The 4 Best Dirt Bike Radiator Guards [Devol Extreme, Flatland Racing, Unabiker, Bullet Proof].

best dirt bike radiator guards

#1 Personal Pick – Devol Extreme Radiator Guards.
#2 Budget Pick – Flatland Racing Radiator Guards.
#3 Unabiker Radiator Guards.
#4 Bullet Proof Designs Radiator Guards.
#5 Adding a Radiator Fan to the Radiator Guard. 

If you have had your radiator guard punctured by a flying rock or tree branch, you will know that having to push your bike back to camp is no fun.

Avoid radiator damage by getting yourself a solid set of radiator guards! Radiator guards will deflect all oncoming debris and will stop expensive radiator replacements.

Here are my favorite dirt bike radiator guards available on the market right now.

#1 Devol Extreme Radiator Guards.

Devol Extreme are the radiator guards that I use on my WR250.

best dirt bike radiator guards. devol extreme.


Simple Design – They come as a simple 2 piece kit.
Simple to Install – They wrap around the radiators without having to pull the radiators out of the bike and they mount securely to the frame. Nice!
Comprehensive Front and Side Protection.
Tough – They are made out of lightweight but tough aluminium alloy and NOTHING will get thru them.
Plenty of Front Ventilation – Cooling system won’t be affected.
Cheap! – They come in at only about 120 bucks!
A Huge range for many different makes/models of bikes.


none. They are great.

Devol Extreme Radiator Guards Fitting Guide.

Honda Dirt Bikes CR125R, CRF150R Expert, CR250R, CRF250R, CRF250X, CRF450X, CRF450R, CR500R, XR650R

KTM Dirt Bikes 125 SX, 125 EXC, 150 SX, 200 MXC, 200 EXC, 200 XC-W, 200 MXC, 250 XC, 250 XCF-W, 250 EXC, 250 SX, 250 MXC, 250 XC-W (E-Start), 250 XC-F, 250 SX-F, 300 MXC, 300 XC, 300 XC-W (E-Start), 300 EXC, 350 XC-F, 350 EXC-F, 350 XCF-W, 350 SX-F, 380 EXC, 380 MXC, 380 SX, 400 MXC 4 Stroke, 400 SX 4 Stroke, 400 LC4-SXC, 400 EXC 4 Stroke, 450 SX-F, 450 EXC-R, 450 EXC 4-Stroke, 450 XC-W, 450 XC-F, 505 SX-F, 505 XC-F, 520 EXC 4 Stroke, 520 MXC 4 Stroke, 520 SX 4 Stroke, 525 SX 4-Stroke, 530 EXC-R, 530 XC-W

Kawasaki Dirt Bikes KX80, KX85, KX100, KX125, KDX200, KDX220, KX250, KX250F, KLX400R, KX450F, KLX450R

Suzuki Dirt Bikes RM100, RM125, RM250, RMX450Z, RMZ450, DR-Z400, DR-Z400E, DR-Z400SM, DR-Z400S

Yamaha Dirt Bikes YZ85, YZ125, YZ250, YZ250F, YZ250FX, YZ250X, YZ426F, YZ450F, YZ450FX, WR250, WR250F, WR426F, WR450F

Husqvarna Dirt Bikes TC125, FC250, FX350, TX300, FC350, FC450, FX450

#2 Flatland Racing Radiator Guards

Flatland Racing have developed a solid radiator guard that is tough and also mounts directly to the frame.

best dirt bike radiator guards. flatland racing

The design is a lot like the Devol extreme and you don’t have to pull the radiator off to install it.


Simple Design – They come as a simple 2 piece kit.
Bolt Directly to the Frame.
Front and Side Protection.
Tough – Made from tough aluminium alloy.
Plenty of Front Ventilation – The engine will not overheat from using them.
Cheap! They come in at about 100 bucks.


You may have to make a few basic modifications to the radiators and surrounding parts to it them properly to your dirt bike.

Flatland Racing Radiator Guards Fitting Guide.

Yamaha Dirt Bikes WR250R,  WR450F, WR250X, WR450F, YZ125, YZ250, YZ450F

Honda Dirt Bikes CRF250X, CRF250R, CRF450R, CRF450X

Kawasaki Dirt Bikes KX450F, KLX450R, KX450F, KX250F

KTM Dirt Bikes 85 SX, 105 SX, 200 EXC, 200 XC, 200 MXC, 200 XC-W, 200 XC-W, 200 XC, 250 XC-W (E-Start), 250 MXC, 250 XC-W, 250 SX-F, 250 EXC, 250 SX, 250 EXC 4-Stroke, 250 XC, 250 EXC, 250 XC, 250 XC-F, 250 SX, 250 XCF-W, 250 MXC, 300 XC, 300 XC, 300 EXC, 300 XC-W (E-Start), 300 MXC, 380 MXC, 380 EXC, 300 XC-W, 400 MXC 4 Stroke, 400 XC-W, 400 EXC 4 Stroke, 400 SX 4 Stroke, 400 EXC, 450 XC-F, 450 XC-W, 450 MXC 4-Stroke, 450 SX-F, 450 SX 4-Stroke, 450 EXC 4-Stroke, 450 EXC-R, 505 SX-F, 505 XC-F, 520 EXC 4 Stroke, 520 SX 4 Stroke, 520 MXC 4 Stroke, 525 EXC 4-Stroke, 525 MXC 4-Stroke, 525 SX 4-Stroke, 530 XC-W, 530 EXC-R, 690 Enduro


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Ryan mcGinnis
Ryan mcGinnis
3 years ago

What do you mean on some of the cons when you say limited range?

3 years ago
Reply to  Ryan mcGinnis

Hi Ryan. What I mean by ‘limited range’ is that they are only available for a limited selection of dirt bike makes and models. I’m going to update it though as it is a bit confusing now that you’ve pointed it out. cheers

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