The Best Dirt Bike Tool Kit for Trail Riding [that Won’t Break].

Honestly, I usually don’t like recommending pre-made dirt bike tool kits.

The reason is because I have found that the quality sucks. It seems like the people that build the tool kit will always try to cut corners to try to get the price down.

That means 2 things – Either the tools are cheap junk that snap when you put some force on them or the tool bag itself is total junk that falls apart after only a few rides.

I always recommend building your own tool kit with high quality tools and a high quality bag.

To learn how to build your own tool kit for dirt bike riding, I have written an in-depth guide that will show you how to build your own dirt bike tool kit properly.

That being said.. if you still want to buy a pre-built kit, I can only recommend 1 that I use and trust-

Ballards  Dirt Bike Tool Kit:

best dirt bike tool kit

Ballards is owned and managed by an Australian enduro riding legend, Geoff Ballard, who has been riding and working on bikes since the 80s.

He has built many successful enduro riding teams over the years and has a virtual PhD in dirt bikes.

These days he spends a lot of his time in the garage building custom dirt bike parts that work really well and are as tough as nails.

His tool kit is awesome and contains all the essentials to keep you going if you break down or get a flat.

What I love about this tool kit is that it eliminates my 2 gripes about pre-built tool kits.

Firstly, the tools are of the highest quality (stainless steel & chrome vanadium) and don’t snap, ever.

best dirt bike tool kit

In the tool kit you will get –

  • Tire repair kit + an extra Co2 bottle 
  • Fold up Allen key screw driver kit 
  • Ballard’s Multi size wheel spanner 
  • 5 way T Bar 
  • Ballard’s Plug Holder 
  • Ballard’s valve puller 
  • Low pressure tire gauge 

The toolkit also comes with Ballard’s Ultimate tire levers. These tire levers are the best in the world in my opinion and a lot of thought has gone into their design.

They are shaped just right to be able to break the bead off the dirt bike tire as easily as possible and they also contain a few socket sizes in the handles to save you from carrying extra spanner tools.

best dirt bike tool kit.


The tool bag itself is a high quality bumbag that is made of tough vinyl that doesn’t tear and the zippers don’t fall off. Nice!best dirt bike tool kit.

In the bumbag, there is a bunch pockets in the bag and arms to fit various extra tools and parts you want to carry.

There is even room for a spare set of goggles if you are a multi day enduro rider. Nice!

To see a great detailed breakdown of Ballards Dirt Bike Tool Kit, watch this video –



Do you have experience with dirt bike tool kits? Let me know the best one you have ever used and if you liked this article please share it on social media.


Happy riding!

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