’ vehicles must be well-maintained and ready for the one- or two- day ride.

 Riders using their own bike must come prepared with adequate hydration for themselves and fuel for their vehicle. Crews will be on hand to carry fuel for pit stops.

For more information about TRAC-ON’s services, find them on Facebook or visit them on the web.

las vegas dirt bike tours

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